Chapter 1075: Became Cute

But Xiaoxiao didn’t know what she should do right now- should she press on, or back off?

What should she do, what should she do?!

Back in the car, she really wanted to come clean to Lin Yi and tell him the truth, but she didn’t dare! She’d fallen into the river of love, and she was worried that she’d lose all of this sweetness if the truth were to surface!

Lin Yi would hate her, wouldn’t he? Of course he would! Nobody would like getting lied to, especially Lin Yi, who had treated her so well- that love would turn into hate!

But, if she didn’t come clean, she would feel a sense of guilt, like she was doing something very wrong and unfair!

Ahhhhhh Xiaoxiao put her hands on her head, spinning round and round in her room! She didn’t know what she should do! She finally understood the implications of her decision!

Love was not something one should toy with!

Feng Xiaoxiao! How did she become so indecisive! What a disappointment!

Xiaoxiao started mumbling to herself.

Would she lose everything she had now if she opened up to Lin Yi? She didn’t want that!

She spun around more and more and eventually became dizzy- her body was weak in the first place, so when she fell on her bed, she immediately fell asleep…

The second day, Lin Yi drove over to Lingshan’s.

The Miss and Shu were not awake yet, evidently having spent the late night watching TV.

He made them breakfast and headed out.

It was dawn, and there were not many cars out yet so it didn’t take long before he reached the police station. He remembered Yang Huaijun- it had been awhile since he last saw him. How were his internal injuries doing?

The Lin Yi back then didn’t know the full potential of his energy abilities, and had only applied the ways of Eastern medicine to repair Huaijun’s broken nerves. It was the best healing for him at the time, but that ultimately would not allow him to be able to continue practitioning!

The best results back then would turn Huaijun into a normal man, and Huaijun, who understood this, had already started going the physical practitioner’s route.

But now that he had experienced, first hand, how he healed himself, Weiwu, and Uncle Fu, he had full confidence that he could heal Huaijun completely. It wasn’t an inconvience to the Lin Yi now, not at all!

He’d forgotten about this before, but now that he was at the station, this all came flooding back. He left Lingshan alone first and gave Huaijun a call.

Compared to Lingshan, Lin Yi treated Huaijun’s condition with more weight.

“Hello, Lin Yi?” Huaijun was clearly surprised to be receiving Lin Yi’s call.

“Jun Bro, where are you?”

“I’m working on a case in the city, what’s wrong?” Huaijun asked. Lin Yi had to have somethng important if he called him in the morning like this.

“The city, huh… Never mind then,” Lin Yi said. “I’m at the police station, and remembered a way to heal your body’s internal wounds faster. I would’ve come to you, if you were here.”

“Oh, a faster way?” Huaijun froze at he news! The speed at which Lin Yi healed him was already far above his expectations, and now there was a better way?

This pleased Huaijun to the core!

“Yes, and this method would be able to repair all the damaged nerves in your body, allowing you to be a spiritual practitioner again!” Lin Yi said.

“Repair all damaged nerves, and do spiritual practitioning?” Huaijun’s eyes went wide. This was far beyond what his mind could comprehend- how was that even possible!

He had heard of repairing damaged nerves before, and there was indeed one noble house in the Wulin world that could do that, but not everyone could just go to them to fix their nerves, there were a lot of requirements! Huaijun was utterly shocked when Lin Yi said he would be able to repair his nerves- how was that possible!

“Yes, repair your nerves- you can be a spiritual practitioner again!” Lin Yi repeated each word.

“Lin Yi, according to what I know, only House Sun has a special practitioning method that could heal somebody’s wounds like this!” Huaijun said, hesitantly, “Could it be that you know someone from House Sun?”

House Sun again? Lin Yi couldn’t help but be amused. It seemed that the family had quite a name in the Wulin world, all of these noble houses knew about them, and even treated them with respect!

“How could I possible be able to get someone like them? They’re only able to heal one person for every level of their practitioner arts, of course I wouldn’t be able to get someone from that house,” Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

“Then you’re saying…” Huaijun was even more confused- Lin Yi wasn’t from a noble house, and he should not have been able to interact much with other noble houses… Even noble houses couldn’t get someone from House Sun to heal them, let alone Lin Yi.

“I’ll be the one to heal you, of course,” Lin Yi smiled, “What, Jun Bro, you don’t believe me?”

“Of course I do, of course!” Huaijun thought that Lin Yi had misunderstood him- it wasn’t that he didn’t believe him, not at all! He didn’t doubt him, but this thing really did reach too far away from his understanding of how the world worked! “Eagle, you saved me back in the war field, and healed me… My life is yours. Even if you were to bring me to do some biological experiment, I wouldn’t even give a frown…”

“Ah…” Lin Yi couldn’t help but smile at the words, “Then tell me when you come back.”

“Alright, I’ll finish up and contact you! The Eastern medicine you gave me last time was really useful, the pain from before is gradually fading, too, so I should be fine,” Huaijun said.

Lin Yi nodded. Using the medicine he gave him last time would maintain his life, so he didn’t have to rush healing him just yet.

Song Lingshan had woken up rather early today, dressing herself up carefully in the mirror, completely different from her image of violence, braindeadness, and stupidity… She was now a cute girl, Miss Cutie, so to speak!

She smiled sweetly. So even she could look like such a woman!

Hmph, Lin Yi would definitely be shocked for sure when he saw her today, she had to show him so he couldn’t call her Miss braindead anymore, he had to call her cutie!

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