Chapter 103. Determine to get a daughter

Last year the family watched "Large Chaos in the Sky", and this year they also watched a cartoon called "Little Tadpoles Looking for Mommy".

Both of these movies were attention-grabbing, even Lin Qing He was interested in watching, let alone the boys.

Zhou Qing Bai had no expression. Lin Qing He occasionally glanced at him. He felt it, then glanced back at her. His expression was bland.

Lin Qing He knew that this guy was holding a grudge against her.

"Whatever the matter, we can talk about it at home. For now, watch the movie and don't be angry." What else can Lin Qing He do? She can only hold his hand and whispered.

Zhou Qing Bai shot her an indifference glance before continuing to watch the movie.

After the movie, the gaze Da Wa had toward Lin Qing He had a little bit of watery.

Needless to say, Er Wa and San Wa. San Wa simply expressed it by wanting his mother to hug him, while Er Wa wanted his Mother's hand.

They didn’t want to be like the little tadpoles, who couldn't find their own mothers. It was so pitiful to search for so long.

Lin Qing He: "..." What was going on with each and every one of them?

In the end, San Wa was held by Zhou Qing Bai, while Lin Qing He held onto Da Wa's and Er Wa's hands. Together, they headed over to the restaurant. They bought apples again and then went home.

"Da Wa go to write a page of your afterthought." After arriving home, Lin Qing He sent Da Wa off with this.

"What afterthought?" Da Wa froze for a moment.

"It's your feelings and thoughts after watching today's movie." Lin Qing He clarified.

Actually, Da Wa did have quite a lot to express, so off he went. Er Wa piped up: "Mother, I also have afterthoughts."

"You still don't recognize many words, just use do it verbally." Lin Qing He nodded.

Er Wa voiced out his opinion: "When the little tadpoles were young, they didn't know what their mother looked like, so they misunderstood that the goldfish, crab, tortoise, and catfish were their own mothers. They looked different from their mothers. When they grew up, they became like their mothers, and they know who their mother was then."

"Wonderful." Lin Qing He affirmed.

Er Wa continued: "But we are different from frogs. They all look the same. We grow differently, so Mother, you can't abandon us, otherwise, you won't recognize us as your son once we grow up."

Taken aback, Lin Qing He looked at him: "When did I say I'll abandon you?"

"Mother never did. I was just saying." Er Wa said.

I'm afraid you weren't just mentioning it, more like hammering it into me.

Lin Qing He gave an unamused smile: "Zhou Er Wa, do you miss getting a beating?"

"Hee hee, I really like you." Er Wa hugged her legs as he spoke.

"Go and stay in your room." Lin Qing He didn't fall for it and sent him away.

Er Wa giggled back into his room. Lin Qing He came to the backyard. Zhou Qing Bai was taking care of the pigs in the backyard.

"Cough, Qing Bai, I will give you a hand." Lin Qing He dryly coughed and said.

Zhou Qing Bai just swept an indifferent glance at her and then continued to work on his own. Lin Qing He said in a hushed voice: "I say, that should be about it. If you keep giving me that attitude, I won't wait upon you."

Zhou Qing Bai still ignored her and continued to work away.

Lin Qing He harrumphed and turned back around. This obstinate ox really want to go head-on against her, let's see how long he can keep it up.

Zhou Qing Bai helplessly watched her back.

After going to bed at night, Lin Qing He ignored him, but that didn't stop Zhou Qing Bai at all. The two of them battled under the quilt hard and made a lot of movements.

"Father, Mother, what are you doing." Da Wa said in confusion.

Lin Qing He was startled, while Zhou Qing Bai ordered, "Continue to sleep."

Da Wa said: "Then you must be good, don't quarrel." After that, he went to bed.

Then Lin Qing He was taken advantage of by Zhou Qing Bai. Lin Qing He couldn't help but call out. Zhou Qing Bai laughed and Lin Qing He hit him: "Get off me."

Zhou Qing Bai turned deaf to words. At this moment, he just worked and did not speak.

Lin Qinghe didn't have time to care about other things anymore. When she got blown away, Zhou Qing Bai interrogated her: "You don't want to have a daughter?"

Lin Qing He really wanted to hit someone. Every time he pushed her up to the skies, he challenged her: "Zhou Qing Bai, are you still a man?"

Zhou Qing Bai chuckled, then gave her a wild storm.

Lin Qing He endured a lot when she received the rain against banana. She couldn't even utter a sound.

Everything calmed down, and Zhou Qingbai asked as his arms wrapped around her: "It'll be great to have a daughter."

Lin Qing He gasped for a while and then ordered him: "Quickly get off."

"It's good to block it in." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Lin Qing He blushed. Zhou Qing Bai kept hugging her: "Sleep."

I want to sleep, but how can I sleep with you like this!

"Everyone else wants a son. Why do you want a daughter? I saw my Third Sister-in-law (Lin)'s eyes lit up when she saw Da Wa and his brothers." Lin Qing He said.

When Third Sister-in-law Lin saw the boys on New Year's Day, her eyes were burning hot. Third Sister-in-law Lin had two daughters in a row.

The first one was all right. But when the second one was a daughter, she couldn't even have proper post-natal confinement.

Despite Father Lin and Mother Lin being ignorant, Third Sister-in-law Lin also wanted a son.

"Sons are alright, daughters are even better. A daughter like you, I will treasure her." Zhou Qing Bai kissed her and declared.

"It was said that the daughter is the lover from the last life. So you want the lover from the last life over me?" Lin Qing He questioned.

"Daughter is a daughter. You are you. Not the same." Zhou Qing Bai laughed before responding.

"If I am pregnant, then you cannot touch me for so long. Do you think you can bear it?" Lin Qing He sacrificed this killer move again.

As anticipated, Zhou Qing Bai hesitated for a while. But it was just a moment: "I should be able to bear it for a year. Before I came back, that was how it was."

"You slept on your own before you came back. Now you're home, you sleep with me every night. Do you think you can restrain yourself?" Lin Qing He raised an eyebrow.

"I want a daughter." Zhou Qing Bai moved a little and stated with slight evasiveness.

This stubborn guy. Lin Qing He didn't know that he had this side of him. Lin Qing He pulled his face and said, "I want to see how thick your skin is."

"Wife, birth me one." Zhou Qing Bai pecked her and persisted.

Lin Qing He looked at him and turned her face: "Didn't I birth you three?"

Zhou Qing Bai knew that. But when she gave birth to the boys before, he didn't get to watch any of it. Mother Zhou watched the whole journey.

He would like to have another one with her. As long as it was one, it was enough.

"It's painful to give birth to a child. You stinky man, just care about himself. Do you know how much pain I was in?" Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai sighed helplessly. Then he remained unmoving on her body. As he said, he'll block it in.

Lin Qing He uttered: "Don't you know how heavy you are. Do you want to crush me to death?"

Zhou Qing Bai half supported himself up but showed his determination for a daughter with his actions.

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