Chapter 101. Already pregnant

After nine, Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai brought the kids home.

The boys were all hyper when playing games this year. Last year, San Wa didn't know how to play. This year, he tailed them and joined their games, so he was tired at the moment.

When they got home, they put them to bed at once.

After Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai finished cleaning themselves, they also went to bed on the Kang.

Zhou Qing Bai mentioned: "Mother just asked, why aren't you pregnant yet."

Listen to this. They all kept going on this non-stop this winter. She had already birth three sons, so why birth more ah? Was there an end to this topic?

"Third Sister-in-law has it rough with her pregnancy. I saw how uncomfortable she was with morning sickness." Lin Qing He said.

"Mother said you have a good physique. When pregnant with the boys, you had no reaction." Zhou Qing Bai responded.

"Who can be sure. Third Sister-in-law had none with her previous two, but she experienced it this time." Lin Qing He retorted: "You want me to be like that?"

Naturally, Zhou Qing Bai didn't wish for it to happen to her. But why did he gets the feeling his wife didn't want to give him a baby?

"You can't be thinking that I don't want to give you a child." Lin Qing He said.

Even if she didn't want to give birth, she couldn't tell him.

"It's not the truth?" Zhou Qing Bai raised an eyebrow.

Sure enough, he thought so.

Lin Qing He raised her hand and touched his handsome face: "If I don't want to give you babies, then where did Da Wa and his brothers come from?"

Zhou Qing Bai said nothing.

"It was so fast before, but now you aren't getting pregnant," Zhou Qing Bai said and began to remove her clothes.

Lin Qing He quickly stopped him: "Don't do it tonight, I'm tired."

But it was impossible to rest. From nine o'clock, two people busied away until twelve o'clock.

"This is shooting a New Year's Eve firework." Lin Qing He remarked weakly.

Zhou Qing Bai kissed her face with a grin and said, "Wife, sleep ba."

Lin Qing He was able to see that this one really wanted her to have a daughter, but there was no daughter in the original book. She felt she couldn't get pregnant now and it was definitely because of the inviolable storyline.

She didn't want to have an accident, so she had to go to the hospital to get protection.

After all, according to his frequency, maybe he can break the original storyline?

On New Year's Day, Lin Qing He didn't sleep in too much since Third Brother Lin's family was coming. She got up at around eight o'clock.

Third Brother Lin and his wife came over at nine o'clock.

Initially, they planned to sit for a while and go, with no intention to stay for lunch. Somehow, they were made to stay for a meal.

On New Year, relatives comes to visit, so how can they go back on an empty stomach.

Witnessing Third Sister-in-law Lin's attitude, Lin Qing He didn't care about the past matter. She can't really let the Da Wa and his brothers have no uncle and aunt from her side, right?

So, she kept them for lunch.

Lunch was naturally a feast. In fact, it was eaten according to their family's standard but for Third Brother Lin and Third Sister-in-law Lin, it was extremely lavish.

It was also due to their visit that Lin Qing He found out. It turned out that because last year Third Sister-in-law Lin, who gave birth to her second daughter, didn’t even get an egg, so the couple separated from the family.

They were allocated a bit of money and some food. As anticipated, it wasn't enough to feed them.

"Now you see what kind of people that old couple from old Lin Family are," Lin Qing He said to Zhou Qing Bai after sending away Third Brother Lin's family.

She heard from her younger sister-in-law, this time, when the family broke up, they just got ten yuans and some food. It was obvious there wasn't sufficient food, so the family had to tighten their belts.

She didn't like to inquire about this. It was Third Sister-in-law Lin who brought it up when she helped out with the cooking.

Zhou Qing Bai gave no response, after all, they were his parents-in-law.

"Should we help out?" Zhou Qing Bai only asked this.

"No need. They didn't ask for it. Wait until they do and decide. What's more, our family doesn' have it easy either." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai nodded and said nothing.

At the beginning of the New Year, the family went to visit the old Zhou's house. She played cards with the sisters-in-law to pass the time, while the children ran off happily. Lin Qing He didn't intervene. After all, they were all old enough and the boys shouldn't be kept in restraint.

It was just San Wa, who was too young and couldn't be allowed to copy his brothers, so he was brought over to old Zhou's house.

Like this, New Year's Day passed.

The second day was the day when the married daughters return home.

Lin Qing He did not go out to especially wait for Zhou Xiao Mei today. However, against her expectation, Zhou Xiao Mei did not return. Instead, Su Da Lin came.

"Xiao Mei is... is pregnant. Her... her reaction is big, so I... I came alone... alone." Su Da Lin stuttered.

But his tone couldn't conceal his happiness and joy.

This older man had been single for so many years. Last year, he married his wife and this year, his wife was pregnant. It was the best moment in people's lives, right?

"That's wonderful. Brother-in-law, go back and tell her, we will go to see her in the city tomorrow." Lin Qing He was delighted for Zhou Xiao Mei and stated with a smile.

"Okay." Su Da Lin grinned in agreement.

Because Zhou Xiao Mei was alone at home and was pregnant as well, Su Da Lin left once he dropped the gifts of wine and sugar he brought with him.

Eldest Sister, Eldest Brother-in-law, Second Sister, and Second Brother-in-law also returned.

Eldest Sister, Zhou Xiao Juan, and Second Sister, Zhou Xiao Ju, were both older. And because they have been married long ago, Lin Qing He wasn't really familiar with them. It was superficial relationships.

Same for Third Sister-in-law.

Since Eldest Sister-in-law and Second Sister-in-law married in earlier, their relationship with these two sisters was relatively closer.

Lin Qing He just went through the motion and gave some subtle talks.

"This year, Fourth's wife acts more proper than the previous years." When Lin Qing He returned home, Eldest Sister said to Eldest Sister-in-law.

Eldest Sister-in-law replied: "Da Wa's mother is very pleasant now."

"What's pleasant? Eldest Sister, Second Sister, you don't know. Last time, I criticized her a little bit and she threw me to the ground." Second Sister-in-law snorted.

"What?" Both Sisters were taken aback.

"It was a long time ago. And Second's wife, we saw who moved their hand first at that time." Eldest Sister-in-law indifferently pointed out.

Third Sister-in-law smiled: "Father and Mother witnessed all it."

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law looked at each other, both of them saw a repulsion in each other's eyes. This Second's wife really knows how to find trouble when there's none and not even stopping on New Year's Day!

Second Sister-in-law rolled her eyes: "I wasn't pregnant at that time. If I was pregnant and she threw me that way, see if she would take responsibility!"

As soon as these words came out, Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law looked at her. Second Sister-in-law declared with slight proudness: "It's almost a month."

Yes, she was also pregnant.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law congratulated her.

Then there was no more because being pregnant was not a rare thing.

"It's really a joyous matter." Eldest Sister and Second Sister remarked with a smile to ease the atmosphere.

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