Chapter 108. Ungrateful

Lin Qing He saw it was almost time when she was sewing the sole, so she then worked on rolling the dough and wrap up the dumpling filling.

Her dumplings were thin skin and bountiful filling. The fillings were minced pork belly and celery, which made it simple celery and pork dumpling.

Still, the whole family loved it, especially the flavorful celery.

Sure enough, once she made the dumplings, Zhou Qing Bai arrived home. Lin Qing He spoke out: "The water is ready for you. Wash your face and hand and prepare to eat dumplings."

Zhou Qing Bai acknowledged her words.

Da Wa was doing homework, while Er Wa and San Wa were all writing and drawing on the table.

"Father, there is sweet soup in the pot," Er Wa mentioned.

"Okay." Zhou Qing Bai responded.

After washing his face and hands, he felt he was a whole lot refreshed. Lin Qing He stated: "Drink that soup later at night. You need to eat the main meal."

The dumplings were quick to cook. Lin Qing He brought it out a short time later. One bowl for each person. The bowl for Zhou Qing Bai was enormous, while Lin Qing He and the three sons had small bowls. Zhou Qing Bai's intake was about the total of the mother and sons' intake.

Of course, this was temporary.

After a few more years, the house will be eaten until empty.

At first, Zhou Qing Bai thought that his wife was letting him have more, but now he understood that his wife's appetite wasn't big. If she ate a tiny bit more, she'll grumble about losing weight...

This had Zhou Qing Bai feeling helpless. She was obviously very thin. He preferred her to be slightly fatter. However, she doesn't want to, saying that she'll lose her flair when fat.

So Zhou Qing Bai let do as she likes now.

After dinner, Lin Qing He relaxed for a while before taking a shower.

As for the dishes, that was Da Wa's responsibilities. The cleaning in the yard was Er Wa's task. The work in the backyard was Zhou Qing Bai's job. She and San Wa were responsible for enjoying themselves.

After taking a bath, she washed her clothes while she was at it. Her clothes don't need to be washed by Zhou Qing Bai, who doesn't know how to control his strength. Doing it herself was quite swift, taking less than three minutes.

After she finished washing, Zhou Qing Bai had cleaned up the backyard. He then went to take a bath and washed his own clothes and the kids' clothes.

After finishing these things, it was only a little after seven.

"There are two more chicks in the chicken pen?" Zhou Qing Bai asked his wife.

"Perfectly timed to raise until summer harvest and kill it to nourish your body." Lin Qing He was still working on the soles as she replied.

She felt that she was really thoughtful. In the past, she never thought she would do these things, but now she was making clothes and shoes. She felt like she was a truly attentive woman.

Zhou Qing Bai's expression softened.

"I don't know what I owe you, father and sons, in the last few lives to serve you as a cow and horse in this life." Lin Qing He grumbled bitterly. Then she asked Zhou Qing Bai to lift his feet and compared it before she busied away.

"I know you worked hard," Zhou Qing Bai gazed at her.

Lin Qing He raised her eyes and looked at him: "Outsiders say I'm a splurger, not only do I ruin the family, but also ignorant in the way of life and ruining you. You're out of luck when you married me. I married you due to my last life's buildup."

Zhou Qing Bai's eyes twinkled with humor: "The words outside can't be treated as truth."

Lin Qing He sighed softly: "I can only treat it as nothing, otherwise should I take it to heart?"

When sleeping at night, Zhou Qing Bai seriously doted on his wife.

Lin Qing He was held in his embrace, and she enjoyed the moment. As did Zhou Qing Bai.

"If you are bored at home, take Er Wa and San Wa to watch movies." Zhou Qing Bai suggested.

"Watching movies isn't necessary. Da Wa will nag when find out. I'm going to take the boys to go shopping in the city tomorrow." Lin Qing He responded.

"Buy whatever you want to eat." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Lin Qing He expressed her acknowledgment.

The couple slept in a huddle. Lin Qing He wanted to stay away from him because she couldn't stand the heat. But she was caught by him and couldn't sleep as she wished.

The next day, Da Wa was off to school, while Zhou Qing Bai went to work. Lin Qing He left Fei Ying to guard the house and locked the door before she took Er Wa and San Wa out.

As for the pigs at home, they had already been fed. It was no problem to come back later and feed them later.

Dressing so stylishly, she went out with her two sons. At first glance, one can tell she was going to the city.

"Look at how she acts. Everyone is working, and it's only her riding the bike like the city folks. If one didn't know, they would think she is going to work!" Wang Ling, who had irked by Lin Qing He last time, sneered.

Second Sister-in-law also carried a sneer: "There's no money left at home, and she still dares to splurge so much. Let's see how her three sons will marry his wife in the future!"

Her belly was pretty big, but still, she had to work, no? But Lin Qing He doesn't need to. She doesn't need to do anything and be idle at home all day long!

"How do you know that there's no money? From what I see, there's still lots, otherwise, would she dare to act like this?" Wang Ling said.

"How much is enough for her to spend like this? I heard that she cut ties with her maternal family. Apparently, she returned to her maternal family to borrow money, but her maternal family did not lend it."

"Cut ties?" Wang Ling uttered in bewilderment: "Didn't they say they have a disagreement?"

"That's what they tell the outsiders. The money hadn't been borrowed and she hadn't returned to her maternal home for two years."

"If there's no money and she dares to live like this. Do her three sons still need to marry a wife or not? It's not the same as before, the ladies marry as long as they have a meal." Wang Ling said.

"Who would bother with her." Second Sister-in-law snorted.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law had also come to work. Both of them were behind. They didn't know what they said as they were a distance away but knew it was definitely about Da Wa's Mother.

"Da Ni came back yesterday and said that her fourth aunt invited the girls to drink a sweet tonic soup, and San Ni also had a share," Eldest Sister-in-law said.

It wasn't just Zhou Da Ni, who mentioned it on return, Zhou Wu Ni had done the same with Third Sister-in-law.

"This is being ungrateful." Third Sister-in-law curled her lips.

Her daughter came back and said that the sweet soup contains red dates, red beans, goji berries, dried longan, and peanuts. What's more, it was cooked in brown sugar. So sweet and flavorful, it was especially delicious.

Da Wa's mother didn't mind so much and gave San Ni a bowl. San Ni was a sensible person, so she would definitely say it when she went back.

"I don't understand, what does she hope to achieve by doing this?" Eldest Sister-in-law voiced out.

Third Sister-in-law laughed: "Who knows."

Back to Lin Qing He's side. She came to the county city to sell the pork. It had accumulated for a while, so there was a lot.

After getting rid of it, Lin Qing He took her two sons to the mall. She bought some school supplies for Da Wa, a few children's books for Er Wa, and some glass marbles for San Wa. The little ones were delighted.

Er Wa, who received the children's book, was so ecstatic that he was attached to it at once.

"If your elder brother wants to see it, you have to lend it to him. You can't hoard it." Lin Qing He stated.

"Yes." Er Wa happily agreed.

Lin Qing He took the two of them to wander around again. As she pondered about what else they need to add at home, she bought it and then went home.

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