Chapter 104. When did your Father hit me?

Lin Qing He decided to definitely go to the hospital by herself when she went to town to sell pork!

As for the present, she believed that there should be no problem. After all, she had no news after so long, right?

Or next time she should go to the hospital to check if she has any problems?

The next morning Lin Qing He slept in, all because Zhou Qing Bai, the wolf, was resting on her and started again.

So whatever blocking he said was an excuse.

Besides, she didn’t say she won’t give birth. What could she do if she couldn’t get pregnant?

The force of the storyline existed, so maybe it was because of this? Because these three villain sons had no sister in the novel.

The days in the first month were quite pleasant.

When Lin Qing He had nothing to do, she cooked up some treats for the boys, such as red bean mantou.

The red beans were soaked, then steamed with rock sugar, and crushed into a mud-like state. The red bean paste was stuffed into the mantou as the filling. This was the red bean mantou, which tastes especially delicious.

A hint of red bean sponge cake feel.

Lin Qing He quite liked it.

On the fifteenth of the first lunar month, they ate dumplings for the Lantern Festival. In addition, she made a southern-style glutinous balls

The glutinous balls with black sesame filling were also superb and yummy.

After the Lantern Festival was over, Lin Qing He came to the city on this day to dispose of the pork. She told Zhou Qing Bai that she had a meeting with Zhou Xiao Mei. Zhou Qing Bai did not stop her, so Lin Qing He came by herself. The boys were left to Zhou Qing Bai.

After she got rid of the pork, she headed to the hospital.

She came here to buy protections and have a bodycheck.

"You came ah. Why didn't you come to the reexamination I told you to have?" When she came over to find the gynecology director, the gynecology director asked her.

Lin Qing He froze for a moment. Looking at the gynecology director, the familiar face of the gynecology director appeared in her head.

She really knew this gynecology director.

"Was too busy, so I didn't have time to come." Lin Qing He held her composure and nodded as she spoke.

"There's no need to reexamination now. You should have recovered very well." The gynecology director judged her appearance and nodded.

"I almost forgot you, director. I had to inquire as I go. I didn't expect with so many people coming in and out of the hospital, the director still remembers me." Lin Qing He chuckled.

"I have worked for so many years and had only encountered you, who came to get ligation. What's more, such a beauty. How can I not remember you?" The director of gynecology laughed.

These words were like a frightening thunder striking in her mind and stunned her.

Immediately afterwards, the memory buried deep in the original owner emerged. There was no trigger point before, so she never knew that the original owner got ligation!

But Lin Qing He also recalled the original storyline. After the original owner ran away with Chen Shan, the scum man, she was got completely rejected and kicked away because she had nothing to give (T/N: refer to not giving him children).

She didn't think much at the time. She also never thought that the original owner actually got ligation!

Triggered by the gynecology director, her memories of this emerged.

Because the original owner gave birth to three sons for old Zhou family, she felt secured and no longer wanted to have another baby. Speaking of this, her thoughts were really advanced, to even get herself ligated and be done with it.

But she went down the wrong path and received such an ending in the end.

But the point was, now that the original owner got ligation done, how can she tell Zhou Qing Bai? He longed for a daughter.

Knowing that she was ligated, she was cool with it. Now she didn’t even need a condom anymore. She won’t get pregnant again in this life.

Lin Qing He didn't stay long before she returned. Of course, she also bought some fabric before she went home. She planned to make new clothes for herself. Zhou Qing Bai also needed another set made. No need for the boys. Since the previous ones can be still worn as it was made bigger.

In the evening, Zhou Qing Bai wanted to do his homework again. Lin Qing He let him do it. In fact, she liked doing this kind of homework. Especially, her Qing Bai being so manly, it made her have an awareness as a woman.

Zhou Qing Bai was a little surprised. After it was over, he asked her, "Weren't you going to get that?"

"What is that?" Lin Qing He hadn't recovered yet.

"The thing you go to the hospital for." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Lin Qing He regained herself and smiled as she replied, "Didn't I say I went to see Xiao Mei? I said I won't get it, then I won't." She didn't need that thing anymore. If he got the ability to make her pregnant, she'll birth it for. She can keep to her words!

Seeing her like this, Zhou Qing Bai assumed she thought it. He was obviously pleased. Once pleased, he pulled her for another round.

The next day after he was busy, Lin Qing He's period came.

Zhou Qing Bai's complexion had Lin Qing He wanting to laugh when she saw it.

"Alright already. I promised that I'll give birth if I got pregnant, so don't go showing that face to me." Lin Qing He patted his face and stated.

Zhou Qing Bai couldn't understand it. It was so easy to get pregnant in the past. Those years when he came back, it added up to barely a month and she gave him three sons.

Now that he was home and was working so diligently every night, she wasn't pregnant.

Lin Qing He left him alone, and was finally able to take a rest. From the beginning of winter isolation, it seems that she can only rest for a few days once her period arrives?

The rest of the time, she had to do homework.

Lin Qing He was a bit embarrassed. She had no experience in her previous life. It was over-blessed to meet such a man in this life!

Was it to make up for not having any man in the past life?

Lin Qing He, whose mind filled with flowers, left it alone and went back to the room to make new clothes.

Da Wa saw it and gathered around, "Mother, are you making clothes for me?"

"Mother, I want it too," Er Wa piped.

"New clothes." San Wa also joined up.

Lin Qing He dismissively answered: "Off to one side. You got clothes, so why make it? I'm making it for myself. Your father also gets a set."

"Mother is being partial. Father gets it, we don't. We want it too!" Er Wa pestered.

"Me too." San Wa stuck closer and persisted.

"What want? That Gang Tie only has one set of clothes, unless like you, who wear two sets of clothes?" Lin Qing He said.

Gang Tie was Er Wa's friend.

Er Wa was angry, as was San Wa.

"Father beats you. Mother, do you have to make clothes for him?" Da Wa, who silent for a long time, spoke out shocking words.

Lin Qing He was taken aback for a moment and asked, "When did your Father hit me?"

"Don't hide it from me, Mother. I heard it Father hit you last night. You didn't dare to call out. I was too sleepy. I wanted to wake up, but I couldn't wake up," Da Wa said.

At once, Lin Qing He's face turned red. Zhou Qing Bai came in right at this time.

Immediately Er Wa swept a stern gaze at him: "Father, why did you hit my mother!"

Baffled, Zhou Qing Bai uttered: "When did I hit your mother?"

"You still want to weasel out of it. My Eldest Brother heard it. You hit last night and my mother didn't dare to cry out!" Er Wa cleverly displayed the logic clearly.

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