Chapter 1076: House Song’s Troubles

The fact that House Song was able to make it to Lingshan’s generation was actually quite the miracle!

It seemed now that House Song was strong- her second grandpa used to be a Mystic late phase peak, and after failing to break through into the Earth class a couple of times, he went on a journey to travel the world, looking for some way to breakthrough!

Song Lingshan, on the other hand, was the strongest youngling of all noble houses- House Yu’s excluded. This was something that spoke to just how powerful House Sun was!

Yet, House Song’s strength seemd to have a gap now!

Lingshan had a sister- she was now studying, and had entered the Golden class! Her second uncle’s family also has a child, except that he was still too young, only ten- he hadn’t entered the Golden class just yet. As it stood, House Song was in a dangerous position compared to the other noble houses!

House Song had a really powerful second grandpa, but it’d been years since he left- who knew if he was still alive, or if he was coming back?

House Song’s most powerful practitioner now was Lingshan’s grandma, House Song’s elder woman! She had the strength of a mid phase Mystic, but her body was clearly getting weaker and weaker by the years- if she were to pass, then House Song would enter a really awkward position indeed!

Her grandpa only had a Golden class late phase peak’s strength, and that wasn’t much among the noble houses. His father was a nerd as well, always researching and pursuing knowledge- the second uncle wasn’t a nerd, but he was a tyrannical young master! That was why he married so late, which was why her cousin was ten years younger than her!

House Song’s future rested on Lingshan, her sister, and her cousin brother!

Currently, only Lingshan had success. Her sister and cousin brother were still a bit far off, especially her cousin brother, who, talented as he may be, was too young- House Song would be wiped from the noble house’s list by the time he grew up!

The methods to break through this problem were two: a miarriage alliance was the first! She could marry another youth from a noble house, and stabilize House Song’s position! Yet, there weren’t any good candidates that Lingshan liked, not that she liked the idea of a force marriage in the first place!

The other path was to become strong- to grow strong relentlessly and break through the Golden class, into the Mystic class! Only then would she be able to maintain her house’s strength!

Lingshan didn’t agree to a marriage alliance, so she had to become strong and level up! She had worked hard these past years, but it wasn’t enough!

Yet, who would’ve thought that she’d level up in the underground prison through just touching herself, accidentally breaking through the wall of Golden Class mid phase peak and become a late phase! She understood something during her shock!

Her grandma was right- the kung fu of House Song was more suited to woman- they had to level themselves up through double practitioning with a man!

Lingshan didn’t think much of it, but now that she experienced it firsthand, that really did seem like the case- especially with how she fantasized about Lin Yi during that incident, breaking through that tough wall! If she really were to do it with Li Yi, then she’d reach the level of late phase peak!

That was simply too seductive for her to refuse!

Breaking through the bottleneck made her feel that being his girlfriend would actually be pretty nice! Lin Yi was aggressive, but he was strong, very strong- this cleared her conditions! A few days prior, House Yu and Xiao even came to Lin Yi to cause trouble, both of which got hit back with severe losses, including Zhao Qibin! This wasn’t something anyone could do!

Putting aside the fact that he had a girlfriend, Lingshan was a little obssessed with Lin Yi- the guy was a tyrannical man, but that was exactly what made him look like a hero in her eyes!

Females who practiced martial arts all liked heroes, and while this hero looked down on her a little, always calling her braindead and stupid, she still felt that it was an improvement now that he was calling her idiot instead of braindead – that was an improvement!

She felt that her purity was already gone- Lin Yi had seen everything, so she might as well go the extra step with him. It’d level her up, and that was good!

Lingshan didn’t know what her mindset was like right now. Did she break through the bottleneck because she liked Lin Yi, or was it because of that, that she was forced to like Lin Yi? It was quite the question, similar to the one about whether the chicken or the egg came first!

So LIngshan didn’t want to think about it anymore. Lin Yi cleared the requirements to be her mate, and so that was fine! She didn’t feel like she was losing anything.

After dressing up, she waited at the window until it was past eight, where on earth was Lin Yi?

All of a sudden, a yellow beetle parked itself outside!

It was Yushu’s car, and she knew that Lin Yi was driving it as usual.

She took her phone out and waitied eagerly for him to call, but it didn’t ring.

She felt troubled- what was he doing? Why wasn’t he calling even though he was here?

She waited a little bit, but still no call. In her hesitance, she dialled him up- to realize that he was in the middle of a call!

This Lin Yi, why had he come here to call someone else? She was trying to look cute for him, but he didn’t even give her a chance! She couldn’t take it anymore- she had to go down herself!

What sort of date was this? Other dates usually made the guy feel nervous and restless, but this was the other way around! Although, if Lin Yi was like a normal man, mumbling and praising her, she probably wouldn’t like that at all!

So be it, if she was a masochist then fine! This was what she got for liking men stronger than her!

She tidied up and went down.

On the lift, her phone rang.

She became happy all of a sudden, “Hello, Lin Yi?”

But, what came from the phone was a buzz, saying that the line had been cut off, she was out of connection range!

She almost tossed the phone away in a rage!

How come the signal was gone? Lin Yi had finally called, and the signal disappeared just like that!

Only then did she remember that she was on the lift- she couldn’t help but sigh helplessly. What else could she do?

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