Even when Shi Po Hai and Hua Hong Xiao saw such a scene, they felt depressed and shocked.

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As the peerless figures of the eight unique levels of Qingming, they naturally have no lack of pride and inside information, and they are confident that they will be invincible in this situation sooner or later.

If any one of them could face so many sieges of the supreme sages, they would have no chance of winning!

"If you could die under the siege, Lintian would die without regret."

The stone breaks the sea and whispers.

This is not Schadenfreude, but really feeling.

Even if Lintian died in this war, when the news about this war came out, his prestige would be noticed all over the world!

"It's incredible that the ancient wasteland can walk out of such a monster."

Hua Hongxiao also opened his mouth. He was very proud, but he had to admit that if there were nine unique talents in Qingming, one of them must have a place for Lintian, and the ranking would never be lower.

At this time, the whole audience focused on Lintian.

The atmosphere is more and more depressed than before. Nearly hundreds of the top sages are fighting against one person together. Even in the past nine domain battle, such things are unique!

The strength is too great and the formation is too amazing.

But in the face of this scene, Lintian, who was in the process of killing, seemed to have expected that before he was besieged, he suddenly stepped into the air and stood high in the sky.

He is a stern figure, a solitary immortal, and powerful as a demon. Two different temperaments merge together to outline a unique and dominating charm of arrogance.

"Many people can do whatever they want? In vain

The cool voice rang out. With a wave of Lintian's sleeve robe and a crash, hundreds of shining holy treasures roared out.

Every holy treasure was the booty collected by Lintian, such as axe, axe, hook and fork, sword, spear, halberd, seal, bell and tripod, pagoda There are all kinds of holy treasures. There are 108 pieces in total, all of which are filled with holy breath.

However, these sacred treasures had already been re refined by Lintian and engraved with dense patterns.

At this time, 108 pieces of sacred treasures roared out together, just in a flash. They were distributed all around, covering all directions, emitting a dense and magnificent pattern of Taoist patterns, building a large array in the empty air!

Boom ~ ~

in the blink of an eye, the heaven and earth are covered by the vast fog, isolated from the outside world, and evolved into a miraculous large trapped array.

This array is called "blocking the sky and the sun"!

"It's finally used..."

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Zhao Jingxuan was relieved.

Some time ago, after returning to the city of moat, Lintian never went out. He was regarded as a turtle by the foreign enemies of the eight regions.

But she was the only one who knew how crazy Lintian was during that period of time. He almost sacrificed and refined the holy treasure day and night and carved the array map.

Almost all the spoils that Lintian had harvested in the past year were re refined and became the base of the formation!

These are holy treasures. Every one of them is very valuable. But who would be as crazy as Lintian and willing to sacrifice them all?


And all this pay, is for this war!


"Damn, what array is this?"

"Why can't I get rid of it?"

In the field, there was a cry of surprise. The originally fierce saints were all caught off guard and drowned in the mist.

Subconsciously, they struggle hard. It's like they're stuck in the mud. No matter how hard they try to resist, it won't help.

In the blink of an eye, the sky and the earth were covered by the vast fog, not to mention the top saints, even their voice and breath were isolated and completely disappeared.

From a distance, the sky and the earth are vast. Compared with the fierce fighting before, it is quiet and strange now, even without any fluctuation.

The most terrible thing is that before, some real saints who were watching the battle in the distance could not dodge and were involved in the fog.

Only Zhao Jingxuan saw this, with a smile, took the initiative to step into it, and the slender shadow soon disappeared.

"That guy's using the power of the great force again!"

Xueqingyi's face sank. He had expected it to be like this, but he didn't think that there was a big battle in the world, which could trap hundreds of juetong saints in an instant?

What's more, such a large forbidden array can not be arranged in a moment?

He didn't understand.

"What to do?"

The stone breaks the sea and frowns.

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"It's a trapped array. It's like reshaping a world. There's no way to attack it. If you touch it, you'll be dragged into it."

Hua Hongxiao, who was always cold and speechless, suddenly said, "if you want to break through this array, you have to do it by master Daowen to see through the mystery and dismantle it."

"Does brother Hua have a way to crack it?"

Blood green clothes way."I'm not a Daowen master."

Hua Hongxiao shook his head.

"If the candle reflected in the sky, it would be possible to do so. He was proficient in spiritual tattoos in all his candle dragons, and his ancestors even gave birth to an emperor who used spiritual tattoos to prove Taoism."

Shi Po Hai frowned and said, "brother blood, didn't you invite zhuyingkong to help this time?"

Xueqingyi's face sank, and his mood became very depressed. He said: "that guy is shutting down, and he has no time to care."

Nearly a hundred top saints work together, what a tough lineup?

But before the real fight, he was trapped in the battle. It was like being beaten with a stick. He was so angry that he almost coughed up blood.

"You say that this time, we will not repeat the mistakes of the last seven regions alliance, will we?"

Shi Po Hai asked.

Xueqingyi had a sudden attack in her heart. Last time, 70 supreme sages and 210000 troops of the seven regions' allied forces were completely destroyed. The bloody lesson was extremely heavy.

If such a scene is staged today, it will be a devastating blow!


But Hua Hongxiao said decidedly, "this array is not supported by the source of strength. It can't last long only by the strength of the base. As long as the trapped juetong saints resist together, the array will collapse within a quarter of an hour."

Smell speech, blood green clothes and stone break sea of facial expression this just ease a lot.

But when they think of waiting for a quarter of an hour, they are bored. A quarter of an hour is enough to cause too many unexpected things!

"Thousands of calculations, thousands of calculations. There are still such means here. If I had known that, I should have mobilized some strong people who are proficient in Lingwen together."

Blood green clothes secretly clench teeth.


In the great battle, it was another scene.

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It's like a world filled with mist. Nearly hundreds of supreme saints and a group of true saints are trapped in different areas. They don't want to see each other, and their perception and six senses are hindered.

It's like a leaf of straw lost in the ocean.

This makes them startled, tense all over, one by one alert to the extreme.

They tried to attack, trying to break a hole in the fog, but it didn't help at all.

At this time, Lintian was walking among them, and all the details in the array were presented in his mind.

This array is totally different from the "four unique and eight Royal" array in the city of moat. It is composed of 108 sacred treasures.

The source of strength of this array also comes from these holy treasures. When the power of these holy treasures is exhausted, the array will collapse and disappear by itself.

In short, this array can be used once at the cost of more than 100 holy treasures!

Even Lintian had accumulated more than a year's booty to put up such a large array.

It's not so big to pay!

However, the effect is amazing, at least now in this big array world, the enemy has become trapped prey, waiting to be slaughtered!


Without any hesitation, Lintian's figure flickered and started to attack.

In an area of the great array, three great saints gathered together. Suddenly, a blade like streamer swept out of the mist.


The whole body is tense, alert of them, the first time to respond.

But the speed of the streamer was completely beyond their imagination. With a light flash, one of them broke his defense and cut his chest open.

Huala ~

the scarlet blood burst out, and the supreme saint was killed.

At this time, the other two people knew that the sharp edge was a crystal clear and illusory blade. The breath of the sharp edge made them all cold.


Their faces changed greatly and they moved towards the fog.

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But on the road ahead, Lintian's figure appeared strangely. Faster than Lintian's figure was yuan Tu sword, which was as red as blood.


The edge of the sword sweeps, and the fierce and bloody sword Qi directly engulfs them.

In the blink of an eye, there is no survival of the two corpses, and the body disappears!


Lintian turned away without looking.

This battle won't last long. He must make a quick decision!


Soon, in another area, the five top saints met the impact of Lintian, and only ten breaths separated the victory and defeat.

Two people died under the broken blade, two people died under the yuan Tu sword, and one person was killed by the arrow of Wudi linggong when he was escaping.

Compared with the fighting when he was besieged by 30 absolute saints at first, Lintian was killing his opponent like a wreck, and there was no way to stop him.

The reason is very simple. In this big battle, Lintian had the advantage of taking the initiative to attack, and everything was under control.Let alone one-to-one, that is, one to five, one to ten. For Lintian, there was no threat at all!

Just a moment later, more than 20 top saints were killed by Lintian one by one, just like killing a chicken.

Occasionally, he met some real saints, which was even worse. For Lintian, it was no different from cutting melons and vegetables.

Even at the same time of killing, Lintian still had leisure to swallow the elixir to replenish the consumed power all the time. It was not more relaxed.

In short, in this battle, Lintian was the only master. He was willing to take life or death!

The only drawback might be that this array could not last long. Otherwise, Lintian even had the confidence to kill as many top saints as he came.

At the same time, in the black cliff sea, their faces were gradually gloomy.

Because that day on the dome, from time to time, there will be a sound of mourning, let them know how tragic and shocking the casualties in the battle!


(additional changes! Tomorrow is the last day at the end of the month. I promise to finish the war tomorrow. I hope that if children's shoes have monthly tickets, they might as well vote for them. After tomorrow, they will be invalid.)

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