Chapter 1074: Xiaoxiao’s Regret

“Not at all, I’m really happy! This was the most meaningful race of my life! I even experienced life and death with my lover, it’s such a rare thing too!” Xiaoxiao sid seriously, “This will be the most precious memory until the day I die, I’ll never have any regrets if I think about this!”

“Haha…” Lin Yi knew that Xiaoxiao meant it, but he didn’t know what to say in reply, “We’ll do a race again if we have the chance, but not in the near future I guess.”

“Yeah, we stood out too much today, a lot of people know us,” Xiaoxiao was smart as well, knowing why they couldn’t do another race now.

The land rover was pretty much only double the Audi TT’s price, but it’d be a waste of gas driving it around in the city. So Lin Yi didn’t think that it was a very good trade after calculating it.

Of course, as long as Xiaoxiao was happy it was fine. It was just that this licence plate, 2b941, was a little cringey, and he didn’t want to use this plate to drive around. He should get Song Lingshan to change it.

Once they got down the mountain road, he actually saw Lingshan- but didn’t call out to her and drove away instead! He didn’t want to show his face here.

“It’s late, let’s go home?” Lin Yi asked.

“Yeah…” Xiaoxiao nodded. What happened today was dangerous but also exciting… Although, she really needed to rest as her body had reached its limit.

Lin Yi drove the rover to a 4S shop and got a taxi. After they reached Xiaoxiao’s area, he used the Beetle he parked there and drove out.

He gave Tang Yun a call.

“Yun Yun, where are you?” Lin Yi asked.

“I’m at the hospital- did you finish the race with Xiaoxiao?” Tang Yun asked.

“Yeah, it’s done. I sent her home.” Lin Yi didn’t mention the things that happened to stop Tang Yun from worrying, “How did you go back to the hospital?”

“Chu Mengyao offered to bring me back.”

Lin Yi thought that was a little interesting – because of Xiaoxiao’s condition, the Miss and Shu were now in an alliance with Tang Yun, all of them trying to let Xiaoxiao have all the benefits.

After the call, he drove back to the villa.

As usual, the Miss and Yushu were watching TV on the sofa. They raised their head to look at him when he entered, and looked back to watch the TV.

Lin Yi would always come home to- to some extent- the dissatisfaction of the two, but because of Xiaoxiao, the two were now being very generous!

Lin Yi felt that the two were really nice people- they weren’t like those arrogant rich girls at all.

He went through a lot today and had ash and dirt all over his face. He quickly went for quick shower and calmed his mind down.

Today’s incident was targeted at Xiaoxiao, not him. This made him a little surpised, but the baldy was a normal man, far below Lin Yi- he had no cause to worry. This was, after all, Tianlong’s business.

A while later, his phone rang. It was Song Lingshan.

“Hello?” Lin Yi picked up.

“Lin Yi, did you cause today’s incident?” Lingshan said right from the get-go.

“Is this an interrogation?” Lin Yi frowned.

“Of course not..” Lingshan tensed up at the slight unfriendliness in Lin Yi’s voice, “Lin Yi, don’t be mad, Miss Braindead was just worried about you…”

Lingshan’s tone was a little pissed off because Lin Yi didn’t show up infront of her even though he was there, this made her felt like he was avoiding her on purpose! She called as she was sulking because of that.

Yet her angry sentence made Lin Yi a little unhappy, and so she had to quickly change her tone… She didn’t want Lin Yi to be unhappy and cancel tomorrow’s plans because of that.

“I thought that I had better not show up in today’s situation,” Lin Yi explained flatly.

Lingshan paused, understanding instantly. Lin Yi was a low-key person and gave all the credit to Lingshan- that spoke volumes to the type of person he was.

“Okay. You’re fine, right? I couldn’t get involved today, so I don’t know the details,” Lingshan breathed in relief now that she knew Lin Yi wasn’t pissed.

“It’s nothing,” He shook his head, “Is this why you called?”

“Not really, I just wanted to ask if you could come see me tomorrow?” Lingshan asked.

“See you?” Lin Yi paused.

“Yeah, to… help me… level up my strength level…” Lingshan was frustrated and embarrassed- how could Lin Yi forget about this, honestly! Was she really not worth anything in his eyes! It seemed like Braindead girl had to work harder!

“Oh, that…” Lin Yi remembered that he did promise her to go to her house and help her level up… He’d spent his days recently bringing Xiaoxiao racing, and put this thing to the back of his mind… His tone became a little apologetic, “I’ll go to the police station to see you tomorrow?”

“My house would be better…” Lingshan said after some hesitation. Doing that at home would be more suitable- it would be so awkward at the office!

“Where’s your house?” Lin Yi didn’t reject.

“How about this, you come to the police station tomorrow. I’ll spend the night there, and bring you to my house the next morning,” She said after some thought.

“Alright,” Lin Yi said.

At that same time, Xiaoxiao was troubled- she was quite troubled indeed!

She felt that she had really fallen for Lin Yi, and had actually fallen deep! This was supposed to be a good thing – that she could feel the strong intensity of love before she died. The more natural it was, the better it’d be!

But now, Lin Yi cared for her more and more- this was something she really wanted before, since only then would he fall into despair at her death! Her revenge would be complete!

But she regretted it now! As she fell more and more in love with him, she cared more about his feelings! She didn’t want to bring him any misfortune and pain, that was a really evil move! How sad would he be when she died?

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