One shot!

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Seven people were killed, 16 were seriously injured, and the remaining six were slightly injured. This bloody scene shocked the whole audience.

The battle had been broken up. The casualties were heavy enough. How could Lintian have shot them again!

The most terrifying thing is that the lethal power of this arrow made xueqingyi and others shiver. They almost couldn't believe it.

What kind of bow and arrow is it that can have the power to fight against the sky?


In this dead and silent atmosphere, Lintian had already bent his bow again, put the Mo Li arrow with dark blue luster on the bright red bow string, and suddenly opened it.

Familiar with the sound of wind and thunder, once again resounded through the field.

"Do it!"

Blood green clothes drink.

More than 500 true saints gathered together and turned into "Tianxing battle array" without hesitation to attack together.


Then he saw that the sword appeared above the void, and the huge sword Qi suddenly cut down, and the sword edge reached Lintian.

Lintian's black eyes suddenly narrowed. He felt the pressure coming on his face. His skin was in pain. He was surprised. What a strong battle!

However, with this in mind, his action did not stop. Mo Lijian, who was full of momentum, suddenly changed his target and rushed out to meet the huge sword Qi.


The roar of heaven and earth burst out, and Mo Li's arrow, with its brilliant blue flame, collided with the huge sword Qi in the void, resulting in the wave diffusion, causing the void, sea area and the earth to collapse and burst.

Bang, at last, the huge sword Qi collapsed, but at the same time, Mo Lijian was also blocked and retreated.

Lintian's body was in a flash, and his blood was surging.

"How can this guy block the attack of Tianxing battle?"

There was a cry of surprise.

It's really shocking. It should be noted that such a blow from the battle array did not dare to attack the saint, but Lintian blocked it!

Lin Xun snorted coldly: "although the power of the battle array is strong, it's not enough to worry about it

When he spoke, he waved his sleeve robe, folded up his soul bow, and Yuan Tu sword reappeared. As soon as his figure flashed, he killed in the distance.

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He has seen that in half a quarter of an hour, the entrance of yuanci's secret place will be completely revealed in the distant sea.

That is to say, there is only half a quarter of an hour left from the moment!

Lintian has decided to go all out.


Seeing this scene, Hua Hongxiao, who was cold and aloof, was the first one to rush up. The boiling murder that had been suppressed in his heart broke out completely.


In his palm, the narrow and bright sword swept away, and the heaven and earth were torn apart like paper. The fierce and unparalleled spirit of the sword was enough to make the heaven and earth cry.

Lintian's body twinkled. Yuan Tu's sword stabbed sideways, disturbing Yin and Yang. With a bang, it was like the collision of the sun and the moon.

Hua Hongxiao's body stagnated, and his eyes contracted. When he really fought with Lintian, he realized how terrible his opponent's fighting power was.


Shi Po Hai came to kill him. He held a silver halberd in his hand and bathed his whole body in the silver stars, just like the God of war in the starry sky.

With a big halberd, the terrible power of the law of the holy way is like the breaking of the Milky way, spreading all over the world, and the terror reaches the extreme.


The broken blade came out of Lintian's body and fought with the halberd. In an instant, he fought dozens of times, and the sound of the divine light burst into the sky.

And Lintian fought with Yuan Tu sword and Hua Hongxiao again.

At this time, Lintian was extremely arrogant. He was only one person. He fought fiercely with the leaders of the two domains, and he did not lose.

This scene, once again triggered a shock, such as to see the gods!

On the battlefield of the nine regions, such peerless figures as Qingming bajue have already represented the strongest fighting power, leading the one region camp one by one, dominating the whole world and powerful as heaven.

But now, Lintian stood in the way of the two leaders!

The strong eight regions hiding in the great array in the distance almost fell out of their eyes when they saw this scene.


The three fought fiercely from the sky to the earth, just like the dragon and tiger fighting, and the sun fighting for glory. The strength displayed by them was so strong that the only remaining saints in the distance could not get involved.

In the distance, Zhao Jingxuan's eyes were full of beauty. He was staring at Lintian's heroic figure, and his heart was calculating silently.

"As long as the three men in xueqingyi are defeated and the battle array is destroyed, the rest of the people are not worried. This battle will be divided."

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"It's just that the entrance to yuanci's secret place is about to come, and time is running out..."

When I was thinking about it, I saw the blood blue clothes in the distance, and suddenly let out a long roar. My figure stepped into the air and rushed into the battlefield!

Zhao Jingxuan's eyes were frozen.

"Lintian, the time is coming. Don't you give up?"In the roar, with a wave of the sleeve robe of the blood green clothes, a big tripod polished like blood colored jade soared into the air and fell.

This is obviously a sacred treasure with incomparable supernatural power. The tripod body is branded with totems of gods and demons, and the breath is also extremely vicious.

With this blow down, it was like countless gods and Demons rushing out to kill Lintian.

"There's still half a quarter of an hour left. What's the hurry? Can't we get reincarnated?"

Lintian's face was cold, and he used all the methods in his body to release the mystery of the unity of the three without reservation.


At that moment, his whole body breath rose again, his whole body Qi and blood, Shengyuan, the power of spirit and soul all melted into a furnace, and the whole people were bright.

As he waved his arm, the turbulent and vast power spread out, making the heaven and earth shake and tremble, as if he could not bear such great power!


Yuan Tu's sword chanted excitedly and cut out a bloody river of hell, shaking Hua Hongxiao to a staggering retreat. His face changed: "Damn, this guy has reached the top of all three paths! No wonder he dares to be so bold! "


The stone broke the sea and was shocked.

The next moment, he was also shaken, his body Qi and blood rolled, and his ears were almost cut off by the broken blade.


at the same time, Lin search stepped forward, and the whole body suddenly appeared, suddenly running, and saw that all the gods and spirits were vanish into oblivion like bubbles.

Xueqingyi was caught off guard, and the blood jade tripod almost flew away.

In a flash, the siege was disintegrated!

When they looked at Lintian again, their faces changed. They were rare and dignified. There was a touch of disbelief.

All the three paths are reaching the Holy Land!

These powerful figures, even in the eight regions, can hardly be found. They only appear in ancient legends.

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Never thought, let them see a living legend today!

"In any case, we must kill him, otherwise, the ancient wasteland camp is likely to turn over because of this

Blood green clothes look dignified, clench teeth voice.

"It should be."

Shi Po Hai also had a murderous face. He didn't hide it. From Lintian, he had already felt the heavy threat.


The fighting continued, but it was different from before. The three leaders, including xueqingyi, were all killed without reservation.

The threat brought by Lintian was so great that they even felt scared. How could they stay?

"You can't fight alone, siege? You can't either

Lintian stepped forward and his black hair was flying. The yuan Tu sword and the broken blade complemented each other. He was extremely powerful.

Xue Qingyi and others hummed coldly, without saying a word, and attacked with all their strength.


For a time, the field roared constantly, earth shaking.

This kind of battle, not to mention on the battlefield of the nine realms, even if we look at the nine realms, can be called the great battle in the holy land, which is enough to shock the ancient and modern times!

All the strong men in the distance were stunned by Lintian's means. They could not think of how there could be such a freak in the world.

The most incredible thing is that these characters were not born in the eight regions, but appeared in the barren and desolate places of the ancient wasteland.


Suddenly, Yuantu sword was shaken away. Hua Hongxiao seized the opportunity and suddenly came to Lintian. The long and narrow sword in his hand chopped out.

This Dao, named "Zhuyu", has a long history. The spirits of those who are killed by this Dao will be suppressed into the blade. They will suffer from purgatory like suffering forever, which is the most ferocious and fierce.

But at this time, Hua Hongxiao suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Lintian's dark eyes were deep and cold. Instead of panic, he seemed to have been waiting for him

Then Hua Hongxiao saw a few inch high bottle of lanolin in Lintian's hand.

"This is..."

Hua Hongxiao's whole body suddenly froze, instinctively aware of the fatal threat.

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But he had no time to dodge, so he could only do his best.


In the infinite bottle of the road, a touch of sword Qi is swept out, which deduces the mystery of "there is no way to go, no way to return".


In the earth shaking collision, Hua Hongxiao was blown away. Even if he had tried his best to resist, it would not help.

His body was broken, blood and flesh were blurred, his arms were bare, especially his chest. The goggles that had been covered there had cracked and burst, revealing a blood hole.

If he hadn't dodged in time, this blow would have killed him!

This scene happened so fast that when xueqingyi and shipohai reacted to it, they were all stiff and cold. They were shocked.

With one blow, huahongxiao will be hit hard!?

If they knew that jianqingchen had been hit hard by such a blow and died, they would not be so strange.Boom!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lintian had already started. Suddenly, the overwhelming taixuan sword Qi appeared in his stern body, which was as powerful as the sword Qi.

It's just a flash, shrouded in the sea.

Eighteen thousand swords!

Lintian's cutting edge, on the other hand, deduces the three inheritance forces of "Yuan", "Ji" and "Zhu", and gathers Lintian's own three fusion forces to perform impermanent cutting.

Target, direct at blood green clothes!

At this moment, Lintian had no reservation at all. He released himself and exposed his strength to the scene.

"Damn it! This guy's hiding so deep! "

Shi Po Hai's face changed and he tried his best to resist.

On the other side, xueqingyi's eyes coagulated, and he couldn't care about anything else at all. He tried his best to push himself to the end.

"The battle will be divided from now on!"

Zhao Jingxuan in the distance saw at a glance that the situation had reached a critical moment.


(in the evening!)

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