In the sky, Lintian was burdened with the abyss and oppressed. His body was full of brilliance, which gave people a sense of greatness.

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This was not only the power of star annihilation swallowing the sky, but also the embodiment of Lintian's own fighting power.

At that time, the emperor of the war of star annihilation crossed the starry sky of zhouxu. Where he passed, the river of stars burst and thousands of stars sank. His power was terrifying.

Maybe Lintian was too different from the emperor xinganning. But in this holy land, the power of xinganning swallowing the sky, which was used by him, was still strong enough to frighten the whole world.



The thirty saints at the top of the mountain all realized that it was not good. They urged their respective forces to attack with all their strength. The great power of the holy way gathered together disturbed the heaven and the earth, and the boiling storm of power was raging all over the world.

But no matter how they attack, they are all engulfed and powdered under the pressure of the vast and unfathomable abyss!


Finally, with the harsh roar, the 30 saints at the top of the mountain, one by one, seemed to have been swept by a storm, and their figures staggered backward and scattered.

"No way!"


"What power is this?"

In the field, I don't know how many surprised voices rang out. All the spectators turned pale at the moment, and their minds were shaken.

Before, when they saw that Lintian was injured frequently, they all thought that Lintian would die. But how long ago, such shocking scenes happened!

How could he be so powerful?

Even xueqingyi, shipohai and huahongxiao were all together. They felt tight in their hearts, and their faces changed slightly. They were unprepared.

As for the eight strong men hiding in the array, they were all stunned and confused, thinking that they were hallucinating.

Thirty saints at the top of the mountain failed to subdue Lintian?

"The title of Lin demon God It's not barking. "

Zhao Jingxuan's lips were slightly raised.

At this time, Lintian had already started to kill!

Before that, he was besieged by 30 great saints, which made him feel constrained. He could not exert his power completely even if he moved, just like a fish in a net.

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Now it's different. It's like jumping out of the cage, no more restrictions and obstacles.


Lintian's figure flickered and appeared in front of the old monk out of thin air. Yuantu sword cut out with incredible speed.

The old monk was shocked with a gold-plated Zen stick. But at this time, he was alone and was suddenly killed by Lintian. How could he be able to bear such a full cut?


First of all, the gilded Zen stick was broken into two pieces, and the old monk's body was torn apart. His holy land body, which is called King Kong is not bad, could not be killed by Yuan Tu.

"You can't kill me!"

The old monk roared.

The body becomes the supreme saint, so that he has no fear.

But the next moment, his face changed greatly. His torn body was directly covered and swept by Lintian's power of star annihilation swallowing the sky, and then inch by inch disappeared!

When Lintian turned around and disappeared, the holy monk, who was also highly respected in Buddhism, had already lost both form and spirit.

This was the first saint who died in Lintian's hands since the war.

For a time, the field concussion, restless up, one by one all surprised anger.

It's just that thirty supreme sages failed to suppress each other. Now they have been killed. Who can believe that?

And the killing is just the beginning.

As soon as he killed the old monk, Lintian's figure flashed and rushed away. He would never drag his feet. He did not intend to give the other party another chance to join hands.


"Stop him!"

The five great saints arrived one by one, and each of them made an all-out attack.

"Just like ants."

In the cold voice, Lintian stepped out of each hole of his body, and suddenly swept out the brilliant sword like a landslide tsunami.

The dense sword Qi, like a vast ocean of sword Qi, covers the sky. When it pours down, the gorgeous and flaming light of the sword lights up the sky and the earth.

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The five great saints were drowned in them. They screamed incessantly. One by one, they were crushed to pieces, and their spirits were torn to powder.

And Lintian had already killed him in another place.

The speed of its action and the speed of its killing are just like a blade. The land it passes is invincible and unstoppable!

On the sky, the scarlet color of blood is rolling, and the sound of the mourning of the holy meteorite begins to reverberate.

All the strong people who watched the battle in the distance were agitated, their faces changed, and they were shocked by the bloody scenes in front of them.

All of a sudden, Lintian was besieged and suppressed before. But now, he has launched a counterattack. He is so brave!

"This, this How is that possible? "

The eight strong men hiding in the big array were all frightened and cold.On the battlefield.

Qiu ran, a middle-aged man with a snake spear, was fierce in breaking through the air. Before he arrived, the power from the snake spear had already come through the air.


Lintian raised his fist from afar.

An ancient blue fist was swept out and combined with Lintian's own Tao and Dharma. As soon as it appeared, it presented a terrible scene of "Heaven falling, earth cracking, all things falling apart".

Qiu bearded looks suddenly changed in his middle age.

However, at this time, there were three great saints who wanted to stop the attack in the middle.

As soon as I saw that Baoqing Yuxiao bell suddenly expanded, a sword with a purple fire kylin shadow also burst out.

The Guqin clanks, and its sound turns into empty shadows like heavenly daughters.

Three great saints, at the same time!

Unfortunately, they underestimated the power of Lintian's fist after all.


This fist was the first to blow on the bell. This mysterious treasure has both attack and defense. It's the proud thing of the Xuanyi Taoist.

But at this time, the clock was splashed by a blow, and the clock body was sunken with a clear fist strength.


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The treasure was connected with the Qi machine, and the clock was damaged, which made Xuanyi Taoist suddenly burst out a mouthful of blood, and his face was as pale as paper.

But it was just the beginning. Then, the blow hit the sword again, and the shadow of the purple fire unicorn on the edge of the sword exploded directly, turning into light and rain.

The young man in white gave out a dull hum of eating pain, and his figure retreated abruptly, tottering.

The shadow of the heavenly daughter, which is derived from the Qin sound, is just like paper paste. It can't be stopped, but it is broken and powdered by the strength of the fist.

At last, the strength of the fist hit the snake spear.

Qiu ran was pretty good in middle age. He gritted his teeth and roared. He tried his best to shake. But Lintian's fist was aimed at him. How could he resist it so well?


Zhang eight snake spears, from which to break.

Qiu bearded's middle-aged body suddenly trembled, like being crushed, and suddenly fell back more than ten steps. Every step back, his body skin cracked and burst into a layer. After ten steps, his whole body was as bloody as a bloody man, and it was terrible.

One punch, defeat four great saints!

Lintian's fierce power at this moment was like a storm, shaking the whole audience.

But for Lintian, this fist was just to retreat from the enemy. His real killing move was the yuan Tu sword that was cut by the emperor at the same time!


At the same time, on the other side, the scarlet yuan Tu sword was inserted into the void.

The next moment, a silent figure hiding in the void, was stabbed by a sword, picked up, the whole person was rifled, blood pouring down.

Another supreme saint, fall!

The spectators in the distance were all shocked and angry. When Lin Xunfu was under siege, he was so fierce, which was beyond their expectation.

"Together, don't be broken by him

In the field, the roar was loud, and the saints at the top of the mountain were like crazy. Lintian's killing was crisp and domineering, which stimulated them all.

At the same time, xueqingyi's face was gloomy, and his eyes were flashing. Even he didn't expect that the whole 30 top saints could not suppress Lin Xun's arrogance. Instead, he took advantage of this time to start the killing.

"Even if I fight him one by one, I'm not sure I'll win."

Shi Po Hai was very dignified. At first, he despised and despised Lintian. Later, he began to take Lintian seriously and regarded him as his rival.

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But at this time, Shi Po Hai did not dare to think so!

The situation can be reversed by the killing of 30 supreme sages. If he breaks the sea, he will not be able to do so.

"We've been trying so hard. Should we do it?"

Hua Hongxiao's eyes were full of murders. He could not help watching the saints on the top of the mountain being killed by Lintian.

"Wait a minute."

Xueqingyi took a deep breath, "son of a thousand gold, sit still, the situation is still under control, we do not need to intervene."

"You want to see them killed?"

Shi Po Hai frowned. He couldn't see it any more.

"You two, the realm behind us can lose some of the greatest sages, but we must not be lost."

"When the situation is out of control, it's time for us to take action," Xue Qingyi said in a deep voice

With that, he gave an order to all the saints who had been watching the battle: "you all go up together! I'd like to see how long he can hold on! "

There are more than 60 saints at the top of the mountain. They immediately came out and rushed to the battlefield.

For a moment, the situation suddenly changed.

Before that, 30 saints at the top of the world had already been regarded as shocking.Now, there are more than 60 top saints to join, such a lineup, simply luxury to the extreme.

Such a huge force gathered together, are enough to attack a domain camp!

But now, their spearhead only pointed at Lintian!

Anyone who saw this scene was afraid that they would all despair. They were the highest holy land. Even if Lintian's fighting power was against heaven again, how could he get out of the siege?

Zhao Jingxuan's heart was also suddenly tight. In such a situation, it would be very difficult for Lintian to even escape

In the distance, the blood blue and scarlet eyes were full of crazy and cruel color, and the heart murmured: "kill, even if the casualties are serious, as long as you kill this son, it's worth it!"


(it's about 11:30 p.m. ~)

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