Black cliff sea.

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Located in the extreme east of the ancient wasteland, the vast sea water is as black as a night. The storm is raging all the year round, and the sea water is as spectacular as black dragons rushing to the sky.

At this time, countless monks gathered from all directions.

On the Bank of the black cliff sea, people are close to each other. They belong to the strong among the eight major forces in the eight regions, just like the tide that fills the area nearby.

In the depths of the black cliff sea, the rules and order of heaven and earth crisscross, and light and rain are flowing, and a secret portal is being built.

No doubt, it won't be long before the secret place of yuanci will come to the black cliff sea.

"Ha ha, I don't know if the two legged sheep in the ancient wasteland, which is shrinking in the city, will come."

"The last time the secret place of Jue prison came, those things in the ancient wasteland were killed and defeated. How could they have the courage to suffer such a heavy lesson?"

"Don't forget, these days, we have been cruising in this ancient wasteland, and we haven't seen any of them dare to go out of the city to fight. Even Lintian has become a turtle without eggs!"

Countless monks are talking.

If you look at them carefully, they are everywhere, crowding the nearby coast, but you can still clearly tell that they are divided into eight camps.

"When it comes to Lintian, it's really rare. How could such a fierce character with amazing fighting power come into being in such poor and weak places as ancient wasteland?"

Some people wonder.

"Who knows, this guy once defeated one city by one person and killed the Allied forces of seven regions by one person. His fighting power is really terrible."

Many people are worried.

For more than a year, Lintian first made a big stir in the blood demon world, then used his own strength to block the invasion of the army of the seven regions. Finally, he miraculously rebuilt a city of protecting the road for the ancient wasteland!

This kind of strong person, even if you look at the eight domains, can be regarded as astonishing and rare, and naturally attracts people's attention and attention.

"Well, he's only one person after all, and the last time he defeated our seven regions alliance, he only relied on the forbidden array."

One sneered.

"Yes, during this period of time, the strong men from eight regions gathered here. Why didn't he dare to resist? I'm obviously afraid! "

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When he was talking to himself, all the strong people were shocked by a terrible breath.

Soon, a sacred breath, whistling from the distance, dense, just like a magnificent rainbow.

"One, two, three My God, there are more than 800 real saints, and the number of top saints is even more than 100! "

Many startled voices rang out, all smacking their tongue.

"It's just to enter the secret realm of yuanci. Why send out so many characters in the holy land?"

Some people don't understand.

"You don't understand. All the holy places gathered here, not just to protect us from entering yuanci, but to kill Nalin!"

Someone spoke up.

"More than 800 true saints and more than 100 top saints are the great saints. If they come here, they have to avoid three points. As long as he dares to show up, he will surely die!"

In the face of the grand scene of the gathering of saints, countless strong people felt suffocated and marveled. Even if they saw such a gorgeous lineup, their fear was swept away.

"I just don't know if Lintian dares to come."

Someone murmured.

From time to time on the sky, the void fluctuates and rolls, reflecting the sacred atmosphere. Each rainbow represents the coming of a saint.

At the end of the day, all the places are covered by the sacred atmosphere, and the atmosphere is solemn.

"How could you possibly see such a shocking scene outside?"

All the strong people in the eight regions are full of pride and are more and more convinced that any sage who comes to the summit will be torn to pieces!

At the same time, in the depths of the black cliff sea, a magnificent palace made of holy treasures emerged on the sea, and the master's son, who was held by several people, was engraved with numerous dragon and Phoenix seals.

In the hall, there are ten saints sitting or standing.

On them, the sword is full of meaning, the golden glow is flowing, and the green flame is diffuse. Each of them is like a Legendary God, as majestic as the sea.

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In particular, I think the first three people's breath is the most brilliant, the breath is as bright as the sun and the moon.

It's the blood green clothes, the huahongxiao, the stone breaking the sea.

"Blood is here, thank you for coming to help!"

On the main seat, xueqingyi got up and arched his hands around. He seemed young and handsome, but he had the tendency of swallowing the eight wastelands.

"Brother Xue, you're welcome. We're also curious about what the guy named Lintian can do."

On one side of the opening, the sound was as loud as thunder, which made the hall roar.

He is the leader of the younger generation of Xingsha ancient region. His facial features are rough, his eyebrows are broad, his body is high, and he sits there like a dragon and a tiger.On the other side, Hua Hongxiao, dressed in a black robe, sits quietly and drinks himself. He has long dark blue hair, fair skin and handsome facial features.

"We were only worried that Lintian was aware of the danger and didn't dare to come."

"Ha ha, that's it."

Everyone in the hall laughed.

There are hundreds of top saints and more than 800 true saints gathered here. These forces are even enough to threaten the safety of any domain camp, let alone that Lintian?

Not to mention, there are blood green clothes, stone breaking the sea and huahongxiao, the three peerless figures in the "Eight Wonders of Qingming"!

"Everyone, Lintian is extremely fierce and bloody. Don't be careless."

Xueqingyi said, and walked out of the hall, "please follow me."

Outside the hall, the sea is as dark as night. In the distance, many strong people belonging to the eight regions camp gather close to the coast.

With a wave of the blood Green sleeves and robes, 24 rays of sunlight are around, and the bright pearls of fist size are rising in the air, sweeping out of the sea in all directions.

Each pearl is imprinted with a dense array of Taoist patterns, and soon becomes a huge sacred forbidden array, covering the heaven and earth. The sacred atmosphere fills the sky.

"These are the twenty-four pearls of Dinghai?"

Stone breaking sea surprised.

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"It's true that this set of jewels can be combined to form the" zhentiandinghaisheng array ". Later, let us and other eight regions strongmen enter this array to watch the battle, so that they won't be affected during the battle and the chance to enter yuanci's secret place will be delayed."

Blood green dress says with a smile.

Everyone nodded.

Xueqingyi still has a word to say, that is, if something unexpected happens, with this array, there will be another "back road".

Of course, this kind of "destroy his own prestige and boost other people's morale" can not be said. Once it is said, it will appear that he is too timid and cautious, which will inevitably cause a lot of laughter.

Before long, under the call of a group of top saints, the eight strong people who were distributed near the coast were all arranged to enter the "zhentianping sea array".

In the field, there were only hundreds of top saints and a group of old monsters at the level of true saints, which made the atmosphere of the world become oppressive.

When xueqingyi saw this, he also had more confidence and no worries.

He turned to look back, and saw that the entrance of "yuanci secret place" which was covered in the rear by the array would be completely revealed soon.

Shi POHAI is talking with the people beside him. He looks calm and has a good laugh.

Hua Hongxiao looks lonely and cold all the time. He drinks from himself. His eyes are like ice for thousands of years. No one dares to get close to him.

"Isn't Lintian really scared to come?"

A great sage frowned, a little impatient.

At this time, I heard a sudden cry of surprise.

"Look over there!"

"The boy actually came."

"Brave enough!"

In the far distance, two figures stand side by side, a man and a woman, just like walking in the empty space. The handsome men are like banished immortals, and the beautiful women are picturesque, and their clothes are dancing.

It's him!

In a flash, all the eyes of Xue Qingyi and others were locked on Lintian. As for Zhao Jingxuan, they were ignored.

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Because in their cognition, there was only one Lin Xun in the whole ancient wilderness camp, which was worthy of attention.

However, they didn't expect that Lintian came here with only one person, and he seemed so confident.

On the Bank of the black cliff, Lintian stopped and whispered to Zhao Jingxuan, "Jingxuan, you are here to watch the battle."

Zhao Jingxuan nodded and floated to the ground. A pair of beautiful eyes scanned the field and said, "it seems that they are not coming for the secret place of yuanci, but for killing you. If you can't bear it, don't try to be brave."

Lintian touched his nose and said with a smile, "the most taboo thing for men is to be looked down upon by their own women. You should be optimistic."

Zhao Jingxuan chuckled: "good!"

When they talked with each other, they looked at all the people present as if they were nothing. Their relaxed appearance made the faces of many great saints gloomy.

"What a pair of dogs! Is it really impatient to live a life when I'm not shy and impatient at the end of my life? "

Some people drink violently, the sound shakes the world.

The eight strong men hiding in the big array were also very surprised. Most of them met Lintian for the first time, but they didn't expect that this guy was even more arrogant and arrogant than the legend!

"Lintian, if you leave now, you may have a chance to live. Otherwise, you will be doomed this time."

The blood green clothing bears the hand in the back, leisurely opens the mouth.

Having said that, he was sure that Lintian could not leave!

At the beginning, this guy just for some unimportant companions, dare to make a big blood demon world by himself. And this time, when it comes to the chance of becoming a saint, how could he give up?Sure enough, Lintian in the distance suddenly sneered and said, "this is our ancient wasteland. You come here uninvited, and you want to get involved in the chance that belongs to our ancient wasteland camp. I really don't dare to kill Lintian?"

Every time he uttered a word, it was like thunder, shaking the sky and the earth, and the sea was tumbling all over the world, rolling up thousands of waves.

It was like a sound wave in essence, even on the big array, which immediately aroused a series of patterns, and the light flowed, and the sound waves were resisted and resolved.

But even so, the eight strong men who hide in the big array all take in the cool air and turn pale.

This Lintian was as fierce and powerful as the legend!


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