The vast array of fog, shrouded in heaven and earth, rolling silently, silent.

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But in the sky, there is a dazzling color of blood all the time, and there is the sound of the holy meteorite.

It lasts forever!

Hiding in the distant array, the strong men of the eight regions have all stagnated there, and they are all cold, like falling into an ice cave.

I can't see it, I can't touch it, but everyone knows that one and another of the top saints are suffering, falling into the fog.

Every face was full of fear.

Nearly a hundred top saints and a group of true saints! How could they be slaughtered like this?

What a big battle is that?

Why are saints trapped among them?

"The thirty ninth, if you add the one who died in that guy's hands, there are fifty-six people already!"

The stone breaks the sea, the face is iron blue, the eye canthus wants to crack.

This time, he was invited to come. Originally, he was still a little sniffy. He thought that xueqingyi's putting on such a big battle was just to mobilize the masses.

But now, he understood why xueqingyi was so cautious and careful!

The other side, alone, killed and broke the siege of the thirty supreme sages. They were extremely powerful and had terrible power.

This makes the stone breaking sea palpitating, feel incomparable pressure.

At this time, the other side with the help of an array, trapped a group of top saints, such a means is incredible!

Looking at the bloody sky that day, listening to the sound of the holy meteorite echoing in the four fields, Shi Po Hai's face also became very ugly.

"This is your layout?"

Hua Hongxiao's face was cold. He couldn't calm down and asked.

Xueqingyi clenched her hands and took a few deep breaths, which forced her to suppress her anger and suffocation.

"No one wants to see this scene, but the situation is not too bad. Please see, the strength of the formation is decreasing sharply!"

Xueqingyi pointed to the distance, and his voice showed deep hatred. "I promise that when this array breaks up, I will be the first to kill this son!"

He almost broke his teeth.

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This time, he forbeared for a long time and tried his best to make the layout. He thought it was enough to destroy Lintian.

But who ever thought

But so many accidents happened!


It's in the big array.

Lintian's face was cold and black, just like a master who was cruising and killing the prey in his own territory.

Where we have gone, all saints have fallen!

With his current fighting power, he is in his own big battle. Every time he makes a move, he has the power of shaking the earth and destroying ten sides.

No matter how strong your holy treasure is or how wonderful your way is, I'll do it by myself!


A holy voice full of unparalleled power resounds, and a supreme Saint turns into a Kui cow beast and roars.

The sound wave is like a tide, like thunder falling from nine days.

Kui Niu, like zhenhou and Pulao, is famous for its sound wave. Kui Niu, who is one of the most sacred places, can even smash mountains and rivers with one roar and shake the stars!

"No matter how loud the voice is, it's futile."

Lintian didn't look at it, but when his voice rang out, the mysterious meaning of the roar of Pu Lao ran away.

One word after another is like a symbol of the road, dazzling and roaring away.

It's like saying what you say and saying what you say!


Kui Niu's roar was directly broken, even with the power of his supreme holy land, he couldn't resist the terrible impact. His body exploded in the air, and his body and spirit were destroyed.

It seems that such scenes are constantly happening in the great array.

Some of them were killed by Yuan Tu sword, some were killed by broken blade, some were killed by taixuan sword Qi, some were crushed by Da Yan Po Xu Zhi

Among them, there are some old antiques that have become famous for a long time, some amazing rising stars, some noble sons of great families, some gorgeous fairies who have learned from ancient times, and

But without exception, they were all killed by Lintian!

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Shrill scream, unwilling roar, angry and crazy roar One after another.

It's not easy to practice, and it's even more difficult to seek the way. Which one is not the lucky one who has worked so hard and gone through so many hardships and stood out from the crowd?

But when death comes, everything is empty, after all, only a skeleton!

At this moment, for those saints who were trapped in the battle, it was like a long time, and they were suffering.

Desperation, helplessness, panic, panic of the emotions as if the waves like a shock to their mind, so that they look all bleak.


But soon, someone noticed that the fog began to disperse in all directions, and their own perception power also spread.

"Ha ha ha, there is no way out of heaven. This battle is going to collapse!"Someone was laughing wildly.

"Hold on, hold on!"

Someone yelled.

At the same time, Lintian stopped suddenly and frowned imperceptibly. The power of this array was really going to be destroyed.

"There are 29 people left..."

In an instant, Lintian felt that there were only a few saints left, and they had all gathered together.

Taking a deep breath, Lintian took out the magic bow and two arrows.


"It's going to break up at last!"

Blood green clothes scarlet eyes a bright, spirit.

"This time, I will die!"

Shi Po Hai's face is cold and his killing is like a tide.


Hua Hongxiao has no nonsense. He takes out a long, narrow and bright sword with simple style. On the blade, there is a pattern full of Saint's crying blood, which is extremely ferocious.

Before, all three of them were full of hate and anger. They could only watch the juetong Saint trapped in the battle being killed, and they were about to torture them crazy.

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Now, finally, it's time for them to fight back.

"Set up

Blood green clothes give orders, the sound of shock clouds.

In their vicinity, there are more than 500 strong people in the true holy land. Hearing the words, they all offered up an apricot yellow flag. They stand in line with each other.

In a flash, the apricot yellow flag swayed and filled with dazzling sword Qi. Each sword Qi presented a mysterious and sacred atmosphere.

Hundreds of sword Qi swept up, and suddenly gathered into a huge sword like the sky. Its light went straight to the bullfight, shaking the Xinghan, dominating the universe!

If you look at it carefully, it seems that there are hundreds of sages sitting in it, one by one displaying the majesty of the holy way.

"The battle of the Holy Spirit?"

Shi Po Hai's eyes narrowed.

Battle array is a means of mutual assistance and cooperation, which is not uncommon.

For example, in ordinary times, when the two armies fight each other, they will set up battle lines and control them by tactics, which can often achieve miraculous results in fighting.

After reaching the holy land, it is not the same to set up a battle array. It often has extremely harsh requirements. Because of the different ways of seeking and the different strength, it is difficult to make a perfect match.

However, Shi Po Hai has also heard that there is a unique "battle array" method in the blood devil ancient region.

It only requires that each person in the Holy Land wear a treasure called "battle array talisman". Through the echo of battle array talisman, the power of all saints can be combined and twisted into a rope, thus exerting a terrifying power beyond imagination.

"It's true that the name of this battle array is" Tianxing ", which means to do justice on behalf of heaven. Originally, if there were eight hundred true saints working together, the combat power would be enough to kill the opponents in the great holy land."

Blood green clothes sink a way, "hateful is, just now a part of true saint was involved in that fog big array, now only left more than 500 people to set up the array, but even so, the power of this battle array, even if it is me, dare not face hard shake."

Hearing this, Shi Po Hai and Hua Hong Xiao both show a different color.

Xueqingyi is one of the eight great heroes of Qingming. He is the leader of the ancient blood devil Kingdom, but he dare not shake it. We can imagine the power of this battle.

"Unexpectedly, brother Xue is so well prepared this time. With this battle, it's easy to kill the boy surnamed Lin!"

Shi Po Hai laughs.


At this moment, the sky shaking turbulence came from the distance, and the sun blocking array covering the sky and earth was destroyed at this moment.

Suddenly, there is a clear vision, showing the figure of a group of top saints.

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"What, there are only twenty people left?"

The voice of surprise rang out.

Xueqingyi, shipohai, huahongxiao and others are not forbidden to change color.

In less than a quarter of an hour, there are only 29 saints left, which is undoubtedly too heavy!

As for those who were involved in the battle, none of them survived. Obviously, all of them were killed!

All the people in the audience were angry and gloomy, and their eyes were on the distant coast.

There, Lintian's figure stood on the basis of emptiness. His clothes were clean and tidy, and his whole body was flowing with the charm of Qinghui Taoism. He came out of the world and was as ethereal as a banished immortal.

But at this time, people only felt a stabbing pain in front of them, and their spirits felt stabbed and their pores stood up.

That's because of a bow!

It is a ferocious bow made of numerous white bones and skeletons. The scarlet bowstring has been pulled full. Around the bow, the wind and thunder are surging, and the void is sinking and collapsing silently, reflecting the incredible scenes of the holy meteorite.

There are golden crows crowing with blood, big sun falling, saints ambushing!

On the bowstring, a dark and dumb arrow was put on it. The sharp edge of the arrow pointed to the place far away, filled with fierce and fierce air, which was overwhelming!


Xueqingyi, shipohai and huahongxiao were all cold in their hearts and realized that something was wrong.But when they want to stop it, it's too late.


The sound of the bow string is like thunder, which rings from ten directions. Then you can see the dark and dumb blue arrow flying out, just like a rainbow flying out of the nine sky, directly chiseling a straight crack in the void.

With this arrow, the fierce and terrifying Qi turned into a burning and terrifying light, whistling away.


The next moment, the 29 great saints who just got out of the big formation were just like being hit by a comet.

The emptiness there was drowned by the terrible ferocity.

And in the distance, blood green clothes and others all over taut, look suddenly changed, what a terrible arrow!

When you open your eyes and look at the past again, the bloody rain in the field spills and screams. The bloody scene is like purgatory in the world!

PS: don't worry, this battle will be finished tonight. If you can't finish it, you won't sleep!

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