Chapter 1073: You Know My Dad?

The spectators, on the other hand, didn’t know what had just happened! They were all watching in shock as the land rover kept slamming into Audi without a care in the world- and then saw the both of them flying off the cliff!

Just as they were thinking that the two in the Audi were dead for sure, Lin Yi jumped out with Xiaoxiao like a miracle!

They watched in disbelief as a helicopter came flying, only to be blasted into a ditch and explode into flames! Nobody thought that it was Lin Yi who was responsible, since he was too far and it had happened so fast!

But what exactly was going on? Was there some foreign company shooting an action film? This was the stuff you would see on the television, but it had happened right in front of them!

Marvellous, absolutely stunning!

Those who brought a camera were all very excited- they would upload this online later! Although, that soon no longer seemed possible anymore!

Li Yifeng came with his squad, and rounded up everyone present and took their stuff including cameras and phones for inspection! The professionals of the police force would then erase anything related to the incident.

Feng Tianlong had arrived at the scene after, in Yifeng’s car. They stopped next to the land rover.

The car had yet to stop properly when Tianlong rushed out and looked at his well and alive daughter, breathing in relief, “You okay, Xiaoxiao?”

“Of course I’m okay!” Xiaoxaio happily grabbed Lin Yi’s arm,”I had Lin Yi honey to protect me- the car blew up, but I’m fine!”

“Lin Yi, thank you!” Tianlong breathed deeply and thanked him genuinely.

Today’s incident scared him to death- he thought he’d never see his daughter again! But, fortunately for him, Lin Yi was there to guard his daughter- he really felt that he had made a wise move back then!

Only Lin Yi was qualified to be his daughter’s boyfriend, only he could protect her!

“Mr. Second in Command, let’s go,” Tianlong wanted to tear this man to pieces, but his identity prohibited him from doing so. Only the justice of the law waited for the man.

Yifeng was a spiritual practitioner as well, but he was only a golden class- yet even that was more than enough for the baldy! He held him down and brought him into his car.

“If everything’s fine, then Xiaoxiao and I will leave, Uncle Feng,” Lin Yi didn’t want to get too involved in Tianlong’s affairs. Now that he had a peaceful life, he naturally wanted to stay away from his old one.

“Alright- I owe you, Lin Yi, I truly do!” Tianlong nodded solemnly.

“Haha, you’re being too courteous, Uncle Feng. Xiaoxiao’s my girlfriend, of course I won’t let her get hurt,” Lin Yi smiled and shook his head.

“OH?” Tianlong paused, a look of happiness flashed across his face! He could tell that Lin Yi really did like Xiaoxiao now, they weren’t actually a fake couple anymore! This really made him glad- he only asked Lin Yi to pretend to be her boyfriend, since her days were numbered… He couldn’t really force him to like her!

But if Lin Yi really did love her, then that would be the most ideal! Tianlong had also feared that Lin Yi’s act would make Xiaoxiao suspicious, but if those were true feelings, then their relationship would only advance without fail!

At that thought, he nodded happily, “Alright, Lin Yi, then bring Xiaoxiao home. I’ll buy you dinner one day and chat with you- although I might not have the time these days.”

“It’s fine, Uncle Feng. You attend to your stuff.” Lin Yi nodded.

Tianlong got in his car and left, leaving Xiaoxiao and Lin Yi with the land rover.

“Honey, you know my dad?” Xiaoxiao wasn’t stupid- she knew something was up! Her dad said that he wanted to meet Lin Yi, but the two hadn’t met yet! Still, the two seemed to be very close- she couldn’t help but feel confused.

“Your father and I have known each other a long time,” Lin Yi didn’t hide it.

“Oh? You knew each other?” Xiaoxiao looked at him oddly, “Really?”

“Your father and I were allies in a war- I helped him with a mission before,” Lin Yi smiled, “That’s why I reacted that weirdly when you said Uncle Feng wanted to talk to me before.”

“Oh? If that’s the case then why were you so nervous before?” Xiaoxiao was getting curious- if Lin Yi knew her dad then her threats shouldn’t have worked!

“It’s exactly because we know each other. Your father and I were allies in war, but I’m now his daughter’s boyfriend… That’s a really awkward position…” Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

“Hahaha!” Xiaoxiao started laughing! So this was what Lin Yi was worried about! Yet, after laughing, she asked another question, “Then why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Our relationship wasn’t even a thing back then, why would I tell you so much?” Lin Yi said casually.

But that made Xiaoxiao very happy! Lin Yi was making it really clear – the two were now a lot closer, that was why he told her!

“Then my dad didn’t contact you after Yanjing?” Xiaoxiao was worried that her father would tell Lin Yi her sickness, “What did you guys talk about?”

“Talked on the phone a couple of times, nothing much. He’s really busy these days, working on a case I think?” Lin Yi said casually.

“Oh…” Xiaoxiao nodded, relaxing, “I didn’t expect you to be war allies with my father! No wonder you’re so strong!”

“Today’s race was a failure though- I didn’t manage to get you to feel the glory of victory,” Lin Yi didn’t want to talk too much about his relationship with Tianlong- he was careful with his words, but one tended to mess up when going into details. He changed the subject to avoid suspicion.

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