Chapter 1071: Weren’t You Dead?

“Dragonpeak, looks like you’re not so dumb after all! Let me tell you, this is just a warning! If your organization continues messing with us Red Conces then don’t blame me for doing something even more extreme!” The baldy warned.

“You’re the second in command for the Red Conces, aren’t you?” Tianlong’s heart hurt, but his will could not be compared to a normal person’s- and so he focused on stalling for time, commanding his men to move out and capture him!

Li Yifeng had been Tianlong’s man for many years, and naturaly he understood his intentions. After locating where the baldy was, he used his computer to send out the capture order!

“I say, Feng Tianlong, you’re trying to stall for time aren’t you, for your men to get me?” The baldy was no idiot- he understood all the common tricks! Now that his daughter was dead, there was only one reason Tianlong would still be so calmly talking to him! It was suspicious!

“Hmph!” Tianlong scoffed coldly, now that he had been found out, “Second in command, I see. You just wait, if we don’t pull your damned organization out from its roots, I’ll change my damned name! I’ll use my life to fight you!”

His daighter was dead, and there were no attachments left- he had made up his mind to fight this organization to the death!

“Haha, keep dreaming! I obviously have a plan if I’m using a normal phone to talk to you!” The baldy started laughing loudly, “Hear that? That’s a helicopter! I’m gonna go, bye bye!”

“You-!” Tianlong’s face tensed, followed by a bitter smile. Yes, the second in command of the Red Sconces- this was an internaitonal criminal organization, of course he had a plan thought out.

The helicopter put down a ladder, and the baldy was still taunting, “Feng Tianlong, fly over here, why don’t you? You really wish you could get a plane right now, don’t you, hahaha! Too bad, la la la!”

The baldy wanted to piss the man off- his brother, the big boss of the Red Sconces, had died in Tianlong’s hands! This was why he, as the bigshot second in command, had decided to get Xiaoxiao himself!

If he didn’t do it personally, it wouldn’t be right! This was his greatest vengeance!

“Hmph!” Tianlong was pissed, but he could only smile coldly.

Yet, atn the next instant, something utterly shocked the baldy to the core!

He was about to get two more taunts out when he heard a loud bang! The helicopter above him suddenly spun around like a kite, flying into a ditch in the moutnain!

What happened next was a loud explosion- the helicopter had exploded in a burst of fire!

“Wha?” The baldy opened his eyes wide as he looked at where the helicopter dropped- speechless!

Lin Yi had already went to the baldy’s location with Xiaoxiao, but he hadn’t approached him so that he could hear what he had been talking about, and figure out who this man was and what his intentions were!

But he never expected for him to call Tianlong! That meant his target this time around was Xiaoxiao, not him! With that thought, he was only glad that he had tagged along in this race, otherwise she would have been in trouble!

Forunately she was with him, safe and sound now!

The baldy had just started talking when a helicopter came flying, obviously meaning to take him away. And so, Lin YI just took a ledge guard from the road and hurled it at the helicopter!

Of course, if a normal person were to throw this at the spinners of a helicopter, even if it reached the helicopter, it would just be hit away by the strong rotators. After all, the material was far weaker than those spinning blades!

But Lin Yi put some condensed qi into the ledge guard, turning it into a qi bomb and it blasted the spinners upon impact!

“Oh my god, honey! You’re really a master helicopter sniper!” Xiaoxiao’s eyes went wide in admiration, “Honey! Teach me how to snipe helicopters like that!”

“Uh…” Lin Yi sweated at the words, weren’t those words too much?

(Beating your plane means jerking off in Chinese)

“?” Xiaoxiao paused upon seeing the look on Lin Yi’s face, but understood immediately- Lin Yi had misunderstood her words!

“I meant sniping an actual helicopter, not that beating your plane thing… I know how to do that, you don’t need to teach me,” Xiaoxiao explained quickly.

“You do?” Lin Yi’s eyes went wide- had Xiaoxiao experimented before?

“Heh heh, they teach it online, just a bit of research was enough! I was preparing to try it on a boyfriend in the future!” Xiaoxiao was always rather brave when with Lin Yi, “You want to try?”

“Okay, we’ll try when we get the chance. Let’s get that baldy to pay up first,” Lin Yi almost couldn’t hold in his urges, but it’d be death if he did stuff like that in this situation!

“What do you mean?” Tianlong said, not sure what was going on after hearing that ‘wha’ from the baldy.

But the baldy had no time to talk to him! He was in shock!

“Who! Who was it that hit down my plane!”

The next instant, Lin Yi jumped up with Xiaoxiao, landing in front of the baldy.

“Looking for me?” Lin Yi said with a smile as he looked at the baldy’s defeated and panicking face.

“You…” The baldy had just been worried about how he should run now that the chopper was gone- he would just run into Tianlong’s men if he drove down now, and he didn’t know what he should do- it was then when two people just jumped in front of him!

Yet, upon recognizing who they were, he jumped back in shock! He pointed at them, “You- You two, weren’t you both dead?”

“You’re dead! Your entire family’s dead!” Xiaoxiao was quite sensitive to the word ‘dead’, and she just automatically threw retorts back at the baldy.

The baldy didn’t know what to do- he was shocked because these two were supposed to be dead, along with that chopper that had gotten bombed all of a sudden. The next second, he came to the realization that they were evidently not dead.

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