Chapter 102. Raising kids

Because they were married off, they can't really say anything about their maternal family's matter. They only come back a few times a year, so better to leave those disputes alone.

During lunch, they gathered together to eat. Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai took their boy back home for lunch and didn't join in.

As for Second Sister-in-law's pregnancy, Lin Qing He still had no idea.

On the third day, her whole family got ready and went straight to the county city to play.

They reached the county city at nine o'clock. The family wandered around the city first. Lin Qing He initially wanted to go to the hospital, but when Zhou Qing Bai asked her why she was going to the hospital, Lin Qing He looked at him with a worried look and said she was fine. In the end, Zhou Qing Bai dug out the truth, she was going to the hospital to buy condoms.

After Zhou Qing Bai asked what was condoms, his face was black.

"On New Year, don't be like this. We came out to have fun." Lin Qing He coaxed.

Only then, Zhou Qing Bai calmed his emotions. She still got reprimanded by his righteous words, saying that it was not good to go to the hospital during the New Year. He firmly disallowed her to go.

The family went to the shopping mall to get photographed. Because she still wanted to go to the hospital to buy that thing, Zhou Qing Bai's face was expressionless when it was his turn. No matter how Lin Qing He tried, she did not make him laugh.

The boys were ecstatic getting their picture taken. They wished that they could take a few more photos and take a few more cool poses.

Seeing that it was about done, they brought a basket of apples to see Zhou Xiao Mei.

Zhou Xiao Mei's complexion was excellent. Zhou Xiao Mei was delighted about her Fourth Brother's Family's visit.

Probably due to her pregnancy, her gaze tender at the sight of the boys' adorable appearance.

She expressed her feelings of hope with Lin Qing He.

"You and Brother-in-law are good-looking, so your children won't fare badly." Lin Qing He said, and then urged: "Starting now, eat more apples, understand? Don't eat too much, just eat one or two a day is enough. Also consume more of soybeans, sesame, peanuts, and the likes. Yesterday, when Brother-in-law came over, Mother gave him a lot of soybeans. Buy some pork, big bones, and the likes. It'll be great to stew them together and eat."

"He's preparing all of these for me." Zhou Xiao Mei abashedly responded.

Lin Qing He grinned: "Look, I'm right. He's a doting person. In his eyes, he can't see anyone except you."

Zhou Xiao Mei pursed her lips as she giggled. Her face radiated happiness.

"However, once your belly gets bigger this year, what will you do with your position in the factory?" Lin Qing He asked.

"At that time, I'll ask for leave. It's just the afterward, there'll be no one to look after the child. I want to send the baby back to let Mother help me care for it."

"Let Mother?" Lin Qing He froze: "Mother wants to work, she may not necessarily be free."

"How many work points can she earn when working? I have discussed with Da Lin. When the time comes, I will give Mother five yuans a month to help me look after it, which is much better than going to the field." Zhou Xiao Mei justified.

"This is a good idea." If it was five yuan a month at this time, it was certainly good.

After all, Zhou Xiao Mei's salary was only worth so much.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, if the child is left at home, do help out when you're free." Zhou Xiao Mei said.

"I don't know how to look after kids." Lin Qing He froze for a moment. Why was she pulled in?

"Da Wa and his brothers are raised so wonderfully," Zhou Xiao Mei looked at her.

Lin Qing He twitched her mouth: "Did you forget the days they had when they were younger? That soft appearance, I get numb scalp at the sight of it. They all grow up by themselves, only then I can get hands-on. When they were younger, I simply dump them on the Kang."

Then Zhou Xiao Mei recalled it. In the past, her Fourth Sister-in-law was really like that. Because she had taken such great care of them now, she almost forgot that she previously didn't care about the boys.

"However, when the child grows up a bit, I will help take care of it. At what age, do you plan to put your kid at home for Mother to care?" Lin Qing He asked her.

"I asked the factory, the factory said at most two months' leave." Zhou Xiao Mei sighed.

"What did Brother-in-law say?" Lin Qing He asked again.

"Da Lin still wants me to stop going to work and watch the child at home. I'm unwilling to." Zhou Xiao Mei replied: "This work was what Fourth Sister-in-law helped me gain after a lot of effort. So many people want it but can't. So how could I bear to let go?"

"It's not a bad idea to give Mother five yuans a month to have her help you. What's more, Mother can't possibly mistreat her grandchild." Lin Qing He nodded.

She also didn't approve of giving up work, especially at this time, where employment was very rare. From the start, Zhou Xiao Mei was marrying above her station. With a career, Su Da Lin's Uncle's Family would highly look upon her. So to give up work for the child, even if it was significant, no one would care about this and she will be taken for granted in the future.

"You breastfeed for two months, and then give the baby to Mother home after two months." Lin Qing He suggested: "Third Sister-in-law is also pregnant. The timing is approximately the same, so at that time, you can give some rations."

"Third Sister-in-law is pregnant?" Zhou Xiao Mei didn't know this yet, her eyes brightened.

"Yeah, so I think it's perfect for you to send the child back. When Third Sister-in-law is in post-natal confinement, you will have to give her more meat and eggs so that she can have enough milk for two." Lin Qing He advised.

At this time, women didn't have enough to have breastmilk, let alone for two.

However, if Zhou Xiao Mei sent some more good stuff back, Third Sister-in-law would be more than willing to help her.

"I will." Zhou Xiao Mei was extremely overjoyed, she didn't expect such a coincidence. If this happens, it will be much easier.

Of course, they had lunch there. Su Da Lin cooked. He was now doing all the chores at home. He was delighted that Zhou Xiao Mei can take a few more bites, so how can he be willing to let her cook?

After lunch, the family went to watch the movie.

Zhou Xiao Mei expressed her envy.

"What is there to envy. Once the snow is gone in the spring, you will be able to go watch it at that time. It's also convenient. You don't have to travel so far as we do." Lin Qing He said.

Then the family bid goodbye.

"I told Fourth Sister-in-law, Fourth Sister-in-law also thought it was good to send the baby back to my mother. And my Third Sister-in-law is pregnant. Her date is similar to mine." Zhou Xiao Mei bubbly mentioned to Su Dalin.

Su Da Lin was also very delighted: "Then... Do we need to give money?"

"Give what money? When the time comes, it's enough to send more eggs and pork back." Zhou Xiao Mei waved her hand.

"Crucian carp... carp good for breastfeeding." Su Dalin said.

This is what he heard from his aunt.

As for his uncle and aunt, they weren't free, because they both have to work. Also, they have their own families, so they have no obligation to care for their children.

So they can only focus on old Zhou's side.

"En, when it's time to give birth, we'll send some crucian carp back." Zhou Xiao Mei nodded.

Because they solved the problem of the afterbirth, the husband and wife were a lot relaxed.

As for Lin Qing He, Zhou Qing Bai, and the boys, they entered the cinema. The family of five was in the midst of watching the movie.

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