A voice that startles the world.

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Although Lintian faced all the enemies alone, his arrogant and powerful posture had already caused agitation in the field.

"Well! What's the chance to touch your ancient wasteland? What a big tone! "

A sneer rang out. Shi Po Hai was very surprised. When was it? How could Lintian be so crazy?

"What are you, barking in front of me?"

Lintian's eyes narrowed slightly.

As soon as everyone was in a daze, the first person of the younger generation in Xingsha ancient region, who is one of the eight unique talents in Qingming, was scolded for "barking" for his dazzling aura?

This is to call Shi Po Hai a dog!

All of a sudden, the faces of the saints from Xingsha ancient region were gloomy.

Shi Po Hai was even more angry and laughed. He reached out to Lintian and said: "today, if you are willing to give up your hand and repent on your knees, I can give you a happy way to die, otherwise, I promise you that your life will not be like death!"

"Wait, is that the same opinion?"

Lintian looked around.

"Do you think you can escape today?"

Blood green clothes look cold, a pair of scarlet eyes in God mang fleeing, "Lintian, you come for yuanci secret place, we come to kill you, from when never die."

Undead endlessly four words, by him a word meal, kill all over the place.

These saints from the eight regions and all the saints were all looking at Lin Xun. The moment Lin Xun arrived, he was already regarded as the cutting-edge fish.

With xueqingyi's resolute attitude, they are all eager to try. It is said that this son has strong fighting power and bloody wrist, but today, he will die!

"That's it?"

Lintian suddenly laughed, and his eyes were cold. "Then I might as well say that if anyone in your eight domains can enter the secret realm of yuanci, I will lose!"

The whole audience was silent.

Everyone looked at it strangely, like a madman.

In the face of hundreds of top saints and more than 800 real saints, he was so arrogant. What was he crazy about?

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Even the eight strong men hiding in the big array were speechless for a while.

"Ha ha ha, it's interesting that you are such an ignorant and fearless madman in the ancient wasteland. Don't you know how to write the word" death "

Shi Po Hai laughs.

His whole body is filled with thick silver star evil spirit fog like pitching, lingxu Yufeng, just like the master of a galaxy.

"Such a madman, just cut it off!"

Hua Hongxiao, who looked cold and solemn and kept silent all the time, seemed to be unable to see it any more. He opened his mouth coldly, and his voice was like a cold blade, sending out a frightening murderous air.

When he arrived, the whole audience began to sneer.

It's really ridiculous and funny. A young man who has become a saint on the top of the ancient wasteland may have extraordinary fighting power.

But at this time, it still seems too ridiculous to say such words.

In the distance, the secret place of yuanci will definitely come to the world if there is no time for incense burning. Does he think that in this incense burning place, heaven and earth can be reversed?

This is arrogant to the point of madness!

Zhao Jingxuan sighed in his heart and thought of the past scenes. It seemed that every time someone thought that Lintian could not do it, and regarded him as arrogant.

But in the end, without exception, they were all beaten in the face.

This time, will there be an accident?

Zhao Jingxuan looked up at Lintian's figure, but he didn't worry too much. In fact, it was a clear answer!

What if the army is ahead?

How can anyone resist it?


At this time, accompanied by a passionate chant, scarlet like a yuan Tu sword hanging in the turbulent River Styx, soared into the air, blood color as thick as thick, dyed red in the sky.

"We will know who is ignorant and who is arrogant after all."

Lintian's clothes were hunting, his long hair was flying, his eyes were cold, and his sound was all over the sky.

"I'll try the maniac's ability!"

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Suddenly, a sage at the top of the mountain rushed out.

He was a tall man with gray hair and eyes like a copper bell. He was armed with a black spear.


See him a spear sweep out, countless black thunder and lightning emerge, the breath of the terrible holy way law is like a flame transpiration among them.

As soon as he made a move, the void was full of crackling thunder and lightning.

Many people marvel and recognize that he is a sage of the old generation. The name "cangran" has been famous for thousands of years. No matter the inside information or the means of fighting, he is extremely sophisticated.

Just like this blow, it was overwhelming. With the power of the road, it was just in front of Lintian's eyes, showing the demeanor of an old man.

Seeing that the spear would pierce Lintian and lift his body into the air, cangran could not help but feel proud.This blow was the most proud killing move in his life. He almost tried his best. If Lintian thought it was a slight blow, he would be very wrong!

The next moment, there was a smile on his face.

Then he saw that Lintian didn't dodge. He just raised his hand and pointed it out. The fingertips filled with clear color and bright light collided with the black spear tips.

"Ha ha ha, you are too arrogant, little bastard. How can you take this strike so easily?"

Cang ran laughs. His black spear is branded with the most powerful black fire, that is, the sage at the top of the body does not dare to attack it, otherwise he will be burned instantly.


Sure enough, with the deafening thunder, the dazzling thunder arc and the dark sky fire spread up Lintian's arms along his fingertips.

But as Lintian's golden awn moved around, the power of the road filled with the atmosphere of annihilation would soon be destroyed and annihilate the thunder awn, electric arc and sky fire.

Cangran smile suddenly solidified, this


At the same time, Lintian's fingertips on the black spear suddenly burst out a bright and fiery light. In a short time, it was as if he had been hit by a holy mountain.

A black spear in the palm of my hand was bent violently, while the empty spear cracked and burst, and the light and rain burst.

One finger, destroy a holy treasure!

And this finger was pressed in front of cangran's chest. The body protection power of cangran, as well as the defensive treasures covered on his body, were all smashed in an instant, just like paper.

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At the next moment, cangran's body was shaken and fell out for hundreds of feet. The void was broken and collapsed. When he finally fell to the ground, his mouth and nose gushed blood and his chest collapsed, revealing a bloody hole.

"You..." Cang Ran's face was startled. He opened his mouth to speak, but his body twitched suddenly because of severe pain.


The pupils of all the people present shrunk.

The battle ended in the blink of an eye. Originally, many people were still amazed at Cang Ran's sophistication and ferocity. They never thought that Cang ran would be defeated in the twinkling of an eye.

And, seriously injured!

For a moment, there was a strange silence in the field. They were all shocked by this scene. They didn't know how Lintian did it.

Even the blood green clothes, huahongxiao and shipaohai frowned and their eyes narrowed slightly.

Sure enough, this guy is arrogant, but he also has arrogant capital. Even such senior sages as cangran are not his opponents at all.

"I dare say that I'm arrogant and I don't think it's funny?"

Lintian's lips were full of scorn.

From beginning to end, he didn't move an inch.

"You go together!"

Xue Qingyi's face was cold and gave the order.

It was his first time to see Lintian, whether he or Shi POHAI or Hua Hongxiao. Before, he only learned about Lintian's achievements through rumors. No one was sure how strong he was.

Therefore, they didn't immediately attack with all their strength. They had to further try Lin Xun's ability.

Immediately, ten top saints came out, men and women, old and young, one by one, with great momentum.

However, xueqingyi had a jump in his heart and remembered one thing. At the beginning, in front of the city of protecting the road in the blood demon world, Lintian was able to kill all sides in the face of the siege of more than ten top saints. Now, even if he sent out ten people, I'm afraid it's not enough.

"Ten more, no, twenty more!"

Xueqingyi takes a deep breath and gives the order.

Many sages in the eight regions were stunned. What does that mean? Did Xue Qingyi think that he needed to send out 30 top sages to deal with one Lintian?

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"Brother Xue, you overestimate this son, don't you?"

Shi Po Hai can't help but frown. He thinks that xueqingyi's move will be a joke.

"Believe me, if you really want to push this guy out of his limit, you have to."

Xueqingyi took a deep breath, eyes in the flow of God awn, "don't forget, he was how in my blood demon camp swagger."

In a word, everyone's eyes flashed.

Lintian couldn't help looking at the blood green clothes in the distance. When the seven regions united forces attacked the ancient wilderness, only the blood devil ancient regions didn't join in.

At that time, Lintian once felt that xueqingyi was a smart man.

Now, it seems that the other side is really not comparable to the average person. At least, it's really hard to maintain this cautious and vigilant mind under the condition of occupying an absolute advantage in the number of people.

It should be noted that the more peerless people are, the more proud and conceited they are. They may not lack wisdom, but what they always believe in is power.

Especially in the absolute advantage, few can be as cautious as xueqingyi.

Heaven and earth are oppressed, and thirty saints from the top of the world come out like fans from a distance.

Everyone, with his breath soaring to the sky, runs his whole body Qi to the extreme. As the most experienced saints, they understand the truth that "the lion fights the rabbit with all his strength".For a moment, the heaven and the earth were full of divine brilliance. These saints on the top of the world filled with divine brilliance one by one, holding all kinds of holy treasures, just like a group of gods coming to the world, which made the nearby mountains and rivers pale.

Seeing this, Zhao Jingxuan quietly clenched his jade hand with a calm look.

If Lin Xun couldn't cope with this battle, there was no need to continue this battle.

In the distance, xueqingyi and others were also attentive.

This battle was enough to find out the details of Lintian. As long as Lintian showed a little sign of unbearable, it was doomed to be overwhelming destruction!

The atmosphere, at this moment, is suppressed to the extreme.

The world is full of destruction!


(we will continue to make up for the next one tomorrow, and strive to finish the war in one breath)

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