Is it unusual for thirty great saints to go out together?

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Between the heaven and the earth, there are all kinds of killing sounds, which are as thick as the essence.

Thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, silent, all collapsed!

Just that breath is enough to make the true saint feel desperate. As for the strong below the holy land, once swept, there is absolutely no life or death.

In the atmosphere of repression and suppression, Lintian shook his sleeve and stepped on the void.


The yuan Tu sword, which has long been ready, exudes a passionate sound, just like the cheers of longing for the holy blood, and the fierce killing spirit is released.

"You want to test me for this number?"

With the sound of sneering laughter, Lintian had stepped out. His tall figure was full of obscure light, and his black eyes were cold, like a demon God.

"I don't know how to live or die!"

"Death to the madman!"


Among the bursts of cheers, 30 juetong saints, surrounded by fans, came out with all kinds of holy treasures, performing their own Taoism.

The sky and the earth were overturned, and the sun and the moon were not shining. In an instant, Lintian was covered by all kinds of attacks like the sea.


The first one to kill was an old monk with solemn appearance and golden skin. Holding a gold-plated Zen stick, he directly attacked Lintian.

The Buddha's shadow appeared in the Zen stick, and the dragon in the sky was huge, powerful and earth shaking.

On the other side, there are several top saints attacking together.

A young man in white with purple flame on his body turns into a lifelike purple fire unicorn. He is vivid and powerful. He has the power to turn the river over the sea and dominate the mountains and rivers.

A Taoist in Xuanyi has a "Baoqing Yuxiao bell" hanging on his head. There is a Taoist figure sitting on the bell. There are thousands of white lights at the bell mouth. Each white light is condensed by the law of the infinite holy way, which is enough to clean up the universe and kill ghosts and gods.

In addition, there is also a woman in blood who plays guqin, and a middle-aged man with Qiuxu holding a snake spear.

This is just the first wave of attacks that took the lead in killing. The weather is already severe, overwhelming and ferocious.

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For any other absolute Saint here, I'm afraid that the first thought is to dodge, and I don't dare to attack him.

But Lintian was an exception.


Instead of retreating, he stepped forward. In his hand, Yuan Tu sword lifted a bloody sword, which was thousands of feet long, like a river of Styx hanging down from nine days.


There was a big bang.

The bloody sword and the gilded Zen stick collided with each other, making a thunderous sound.

The old monk only felt that he was facing the impact of the netherworld River, and the gilded Zen staff had a violent whine. He wanted to get rid of it and fly away, which made him have to retreat, and his whole life was rolling.

The old monk was shocked. He practiced Buddhism and Taoism to refine the body. He was the most powerful and powerful. He was completely suppressed in the first attack of the confrontation!

Lintian flicked his fingers and burst out in the spring and Autumn period. Before the boy in white was near, he was flicked away with one finger and screamed.

But at the same time, Xuanyi Taoist's Baoqing Yuxiao bell has come down from the sky, and thousands of white awns are spread out in the bell, which is completely condensed by the law of the holy way. It's crystal clear, just like the order of the road.

In an instant, Lintian's body was bound and covered.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, the woman in charge of Guqin and the middle-aged man in charge of snake spear attack from both sides without hesitation.

"Some tricks, also want to trap Lin? Go away

Lintian's body suddenly appeared a terrible light, and his Qi and blood were rolling like a dragon out of the abyss. When he drank together, all the forces that bound his whole body were broken.


In the surge of Shenhui, Baoqing Yuxiao bell, the woman who played the zither and qiuran middle-aged man were not near, but they were shocked by the power released from Lintian's body.

The voice of surprise rang out.

See Baoqing Yuxiao clock wobble, stagger upside down.

The woman's lips were bleeding. Qiu bearded was shaken back in her middle age. Every step out, the void collapsed. Her whole body was full of Qi and blood. She almost coughed up blood.

In this instant, the siege of the old monk, the Taoist priest in Xuanyi and the young man in white was easily broken!

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The great sages who came from other directions also had their eyes fixed. They could still be so powerful when they were shocked. Lintian's terror was beyond their imagination.

But just for a moment, Lintian's figure was drowned again, because this time, more than five people launched the siege, but a total of 30 top saints!


For a moment, the light and haze burst in the field, the Taoism was vertical and horizontal, the holy treasure was brilliant, and all kinds of amazing visions were superimposed.

At this moment, heaven and earth are like sinking, collapsing, staging a terrible resolution.

The eight strong men hiding in the battle array are all staring at each other, and their faces are filled with horror. They can't see the details of the battle at all, but even so, it is still difficult for them to calm down.This is a total of 30 saints!

However, the opponent is a young man who has only been on the top of the world for only a year. Just because of the huge difference in number, it is already incredible and can be called shocking.

Zhao Jingxuan was engrossed, and meimou was staring at Lintian who was besieged in the field. His beautiful jade face was calm.

However, no matter how confident he was about Lintian's fighting power, he would be nervous in his heart.

"You two, now you see how fierce this son is?"

In the distance, the scarlet eyes in blood blue are full of frightening light.

Before, when he sent out 30 top saints to fight together, he was also questioned. He was thought to be a loser. It was no different from destroying his own prestige, and it was easy to make people laugh.

But now, who dares to say that?

What happened in front of his eyes confirmed the layout of his blood blue clothes, which was the most correct decision!

However, his mind is not calm.

Because Lintian's fighting power made him feel a kind of threat and pressure, which was much stronger than he expected!

"Fortunately, this time, there were hundreds of juetong saints sitting in the town, and there were Shi POHAI and Hua Hongxiao helping each other. This time, even if you were crazy again, you would die..."

Blood green clothes murmur in the heart.

"This son is really extraordinary. He has stepped into the threshold of creating his own Dharma. He is no inferior to us in the pursuit of the supreme way."

Shi Po's eyes were as bright as electricity. It was at this moment that he realized Lintian's power and did not dare to underestimate him as before.

Even if he was besieged by 30 top saints, it was hard to say that he could break through, or even had no chance to survive.

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"The more it is, the more it should be removed."

Hua Hongxiao spat out a word in his lips, and his cold face was full of murders. Obviously, Lintian's power also made him smell the threat.

If the ancient wasteland camp has this son, it is enough to make people uneasy!

"Ha ha, don't worry. For this action, I put up with it for a long time. He is just like a bird in a cage today

The blood green dress lightly smiles to open a mouth, the eyebrow Yu is full of absolute self-confidence.

One hundred top saints and more than 800 true saints. If you can't kill Lintian any more, you'll be killed!

Boom ~ ~

in the battlefield, the fighting is fierce and earth shaking.

In the void, the divine flame is like a dragon, the thunder sounds shake the world, the divine rainbow runs through the void, and the sword is blazing

A total of 30 saints at the top of the mountain work together, and countless forces that can destroy heaven and earth gather together. What a terrible scene?

Then he saw that the heaven and the earth were broken, and the void was shaken, as if he could not bear the terrible power.

If other great saints were here, they would have been torn to pieces. Even the strong of the great holy land level might have to avoid the edge!

At this moment, Lintian also used his real strength to interpret his own way and Dharma, and all kinds of magical powers poured out from his hands.

Shake the sky nine collapse road.

The true spirit changes nine times.

Dayan breaks the empty finger.

Taixuan sword Qi

In the end, a great abyss appeared around Lintian. It was like swallowing the sky. The atmosphere of annihilation filled the sky.

The void of a thousand miles around all gave out the sound of crashing and collapsing. The power of terror was like the breaking of the Tianhe river. It turned into a huge storm and gathered in the abyss behind Lintian.

Under the sky, all things are twisted and broken, and the terrible vision is enough to make the world tremble and despair, as if the end is coming.

The other 30 sages turned pale. Unexpectedly, instead of sticking to the present situation, Lintian seemed to have to reverse the situation and take the initiative.

They all used all means to attack the angry gods.

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All the people who watched the battle in the distance could not help but breathe cold air. They could still fight fiercely in such a situation. To turn the situation around, Lintian's difficulty and ferocity made them all feel palpitation and shock.

But what relieved them a little was that before long, Lintian was finally injured.


A dark sword gas swept by and pulled Lintian's shoulder out of his mouth.

Soon, the second, third and fourth wounds appeared one after another. Although they were repaired by the strength of refining body and the mystery of immortality, they healed quickly.

But everyone can see that he is obviously going to be overwhelmed!

"After all, it's the siege of thirty supreme sages. Can he turn the world upside down?"

Many observers felt relieved. They thought that the overall situation had been decided and that Lintian's death was just a matter of time.

Only Zhao Jingxuan murmured in his heart: "it's just a little hurt. If it's hard to live him, isn't the title of Lin demon God not worthy of the name?"

At this time, Lintian suddenly let out a long roar in the fierce fight. With a press of his palm and finger, he emerged in the abyss behind him and rolled down.Bang!

The void rumbles and breaks, and chaos appears.

The terror of this strike is like the transformation of the universe into a great abyss, which will engulf the mountains and rivers of heaven and earth and crush the longitude and latitude of heaven and earth.

The land in the nearby area collapsed suddenly, and it seemed that it could not bear the oppression of such terrorist forces.


All the ways to attack Lintian were annihilated like bubbles.

All the miraculous and extraordinary holy treasures were shaken back in mourning.

But the thirty saints who fought with all their strength felt their breath suffocated and their bodies trembled. They were torn by a terrible force, and they could not help turning pale.

The abyss is like a cover, coming down from the sky. The power of this blow is astounding!


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