Chapter 1070: Heavy Promise

Yet, right before the rover was about to hit the Audi, Lin Yi let go of the brakes again, letting the car slide forward! This, in turn, created an illusion!

Since the backlights were already shattered, the baldy thought that Lin Yi’s car hadn’t been moving, when in fact it had always been edging forward to the mountain’s edge! It was just that the baldy was driving so fast he couldn’t tell!

This was all happening an an instant- Lin Yi used that to his advantage and created an illusion!

And so, by the time the rover hit the Audi, it was already almost over the mountain even before the impact!

Lin Yi stepped on the gas pedal, and the Audi fell off the mountain- the baldy behind him still didn’t realize the imminent danger, and was still stepping on that gas pedal to burst Lin Yi off the mountain!

Yet the Audi had already fell down! Just as the baldy felt something wrong, his two wheels had already popped off the ledge, and it was too late- his car flew off as well!

“Ah—!” Xiaoxiao screamed as the Audi fell off the mountain!

After a couple of rolls and slams, the two would have been dead without a doubt if it weren’t for the qi protecting Xiaoxiao, even despite the airbags that had all popped out. In an intense roll such as this, the car had become completely bent out of shape, and the safety protocols had no effect whatsoever. The car had begun catching fire as well, and if they didn’t jump out immediately, a bigger danger awaited them!

Ignoring Xiaoxiao’s screams, he used his qi to kick open the door, and jumped out in mid roll carrying Xiaoxiao!

“Fu…” Lin Yi patted her on the back, with a relaxed smile, “Alright, Xiaoxiao, it’s okay now.”

“Ah!” Xiaoxiao opened her eyes wide- she was thinking that she was just about to die, so she wasn’t too clear-headed, “Honey, are we dead?”

“Nope,” Lin Yi smiled, “I wouldn’t let you die.”

“Really?” Xiaoxiao blinked, instantly remembering the sickness she had, falling silent.

Lin Yi seemed to have felt that as well, sighing and nodded, “Yes.”

It was a heavy promise, and Lin Yi was saying big words, but he really didn’t want Xiaoxiao to die! Gradually, he really did start to love this weird troublemaker, and if possible, he’d like to spend his life with her, but this was only a temporary illusion…

“Pinky promise!” Xiaoxiao took out her hand, as if wanting to prove something.

Lin Yi only felt his heart grow heavier with the stubbornness Xiaoxiao was showing, as if she wanted to use this sort of psychological lie to make her resist the injustice of fate.

“Alright,” Lin Yi took out his pinky and hooked it to Xiaoxiao’s. She seemed a little happy.

A while later, she suddenly remembered what had just hpapened, “We’re not dead… That was so exciting, honey, you’re so good! It felt like bungee jumping, like we were on the edge of death…”

“Your car…” Lin Yi pointed at the car that had long since exploded.

“Oh, right, where did that land rover guy go? What a jerk, messing with my car like that! I’ll dig his eyeballs out and step on them! Lin Yi honey, you have to help me!” Xiaoxiao said, pissed after seeing her car turn into a ball of flames.

This was a car she had spent many years of allowance on, and it was gone!

Lin Yi breathed out slightly as he looked at the fallen rover some distance away. The baldy had good luck- his car may have flown off the mountain as well, but due to the Audi that blocked its momentum a bit, it only fell down onto the mountain road below the ledge, not flying off the mountian entirely.

“Over there. We’ll go ask him to pay compensation,” Lin Yi pointed to the messed up body of the rover some distance away.

The baldy was busy trying to save his own life, so naturally he didn’t see Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao jump out their car. After he stabilized himself at the mountain road, he started laughing!

“Hahahaha, you can’t kill me! That bastard, pulling tricks, using smart moves to drag me down with him?! Not that easy!” The baldy laughed heartily as he looked at the burning chunk of Audi metal below him.

He took out his phone and quickly sent a recording to a number- this recording was of the moment the Audi flew off the moutnain, and when it explode!

The message was received, and the phone rang!

As expected, the receiver was very excited!

“Hello?” The baldy smiled coldly, “Dragonpeak? You got the videos right?”

“Who are you, what happened to Xiaoxiao?” Feng Tianlong said hastily. Dragonpeak was his codename in missions, and it seemed that this enemy knew him well!

As he talked on the phone, he made a hand gesture to his men to trace the GPS location! Nowadays one could use a phone number to pinpoint accurately the location of the caller.

Tianlong called Xiaoxiao right after seeing the video, but it was switched off- the same with Lin Yi’s, as well!

To ensure that they weren’t interrupted during the race, both of them had turned their phones off.

Seeing her daughter fly off the mountain in the video and exploding into metal tightened Tianlong’s heart! His daughter didn’t have much time left, so even one more day with his daughter was priceless to him!

Tianlong’s first thought was that this was his enemy! Ater all, knowing to send this video the his phone- this had to be a powerful man.

“Who am I? Don’t you know, Feng Tianlong? Hahahaha! My brother died in your hands, and so now I’ll let you taste what it’s like to lose a loved one, haha!” The baldy laughed cruelly, “How does it feel? Fresh right? A loud bam and your daughter’s dead! This feels great! If you come now maybe you can see some ash, if not even the ash will get burnt up!”

“You’re from the Red Conches?” Tianlong guessed after some hesitation.

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