Chapter 1072: Hatred To The Bone

“You saved her?” The baldy said, turning his eyes to Lin Yi. He was the second in command for a criminal group, so he knew about practitioners. He may not be one himself, but the third in command of the Red Sconces, his third brother, was!

Recalling what Lin Yi did to his car, along with bringing the chopper down, he was certain that Lin Yi had to be a practitioner!

He regretted it- he looked down on him too much! Who would’ve thought that Xiaoxiao would have a practitioner bodyguard like this, did Tianlong send him?

“Pay up for the car and you don’t have to die,” Lin Yi said, ignoring the question.

“Ah?” The baldy didn’t expect this weird demand right from the get-go!

“Ah? You broke our car, so pay up.” Lin Yi said.

The baldy couldn’t cope with this! He was sure that these two were dead, and now they came back to life to ask him to pay up!

“Hello, hello?” Tianlong could tell that something had changed!

Was that Lin Yi’s voice he heard? And his daughter seemed to be alive, saved by Lin Yi, according to the baldy? Tianlong was in a state of worry as he continued saying hello.

“Hello my ass, shut the hell up!” The baldy was getting pissed off as is, and this stupid Tianlong kept saying hello hello hello! What the hell!

“Cut the bullshit, are you paying or not? You messed my wife’s car up, so pay up or die!” Lin Yi frowned. If it weren’t for how suspicious this guy’s background was, Lin Yi would’ve kicked him off the mountain a long time ago!

Xiaoxiao’s eyebrows, on the other hand, arched up in glee upon the words ‘wife’! She had never heard someone refer to her in such an intimate way before, especially in a situation like this!

Xiaoxiao’s eyes curved into cresents- she didn’t think that this baldy was such a jerk anymore! If it weren’t for him, Lin Yi wouldn’t have called her wife, and so she felt that this man was a really nice person!

If the Audi TT could talk, it’d probably be crying right now, complaing about how Xiaoxiao ditched her beloved car for her boyfriend. She had actually thought that the car killer was a ‘pretty nice guy!’

“Honey, this land rover of his- it looks a bit messed up, but the inside seems fine? Maybe we should drive this car away and get it fixed somewhere, then it’ll be good as new!” Xiaoxiao said, setting her sights on that big land rover.

“Oh, that works,” Lin Yi thought that it made sense. It wouldn’t be very practical to get this baldy to pay up, so he gave up on that. Although, even if he compensated them withg a car he still wouldn’t let him go. He grabbed the phone from the baldy’s hand, “Uncle Feng?”

“It’s Lin Yi, isn’t it!” Tianlong’s voice was extremely joyful- he thought that his daughter was done for, but apparently nothing too big had happened to her! He couldn’t help but feel relieved and happy!

And it sounded like the two were quite close now, Lin Yi had even called Xiaoxiao wife, so did that mean Xiaoxiao felt the same as him? Was his grandchild finally coming?

“Uncle Feng, this guy seems to have come for Xiaoxiao? Do you have men to take him away?” Lin Yi said.

“Yes, I’ve sent my man, Li Yifeng already, he’s my driver, you’ve seen him,” Tianlong said.

“Oh, right… I brought down his helicopter, so get someone to clean that up too. The people in there are probably dead,” Lin Yi said.

“Wha?!” Tianlong’s eyes went wide!

Lin Yi brought down a helicopter? How did he do that? He shouldn’t have had a gun with him, right, and even if he did- was that enough to bring a damned chopper down?

“How… How did you do it?” Tianlong was pale, “What did you use?”

“A ledge guard on the road.” Lin Yi said flatly.

“I…” Tianlong didn’t know if what happened was real, but he knew that Lin Yi wouldn’t lie about something like this, and so he believed him. Now was not the time for doubt, “Lin Yi, protect Xiaoxaio! I’ll be there shortly.”

“Ah, okay,” He nodded.

The baldy, on the other hand, hated Lin Yi to the bone! So he was the one who brought down the helicopter, and with a ledge guard? Was this a human being?

“Let me go- or the Red Sconces will bring their wrath on you!” The baldy knew how strong Lin Yi was right now, and he gave up on trying to fight him. He still wanted to take Xiaoxiao hostage to threaten both LinYi and Tianlong, but after hearing that he’d brought down a plane, the baldy give up!

It would just be instant death, and so he gave up on all petty tricks, trying to threaten Lin Yi into a negotiation!

“Red Sconces?” Lin Yi smiled mockingly, “I don’t know what that is, but they’d better keep away from me or I’ll destroy the entire thing.”

The baldy steamed from anger from that response! The Red Sconces was an international criminal organization, an extremely powerful force! Lin Yi may be a practitioner, but they had those too! He was just a frog in a well!

But, the baldy really didn’t dare get noisy with Lin Yi! In his view, Lin Yi was a monster, someone who used his hands to bring down a chopper- he wasn’t a normal man!

He really dared not make any sudden moves anymore, and just waited for Tianlong’s men to bring him away!

He didn’t mind that- he was the second in command of a criminal organization, he’d been captured by cops many times and had always managing to escape easily. Even if he didn’t escape, the cops would fear the Red Sconces’ terroristic outbursts and let him go without a choice!

This was why he was confident that he would be able to break free of Tianlong’s grasp!

As long as he wasn’t sentenced to death and shot on the spot, then it would eventually work out!

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