Chapter 1077: Misunderstanding

She liked a stronger and more aggressive man, but now she realized that she was also a normal woman. If some gentleness appeared amidst the aggressiveness, that would be perfect!

Just as she was thinking about these things, Lingshan’s phone rang again as she entered the hall from the elevator.

It was Lin Yi’s number! Did Lin Yi call again?!

It seemed like she could be a little more reserved now! With that thought, she couldn’t help but happily adjusted her attitude, “Hello?”

“Little idiot, what’s going on over there? I’ve been calling you all day, and finally it got through but you took so long to pick up!” Lin Yi’s impatient voice sounded.

Lingshan almost cried- why was this guy so mean?

“I… I was in the lift, I saw your car arrive and so I came down…” Lingshan said carefully.

“Oh, hurry up then, I’ll wait at the door,” Lin Yi said.

Lingshan hung up and ignored her sad feelings. She quickly ran out, saw Lin Yi’s car, and got in.

“Who are you? Why’d you come in my car?” Lin Yi said as he looked at this pretty girl that jumped out of nowhere. He felt like he’d seen this girl before?

“Huh?” Lingshan’s eyes were wide as he pointed at herself- it hadn’t been that long, right, did Lin Yi have amnesia? One look at that genuine look of surprise and she knew Lin Yi wasn’t faking, “It’s me, the little idiot- you forgot?”

“Song Lingshan?” LIn Yi frowned.

“It’s me!” Lingshan nodded. Luckily he remembered!

Lingshan looked closely at this person- it was Lingshan after all, but her hairstyle changed, and the makeup on her face was different, too, with eyebrows drawn on! The girl was a lot more prettier, and Lin Yi couldn’t make the connection earlier!

The old Lingshan was always in uniform, and her hair was always messily tied- because of her job, she didn’t even put on makeup, so he almost couldn’t tell who this girl was!

“You went to Korea?” Lin Yi didn’t think that this Song girl would look so pretty even if she dressed up, she looked like one of those movie stars! Lin Yi couldn’t help but crack a joke, even though he had plenty of pretty girls around him.

“Korea?” Lingshan blinked.

“Plastic surgery!” Lin Yi smiled.

“Go to hell!” LIngshan said, pissed off- plastic surgery, what was he talking about? This was called natural beauty! Although, right after telling him to go to hell, Lingshan panicked and quickly changed her words, “Lin Yi, ah… I was joking…”

“I was joking too.” Lin Yi shrugged and started the car.

Seeing that Lin Yi wasn’t angry, Lingshan breathed out in relief. Although, she did relish in the fact that Lin Yi just admitted she was prettier!

But Lin Yi put his eyes back on the road after saying those things- his mental state was not that easily breached, after all.

“Where’s your house? Let’s go.” Lin Yi said.

“It’s around here. After we get out of the police station, go along this road and we’ll reach a district after a kilometer away,” LIngshan said, a little disappointed that she’d spent a few hours of dressing up for one joke as praise from Lin Yi. Was that it?

Lin Yi nodded and drove in the direction.

Lingshan’s area was a modern white collar area, a high place with clouds- a god spot for practitioning! Following her instructions, LIn Yi parked the car and got off with Lingshan.

“We’re here!” Lingshan pointed at a building some distance away and entered the code before going up with Lin Yi.

LIngshan’s house wasn’t big, and was suited for single people.

Lingshan stepped in the house and realized that she didn’t have extra slippers!

“Maybe you can wear mine, and I’ll go barefoot?” Lingshan hesitated, “Nobody comes here usually, it’s always me.”

Lin Yin blinked. It seemed like he was the first to have the honor to enter her house?

Actually, if Lingshan was not that much of a retard when she worked, Lin Yi might have even liked her quite a bit. She was pretty, too, with a great body- who wouldn’t like her? She was even nice and obedient like a little cat when with him, and this made him feel like a conqueror or something.

But Lin Yi wasn’t willing to bring himself truoble, the girl was reliant on him already as is. If they went on in their relationship then he didn’t need to do anything else anymore, just solve her cases all day.

“I’ll go barefoot,” Lin Yi said casually and took off his shoes, walking in.

Lingshan hesitated, but didn’t say anything. A warm feeling blossomed in her heart- Lin Yi may seem aggressive, but he did care about the sensitive details.

She put on her indoor slippers and walked in, “Wanna drink something?”

“It’s okay,” Lin Yi waved his hand, not wanting to waste too much time. It was a troublesome thing to help her level up, and he still needed to recover his strength level- if he went back too late, the two girls might not be happy.


“I thought you wanted to level up? Let’s do it now,” Lin Yi said.

“Ah? Now?” Lingshan blinked- she wasn’t ready yet! Yes, she had made the decision to go further with him, and had accepted it, but this was her fisrt time! There should be some romance first, some foreplay, right?

For that, she even bought candles and red wine, with some western food she wanted to cook with him to have a nice atmospheric dinner… But Lin Yi cut right to the chase!

“Yeah, you called me here for that, didn’t you?” Lin Yi frowned.

“Oh… Okay then…” Lingshan was feeling quite down- couldn’t this man be more gentle? Coming up here and getting to that business right away? But he nodded anyway, without a choice, “Then I’ll take a shower… You… You want one?”

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