Chapter 106. All go to study

However, under Lin Qing He's teaching, Da Wa didn't get into brawls much. She pretended to not know about the occasional private fights. Boys, they must fight when they were young, as it was very beneficial to their physical and mental health.

She can't be too strict.

Da Wa was naturally bold and had excellent grades, so he can easier make friends.

Third Sister-in-law expressed: "I also want to send Wu Ni to school."

"Then do it." Lin Qing He stared at her with slight bewilderment and then responded.

None of the girls in old Zhou family studied. Eldest Sister-in-law's three girls, Second Sister-in-law's two daughters, and Third Sister-in-law's Wu Ni never been to school.

It wasn’t her child and not her responsibility. It would be great if she could manage her boys well, so naturally, she wouldn't speak out.

To her surprise, Third Sister-in-law brought this up to her. So she gave a positive answer.

"You also thinks it's good?" Third Sister-in-law looked at her.

"Of course it’s better to study. People who read books will be smart and get infinite possibilities in the future. If not, they will spend their entire life in the field, and even entering a city will become a luxury. Let's not talk about other things. In the beginning, when old Zhou Family chose me not only for my looks but also because they heard that I have studied before and recognized words." Lin Qing He said.

Third Sister-in-law asked, "How much is a semester fee?"

"It's not expensive, just a few yuans. You and Third Brother can afford it. Let Wu Ni go to school. After she grows up, she will definitely appreciate you." Lin Qing He said.

"It's not necessary to be grateful, as long as she will do fine is enough." Third Sister-in-law smiled.

Lin Qing He nodded. Parents' hearts were like this, they hoped for the best for the children, except for Father Lin and Mother Lin.

Third Sister-in-law decided to let Wu Ni go to school.

Wu Ni was overjoyed to hear the news. Wu Ni can go to school but for the other Ni girls, they weren't so lucky.

However, Second Sister-in-law's Zhou San Ni had her thoughts. But as soon it was expressed, it was suppressed by Second Sister-in-law: "What studying? Is that useful? Do you not see those educated youth in the village? Aren't they still coming to the countryside to farm?"

In one sentence, it shut Zhou San Ni's mouth.

Second Sister-in-law also complained to Second Brother: "Fourth's wife is rich, and Third's wife is following her suit. What are they doing?"

Second Brother gave his honest opinion: "It's not like we don't have money. We can send San Ni and Liu Ni to school for a few years."

Although studying was really useless, but it still good to study, at least they can recognize words.

"I'm not letting one go and you want two to go. Do you think your family's money is blown by the wind? How many girls are studying in the whole village?" Second Sister uttered in ire.

At the end of last year, every family got a share of some money after the family separation. This money was firmly held by Second Sister-in-law and she would never take it out.

Used for her daughter's education? It was a waste of money. She also might not plan to send her son to school!

Second Brother didn't say anything.

Eldest Sister-in-law privately seek out Third Sister-in-law to ask why she suddenly wanted to send Wu Ni to school?

"Well, I saw Da Wa's mother is still reading and studying at home and felt it's good for girls to study and be able to recognize words?"

She must admit that she was undoubtedly envious when she saw Fourth's wife writing so well and can read so many books.

So when she heard about Da Wa's school progress, her mind spun. Before the family wasn't divided, so she didn't speak out. Now they had separated, she held the decision, so she wanted to send her daughter to school.

"Is it that wonderful to study?" Eldest Sister-in-law was puzzled.

"I don't know. I did ask Da Wa's mother. Da Wa's mother told me that going to school and being able to recognize words make it easier to find a good marriage in the future." Third Sister-in-law grinned.

These words gained Eldest Sister-in-law's approval. Her eldest daughter wasn't young. If she said that she had studied when seeking marriage, then her in-law would respect her more.

"Then I will send Da Ni, Er Ni, and Si Ni to study together for a bit?" Eldest Sister-in-law hesitantly expressed.

"Ask Da Wa's mother." Sister-in-law on Wednesday couldn't explain, so she could only suggest this.

Eldest Sister-in-law also felt that Lin Qing He was very knowledgeable, so when Lin Qing He came over the next day to use the sewing machine again, she brought this up to her.

Lin Qing He smiled: "It's definitely good to send the girls to school. But how many years do you plan to let them study?"

"Enough to recognize words." Eldest Sister-in-law answered.

"Then go. Two or three years should be sufficient. If they work harder, they can also handle the house chores." Lin Qing He said.

"Da Wa's Mother, you approve as well?" Eldest Sister-in-law smiled in response.

"Whether I agree or not, it's not important. The main point is how you think, Eldest Sister-in-law. Personally, I support letting the girls study and recognize the words. At that time, we didn't have the condition to. Now you are all separated, you’re the master of your own family.” This last sentence was spoken a little softer, as it can’t be freely expressed.

Eldest Sister-in-law nodded her head. Ain't that right?

In the past, they were happy that they were able to eat one bite more. They never thought about studying before. But now they were in a lot better condition, at least they can study a bit?

"Da Ni isn't young. She is a cultured person once she enters school. People, who aren't well off, will not dare to come and mention marriage." Lin Qing He said.

Eldest Sister-in-law nodded.

Then she decided to let all three daughters go to school, but they still had to help with the work like getting more pigweeds for work points

Zhou Er Ni and Zhou Si Ni was delighted, while Zhou Da Ni hesitated: "Mother, will I too old at this age?"

"What old? You're only 14 years old. Go study for two years." Eldest Sister-in-law stated.

After studying for two years, she can then stay at home for another four or five years. At that time, it was just right to get married.

So when the new semester began, Da Wa took his sisters to school and paid for tuition. Zhou Qing Bai also came along.

Because a parent's presence was required to help Da Wa handle the matter of skipping into third grade.

Da Wa's skipping grade cause a small sensation. What? Zhou Qing Bai's eldest son can study? Not only did he study at a young age, but he can also still skip to the third grade.

Zhou Da Wa was especially proud of this.

Lin Qing He poured cold water on him: "Be proud then. This time, you are able to pass. But if you can't study well in the third grade, how many people envy you now is how many people will laugh at you in the future."

"My study won't go terrible!" Da Wa went to memorize the text.

After memorizing, he came to Lin Qing He to get her to check him. Had to say, this kid had an excellent memory. He could memorize a text after reading it four or five times.

Worthy of being the future villain.

After finishing reciting the text, he did his math and then ran out to play.

Lin Qing He left him be. Before he headed out, she stuffed a red date mantou to him to let him fill his stomach.

"Mother, when can I go to school?" Er Wa sighed as he munched on the red date mantou.

"Next year. You can learn with your elder brother first this year. If you don't understand, ask him. Maybe, you can enter second grade directly." Lin Qing He knew that none of these three sons were easy to fool, so she could only seriously answered.

"Alright!" Zhou Er Wa's eyes lit up.

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