Chapter 1069: Pushing to Death

The rover behind them was getting closer and closer, and Lin Yi sighed softly. It seemed that he had to give up on the race- otherwise, the consequences would be very dire indeed.

But, even though Lin Yi was planning on giving up the race, the rover did not seem to plan on giving up on Lin Yi! It continued on and on, accelerating and accelerating at Lin Yi!

“Honey, he’s catching up, what do we do, what do we do?” Xiaoxioa said, jumping at the sight of the charging rover.

Lin Yi frowned and grabbed Xiaoxiao’s hand, doing a tight turn on the steering wheel and steered the car closer the mountain wall, leaving space for the rover to pass!

With the way the rover was charging, Lin Yi would get hit and fly off the mountain if he didn’t dodge! This guy didn’t care about their lives at all, or perhaps, that was exactly his intention!

“What’s wrong?” Xiaoxiao paused, not understanding why Lin Yi wanted to start stop the mountain wall.

“Something’s wrong with that car- might be one of my enemies,” Lin Yi’s voice was very composed despite the danger they were in.

Of course, Lin Yi assumed that the baldy was looking to get him, not Xiaoxiao- from his view, he was the one dragging Xiaoxiao into all this trouble! After all, all those enemies from earlier in Songshan were all aiming at him!

“Ah?” Xiaoxiao paused, subconsciously calling out as she looked behind to see the rover aim its head at their car!

Lin Yi saw it as well, and quickly slammed on the gas pedal again, bursting the Audi forward- yet, even so, the car was still hit by the rover!

A slam sounded, and Lin Yi knew that the damage caused to the back of the Audi was severe! He was right, the baldy wasn’t here to race, he was here to kill!

“Turn around, hug my body and don’t let go!” Lin Yi quickly said.

“Oh, okay..!” Xiaoxiao didn’t know why, but she wasn’t afraid at all- there was a bad guy trying to get them, but she wasn’t afraid at all, it was just as if she were in an action movie! Lin Yi’s presence made her feel ever more safe!

This was about to become a very rare instance in her life, she would soon survive a life and death experience with her loved one- something that many couples dreamed of! And so, Xiaoxiao even started to feel a little grateful towards this baldy, granted that they got out of this alive and peaceful.

Xiaoxiao gave the wheel to Lin Yi, twisted her body, and hugged him front-to-front! Her body was small in the first place, so though space was tight, it wasn’t an inconvenience.

But her chest was squeezed in Lin Yi’s embrace, and it pumped blood into Lin Yi’s brain- especially with the way she was sitting on him, it was reminiscent of a legendary sport… This made him feel even more excited.

Xiaoxiao was feeling the same- if it was possible, she really wanted to take their position further… Since she had already decided on Lin Yi, then it didn’t matter if he was good or bad, her condition gave her no time to dilly dally with these things! So she wanted their relationship to develop faster – she didn’t want to die before knowing what it felt like to do it with someone, that would just suck!

With that attitude, she didn’t have any reservations of a woman anymore- she didn’t care if it was embarrassing or not, since she had already decided on him!

With a slam, the rover hit Lin Yi again, putting a frown on his face! In a situation like this, he couldn’t use his normal level of skill anymore, and he couldn’t drift at the turns as well! If he were to get slammed by the rover again mid-drift, it’d mean death!

And so Lin Yi used the regular approach when reaching the turn, slowing down and pushing the steering wheel- even so, he almost got pushed out of control by the rover!

“Ah-!” Xaioxiao shrieked, panicking amidst the shaking and vibrating, “What do we do, honey?”

Lin Yi was driving, but he was still thinking of solutions at the same time! If Xiaoxiao were not here, he could have just stopped the car and attacked the rover! A Mystic wasn’t invincible, but a normal car’s impact was manageable with the protection of qi- he had the confidence to kick that entire car off the mountain!

But Xiaoxiao was here, and he couldn’t just leave her in the car and jump off- and if he were to jump off with Xiaoxiao, he’d have to cover his qi on her body, so it would be impossible to attack the rover.

Just as he was looking at his options, the rover slammed into them again!

The opponent was obviously coming at them, so there was no point in dodging- if he messed it up they might even just drive off the mountain!

“Ah, my car!” Xiaoxiao saw that the back glasspane had already cracked into spider web shape- it hurt her heart so much! This was her beloved car!

Another quick turn came up, one that was much tighter and sudden compared to all their previous turns. One look at the rover bumping at them and Lin Yi’s heart tightened. If he didn’t do anything, then their car would definitely get slammed off the mountain at this turn!

“Hold on and don’t move!” Lin Yi started channeling his Art of Dragon Mastery. In a situation like this, the consequences of an injury to Xiaoxiao would be unthinkable, and so Lin Yi had to make sure that his qi was right there to repair her the instant she received those wounds!

And then Lin Yi- he made a very brave decision!

Xiaoxiao seemed to have notice the emergency of the situation as well- she quickly latched onto Lin Yi, like a sloth, almost completely sticking onto him.

But Lin Yi had no time to enjoy the happy and soft body that pressed onto him- he abruptly stepped on the brakes, using the mountain wall to help stop his speeding car right at the turn.

The baldy had been waiting for this chance as well! Without a doubt, the turn in front of them was the best spot to take care of his problem! A mocking smile appeared on his face when he saw Lin Yi stop his car!

In a situation like this, stopping or not stopping didn’t matter- death awaited! Could it be that this guy thought that the weight of his Audi would stop the impact the rover?

The baldy stepped hard on the gas! Even if the Audi was stopped, he had confidence that he could push this car off the mountain without problems!

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