Chapter 1078: Big Shock

“Shower? Why are you showering? Are you dirty?” Lin Yi didn’t know what this girl was talking about. Didn’t they just get here?

“I’m… I’m not dirty…” Lingshan wasn’t dirty, but yes it had been a few days since she last showered- she had even slept in the office yesterday, and her slight germophobia was acting up.

This was her first time- it should feel more official, shouldn’t it? If it was unavoidable then fine, it didn’t matter, but this wasn’t the case!

“If you’re not dirty then what’s with the shower?” Lin Yi said flatly, “Wouldn’t that makeup be wasted if you wash it off?”

“I… But you don’t even want to set the atmosphere with me…” Lingshan felt so wronged!

Her makeup was in preparation for her romantic dinner with Lin Yi, so of course she cared about her appearance! The prettier she was, the more Lin Yi wanted her, and the two would get more intimate, and kiss. Eventually, Lin Yi would say, no, she needed to shower first…. And then the two could shower and then finish on the bed…

Her plan was quite perfect, but it missed one thing- Lin Yi was thinking a completely different thing to begin with!

“Set the atmosphere? Do you need that for a practitioner’s strength level up?” Lin Yi blinked. This was the first time he heard something like this!

Looking at that shy look on Lingshan’s face, Lin Yi remembered something! Lingshan had probably misunderstood something very important!

Lingshan calling Lin Yi and asking him to help her level up actually hinted about this, but Lin Yi simply didn’t care and didn’t pick up on it, putting it at the back of his head. Only now, after seeing her behaviour, did Lin Yi realize her true intentions!

Lingshan wanted to use the same method she used in the underground prison to level up? Wasn’t that a bit too ridiculous?

He didn’t know what the spiritual practitioner arts passed down to Lingshan was like, but he knew that it was a bit special- Yet, he really didn’t believe that Lingshan could just think of some guy and touch herself to level up! The last time was probably because she was hitting the breakthrough wall, and only during that circumstance did she break through with such an absurd reason!

But no way he would believe that it was that one condition alone that made her level up! Other people spent their entire lives trying to get even that bit of improvement- and Song Lingshan just touched herself a bit, and that was enough? That was a shitty joke, a very shitty joke!

“Of course… It’s my first time, man…” Lingshan was blushing, carefully looking at Lin Yi, worried that he’d get pissed and just leave!

She was feeling quite frustrated- in her research, she learned that Lin Yi should be a playboy type, always surrounded by girls… He had a girlfriend Tang Yun, but still had Chu Mengyao, and Chen Yushu as well, and they were all in a very abnormal relationship.;.

She wanted to dress up today to attract him, but the guy didn’t seem to be attracted at all! This troubled her a lot- was she reallly not good enough?

“It’s okay, it’s not my first time anymore.” Lin Yi said flatly, wanting to mess with her now that he knew of the misunderstanding.

Lin Yi actually liked the old tigress better. In actuality, bickering with her was pretty fun.

“Ah… It’s not your first time anymore? Then who was your first?” Lingshan paused- she thought that it was Lin Yi’s first time, but it didn’t seem so! Was it his girlfriend?

“The first time was myself.” Lin Yi said flatly.

The first time he helped someone level up was with himself, indeed!

“Uh…” Lingshan paused, remembering that she saw somewhere that most men gave their first time to their hands… Was this the case with Lin Yi as well?

Then that explained it. She breathed in relief, but was a bit hesitant, “So today’s your second time..?”

“The second time was a dog…” Lin Yi said.

“Huh? Dog??” Lingshan”s eyes went wide as she stared at him in shock, speechless! A dog? Lin Yi was too much! Did he really- with a dog? Was this a live action of Beauty and the Beast? Or.. the Handsome and the Bitch…

“Yeah, it was a dog. General Weiwu,” Lin Yi nodded.

“General Wei… Wu…” Lingshan almost fainted! Wasn’t that Yushu and Mengyao’s dog, and wasn’t that dog a male? Lin Yi did it with a male dog? Was that possible? Wasn’t that supposed to be ridiculous?

She felt a feeling of disgust wash over- she seemed to feel herself not like Lin Yi as much anymore as her goosebumps came out… Wasn’t this guy a little too scary?

“Then… Was there a third time?” LIngshan still pressed on- she was still a cop, after all, and because of her job, she did happen across some really nasty and even worse things… Lin Yi’s words may disgust her, but those were still far from those cases like baby-eating, for example…

“The third time… was Uncle Fu!” Lin Yi said with a flat face.

“Fu… Fu… Uncl….” Lingshan’s eyes rolled back- she almost fell to the ground! Uncle Fu, wasn’t that Pengzhan’s driver, wasn’t he forty or fifty or something? Were the two gay buddies? Did Lin Yi really do it with… So that was why he chose a male dog..? So that was why, indeed!

LIngshan couldn’t hold it in anymore- it was too much, too disgusting! She couldn’t take it anymore, she even treated him as her fantasy partner when she did that back in the prison, but she never expected for him to have done stuff like this!

This guy took on men and beast, and Lingshan was thinking that since Uncle Fu knew General Weiwu, could the three of them had done a 3P???

NO! That was too much, she really wanted to puke now- it was simply too much to take in!

But Lin Yi didn’t care about Lingshan’s expressions- he only responded with a calm face, “Back then, in the police station, I called Jun BRo, too- I wanted to ask him to try, but he wasn’t in Songshan so I gave up on that for now. That’s why I came for you.”

“Jun Bro… Yang Huaijun Bro?” Lingshan paused.

“Yeah,” He nodded.

“Ahhhhhh!” Lingshan shrieked- she was going mad! She couldn’t take it anymore! She pointed her finger at Lin Yi, “Lin Yi, you’re really too disgusting, too disgusting! You did that with- with a dog, and an old man, and now you even want to drag Huaijun Bro into this? I’ll never agree to this! You, leave! I don’t want to see you ever again!!”

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