Chapter 107. Unvirtuous

As expected, this move of old Zhou family caused a stir within the village.


People had already become accustomed to Lin Qing He's spendthrifty ways. If one day she doesn't, only then would they be shocked.

However, it was Eldest Sister-in-law Zhou and Third Sister-in-law Zhou. What was going on?

They couldn't get the head around it, especially Eldest Sister-in-law Zhou. She actually sent all three daughters to school?

Let alone other people, even Mother Zhou was slightly stunned when she found out.

She didn't say anything though. After all, they had separated now and each go their own way. If she sticks in, she'll be looking for disdain

She just grumbled to Father Zhou in private.

Father Zhou was also quite puzzled, but he didn't pay too much heed to it: "Since they're living on their own, then leave them be. It's not like they don't know what they're doing."

"Girls, what's the point of them studying?" Mother Zhou muttered.

What's more three of them in one go, what were they thinking?

"Didn't Xiao Mei study too?" Father Zhou raised his eyelids and pointed out.

Mother Zhou said nothing.

If their youngest daughter hadn't been to school, then she wouldn't be able to have the chance to get the interview for the job.

But no matter what the outsiders thought, the matter of old Zhou family's girls going to school was settled.

Zhou Da Wa had received great dependence from his sisters for a while because the girls didn't understand a lot. They needed to be taught by Da Wa. However, Da Wa was mischievous. He wasn't home most of the time, especially now that it was spring. There was no short of him climbing trees and stealing from birds and the likes.

Last time, he brought back a nest of bird eggs and asked Lin Qing He to cook it for him. Lin Qing He tossed it into the congee and it was especially delicious.

Who hadn't done these things when they were a child? So Lin Qing He didn't stop him.

Then Da Wa brought back a few small birds to be raised. Lin Qing He left him be and let him raised them.

Also Er Wa and San Wa, they obviously took a liking to it.

Therefore, when the girls came to the house to find Da Wa with questions about their homework and Da Wa wasn't home, Lin Qing He would generally teach them.

Only then, these girls knew that their fourth aunt was so great!

No wonder she did a good job in raising Da Wa, Er Wa and San Wa!

Among Da Ni, Er Ni, Wu Ni, Si Ni, there was also San Ni.

San Ni was Second Sister-in-law's eldest daughter. Despite having a bad relationship with Second Sister-in-law, Lin Qing He won't pass her anger to San Ni as one generation's matter was one generation.

San Ni wanted to go to school, but her mother refused to let her go, so she asked Da Ni and the girls what they learned. She had a good relationship with Da Ni and her sisters. San Ni's temperament was like her father, Second Brother Zhou, a likable person.

Her sister, Liu Ni, was like the exact copy of Second Sister-in-law.

When San Ni tagged along, Lin Qing He would teach her too, giving her the same treatment as the other girls.

As the sisters studied in the hall, Lin Qing He boiled the pre-soaked red beans, peanuts, dried longan, wolfberry and red dates.

For the finishing touch, she put a few lumps of this era's brown sugar.

Because the girls came over, she made a little bit more. She only soaked that much red beans, so she increased the rest.

After it was cooked, she gave the girls one bowl each.

"Fourth Aunt, there's no need." Zhou Da Ni quickly shook her head.

Er Ni and San Ni quickly followed suit. Si Ni and Wu Ni were still too young. Looking at the red soup in the bowl emitting sweet fragrance, they drooled.

"Each person only gets one bowl. Any more, there's none. Drink it. This is beneficial to the girl." Lin Qing He said.

She only made this two or three times a month. Of course, Zhou Qing Bai and the boys get their servings too. Since this was mainly for relieving chill and supplement blood, it was great for women and girls.

The girls looked at each other and then thanked their aunt.

Lin Qing He drank with them. After drinking, she asked them what they didn't understand before explaining it to them one by one. With this, she sent them back home to study.

However, Da Ni insisted on washing all the bowls they had used before leaving.

Lin Qing He was quite satisfied. It was indeed a daughter who was taught by Eldest Sister-in-law. More importantly, she put in effort into studying, even though she suffered this era's hardship.

If this was the later generation, the parents would certainly dote them more. If they wanted to study, they have to offer it.

Da Ni and the girls left and the boys came back not long later. The brothers played till they were dirty all over. The eldest two were a little worried about being scolded, while the San Wa, the youngest stood upright.

Once he came back, he wanted to come over and hug Lin Qing He. Lin Qing He immediately ordered: "Hold it right there!"

"Mother, I miss you." San Wa stared at her.

Lin Qing He snorted: "Don't think this will work. You went overboard when playing!"

San Wa stood still and gazed at her with grievance. Lin Qing He swept her eyes to Da Wa and Er Wa: "Go bring your brother over to wash hands!"

Da Wa and Er Wa took San Wa away to wash their hands. After washing, Lin Qing He sent them to scoop sweet soup and drink it.

"Mother, do you want to drink?" Da Wa asked.

"I drank already. Your father hasn't drank it yet." Lin Qing He said as she sewed the sole of the shoe without lifting her head.

"Then I'll leave some for Father." After Da Wa finished, he covered the pot and drank it with his two younger brothers.

This wasn't a rare treat at home. They had drank it before. Even San Wa knew to spit out the seeds, without Lin Qing He's reminder.

After the brothers finished eating, Lin Qing He had already scooped the water into the pot. So she sent the boys to heat water and bath.

The brothers got so dirty from playing, they must wash up.

As for making a seven-year-old Da Wa do this, Lin Qing He displayed no burden at all.

Wasn't the son born to be ordered around? It wasn't like she'll pamper him.

"Heat the water for a bath now? Mother, do you need to cook first?" Da Wa asked.

"We're eating dumpling soup tonight. It'll be quick. You can wash up first and we'll see," replied Lin Qing He.

Da Wa started to heat water. Er Wa assisted, while San Wa went to the backyard to watch pigs and chickens with Fei Ying.

Once the water was ready, Lin Qing He came over and scooped it. They were still young, so it was better if she scooped the hot water

They bathed in a large basin. A wooden one. One pot was enough for the three brothers.

As they were too dirty, she let Da Wa wash first, and then she washed the Er Wa and San Wa. Da Wa didn't need her anymore, saying that he has grown up.

Lin Qing He respected him and let him do it.

Even taking a bath, he won't settle down. While taking a bath, he messed around with Er Wa and San Wa. After one bath, Er Wa and San Wa were soaked.

After cleaning up the three boys, Lin Qing He continued to stitch the soles and waited for Zhou Qing Bai to get off work.

It was the season of busy spring sowing now, and Zhou Qing Bai was back from work at almost six o'clock.

But even so, he still had to work when he returned home. For example, he had to wash the naughty sons' clothes, as well as the matter of pigsty and chickenpen in the backyard.

Lin Qing He would only be considerate when it was the summer harvest and autumn harvest. The rest of the time, he can handle it.

She was that unvirtuous.

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