A group of strong people in the ancient region of the northern underworld, led by five great saints, and in addition to that, there are more than 30 strong people in the eternal world.

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Among the other eight regions, these forces can only be regarded as "small-scale".

But for the ancient wasteland camp, it is a terrible force that they can only bear and dare not go out to fight.

SHAOHAO and ruowu are naturally not afraid, but they are afraid that once they leave, they will be taken advantage of by the enemy for lack of strength in the city, and the consequences will be serious.

Therefore, the strong in the ancient wasteland were all oppressed and angry.

But this group of northern underworld ancient strongmen, one by one, are fearless and unscrupulous. They are facing the city, but no one dares to fight. This makes them feel proud and disdainful.

"Alas, it's disappointing. When do you dare to send someone to fight in the ancient wasteland? Maybe you can let me have a look. Now Ha ha, I can only say that you are a group of rubbish

A young man shook his head and sighed.

"Who do you scold?"

At this moment, suddenly a voice sounded.

"Of course, I scolded you for the ancient wasteland..."

The young man opened his mouth subconsciously. He understood it in the middle of the speech. He was furious and looked at it.

I don't know when a handsome man in a white dress appeared not far away, calm and calm.

The angry young man was stunned, and then he burst out with a smile: "how dare some rubbish go out of the city!"

He laughed with a look of excitement.

After shouting and provoking for a long time, no one dares to fight. Now someone finally jumps out, which makes him feel overjoyed.

However, the young man did not realize that the five great saints around him had changed their faces.

"There's backbone!"

The young man raised his thumb and said with a smile, "come on, tell me what kind of death you want. I'll satisfy you all."

In a word, the lips of those saints around him could not help twitching.

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A chubby old man slapped the young man on the cheek: "shut up

The young man was stunned and covered his face with confusion.

Immediately, he noticed that the faces of his companions around him changed greatly, and even the five sages on the top of the mountain were roaring.

"You Are you... "

The young man's mind flashed, and he suddenly cried out.


"Ha ha ha, brother Lin is back!"

"Look at that guy. He's so stupid. He dares to let Lin choose a way to die with his cultivation of eternal life. Is that his brain is full of water?"

In the city of the moat in the distance, there was a roar of cheers and laughter.

Shao Hao and Ruo Wu were both deeply relieved and steadfast.

I haven't seen him for several months. Lintian finally came back!

At this moment, SHAOHAO and others were acutely aware that with Lintian coming back, everyone felt relieved.

It seems that even if it is a big thing, as long as there is Lintian, it doesn't matter!

The young man was as pale as lightning, and his eyes almost fell out. He was really this guy. He didn't appear for several months. Why did he suddenly appear at this moment?

Those who were strong in the ancient northern underworld were stiff and tense, no longer conceited, proud and disdainful.

Even those saints at the top of the mountain, their faces are already cloudy and sunny, and their brows are full of fear, fear and dignified.

Who knows the name of Lintian?


Almost without any hesitation, these supreme sages chose to retreat, waving their sleeves and robes, and they were about to move away from the void.

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When Lintian waved his sleeve robe, the nearby void collapsed suddenly, and the blazing divine light rolled over, shaking all the top saints out of the void.

A few blows, show the posture of arrogance!

"Let me do it."

However, just when Lin xungang was about to kill him, he saw Zhao Jingxuan arrive suddenly, his purple clothes fluttering and his green silk flying like a fairy in the dust.

"OK, I'll help you."

When Lintian saw this, he walked away with a smile.

Zhao Jingxuan has just set foot on the top of the holy land. He also wants to see how powerful her fighting power will be after she awakens the natural power of the real dragon blood in her body.


The battle broke out without any accident. The sky was shaking and the earth was shaking.

Originally, if I had been to shanglintian, I would not have been sure of the great sages in the ancient northern underworld. But when the opponent becomes Zhao Jingxuan, they don't have so much fear.

Can't beat Lintian, or a female saint who came out of nowhere?

However, with the fighting going on, the five sages' looks could not help changing, and the pressure gradually increased!Each other is like a fairy, body light and rain, pure and beautiful jade looks a holy color, but when hands, strength is like a landslide tsunami, terrible.

Vaguely, it seems that there are real dragons and virtual shadows circling around her body, holding up her head and chanting the dragon, which is extremely powerful. Every blow has the destructive power of burning mountains and boiling the sea, making everything collapse.

"It's the natural power of real dragon - the realm of real dragon! This magical power can be cultivated to the extreme. The magical power can open up a dragon Kingdom, and the dragons are lurking inside. Once the enemy is trapped in it, there is absolutely no life or death. "

If the dancing star's eyes were bright, a flash of surprise flashed between his eyebrows, "this kind of magic power has the same effect as the field of the road controlled by the sage king!"

"I didn't expect that brother Lin, the confidant of beauty, is actually the descendant of the true dragon. As far as I know, the true dragon in the ancient road of the starry sky is all the superior ethnic forces, and the rich foundation is far beyond the thousands of people in the sky."

SHAOHAO can't help but wonder.

The real dragon, like Xianhuang, is almost a legendary group. It rarely appears in the world, but no matter who it is, it can't deny the strength of such a group!

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As for the other strong people in the ancient wasteland at the head of the city, they are all stunned.

Zhao Jingxuan had set foot on the top of the sacred land, which surprised them. Now, she was able to fight against five with one, which made them tremble even more.

Only Lintian is relatively calm. He knows very well that Zhao Jingxuan's father is already a well-known figure in the imperial realm, and his mother is also a quasi imperial realm. Now he has followed Jin Chan's youth to the ancient star road.

With such a powerful pair of parents, how could Zhao Jingxuan's foundation and talent be worse?

However, Lintian could still see that Zhao Jingxuan had not been able to completely control the forces of holy land, so that he missed many good opportunities to kill the enemy in the battle.

This is also normal. The Holy Land and the king's land are two completely different realms, and Zhao Jingxuan is extremely good at this step.

There was no accident at the end of the battle. Zhao Jingxuan killed three of the top saints himself. While the remaining two escaped, they were solved by Lintian, who had been plundering the array nearby.

As for those who are strong in robbing the territory for a long time, they are all wiped out like mole ants.

That night, when Lintian and Zhao Jingxuan returned, they were welcomed by a group of friends. They got together and had a good time drinking and talking.

At the banquet, Lintian also learned about all kinds of things that happened in the ancient wilderness recently.

"The last time juejiao secret land came, the eight regions' forces entered the ancient wasteland and divided up all the chances of juejiao becoming a saint. This time, yuanci secret land will come soon. If they want to block the chance of juejiao becoming a saint as they did last time, they would be very wrong."

Lintian said quietly.

He has promised long ago that he would help the strong in ancient wasteland fight for the chance to become a saint. How can he tolerate yuanci's secret place being controlled by the foreign enemies in the eight regions?

"Brother Lin, do you have any plans for yuanci's secret place?"

The sky asked with a smile.

He and yechen, Yue Jianming, you hengzhen, ye Maha and many other top figures are most concerned about the chance of becoming a saint.

"At that time, brother SHAOHAO and girl Ruo Wu will be together in the city of guarding the road, so as not to be taken advantage of by the enemy when the secret place of yuanci comes."

Lintian pondered, "as for the secret place of yuanci, I will take charge of it myself. In any case, I will let all my colleagues in the ancient wasteland who are qualified to fight for the chance of becoming a saint enter the secret place of yuanci."

In a word, everyone here is in a good mood.

SHAOHAO frowned and said, "after the secret place of yuanci comes, the enemies of the eight regions will surely send out a large number of top saints. If you are alone, it will be too dangerous."

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"And me."

Zhao Jingxuan said with a smile.

"But you and he together, it's only two people after all."

Ruo Wu couldn't help saying, "you know, there's not much time for brother Lin to set up the battle this time. In case of being besieged by the enemy together..."

Before he finished, Lintian interrupted with a smile: "since I dare to do this, I will naturally have some consideration in my heart. Moreover, even if there is danger, I can't miss the opportunity to enter yuanci's secret place this time."

His words are plain, but everyone here is moved and touched.

The reason why Lintian knew the danger and insisted on doing so was for the sake of the top figures in the ancient wasteland and the whole ancient wasteland camp!

Such breadth of mind, boldness and dedication make no one moved?

Zhao Jingxuan was the only one with peace in his heart. Even the sword was killed by Lintian. The ordinary juetong Saint had long been ignored by Lintian!

In the next few days, the news about Lintian's return to the city of protecting the road in the ancient wilderness was also learned by the foreign enemies of the eight regions.

For a moment, the number of enemies who came to the city of moat to provoke was greatly reduced.

Of course, there were also strong people who didn't believe in evil. They wanted to find out the details of Lintian. Without exception, they were killed outside the city.

However, with the passage of time, the ancient wilderness has become a storm land. In the eight regions camp, there are groups of strong people coming one after another.Even the ancient territory of blood devil, under the instruction of blood green clothes, sent out a group of elite forces.

Their purpose is very simple, coming for the coming secret place of yuanci!

For these changes, Lintian saw them in his eyes, but he didn't take any fierce counterattack. He stayed in the city of moat and watched the storm rise.

When the secret place of yuanci comes, it is the day of his attack!


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