Chapter 98. Why is she still not pregnant?

"You shouldn't have." Hearing Lin Qing He said this, Second Brother was tempted.

At this time, there was indeed no meat. If he wanted it, he'll have check early in the morning.

"It's nothing." Lin Qing He can see his desire to get meat, so she got up and entered the kitchen. The meat that Zhou Qing Bai brought back was good-quality, the traditional pork belly.

There were approximately two-three jins. Lin Qing He cut a jin out. She had been to the black market in the city long enough to tell the approximate portion.

After sharing a jin of pork belly Second Brother, the money was naturally collected according to the price on the black market. Still, Second Brother returned in a merry mood.

If he had exchange money for a meat coupon and then go over to buy meat, the price can be a little more expensive than buying meat on the black market, so it was better price-wise to directly exchange meat at the black market price.

And not just anyone dared to go to the black market.

Seeing that he brought the meat back, Second Sister-in-law was stunned.

"Da Wa's Mother cut it out." Second Brother gave her the remaining money.

"Why did it cost so much?" Second Sister-in-law saw how little money was and gritted out.

Baffled, Second Brother uttered: "What so much? From the beginning, that money was enough for a jin of meat. We still have change left."

"She went according to the black market's price?" Second Sister-in-law persisted in discontent.

"It was bought by Qing Bai with much trouble. It's because Da Wa's Mother heard that Xia Xia was craving for meat, she divided some for me. If our family went to buy it instead, not only do I have to travel so far, I might even be able to buy it. What's more, old Fourth bought the meat at the black market price, it goes without saying we have to follow that price. What, you want to get old Fourth to give it to you cheaper?" Second Brother threw a glance at her as he spoke.

His wife gave him a daggered gaze.

"Fine. Let's not argue on this anymore. Hurry, make dumplings. This is a quality pork belly. If we weren't brothers, old Fourth wouldn't have given this to me." Second Brother did not want to quarrel with her, said.

The money was already spent, Second Sister-in-law can't really keep complaining, so she made dumplings and had it.

The family of five had eaten to their hearts' content. Being able to have dumplings, even made Second Sister-in-law closed her mouth and refrained from commenting.

They did get meat allocated to them last time, but the family had not split yet. How much could each person possibly eat?

This time she put half a jin of meat into the dumplings and it was delicious. For the remaining half, they'll take their time consuming it.

Second Branch got a taste of meat, which was exchanged with Fourth Branch by Old Second.

Eldest Sister-in-law had a sarcastic expression, while Third Sister-in-law sneered coldly. She whispered to Third Brother in private: "She just had a fight last time and still embarrassed to exchange the meat. Her face is so big."

"How about our family go to exchange too?" Third Brother's focus was on elsewhere. He wanted to eat meat too.

Third Sister-in-law disapprovingly remarked: "Eat What? In a while, the meat will be divided. What's wrong with eating it then?"

"Well, you pregnant are now. You should eat some meat." Third Brother Wednesday grinned.

That's right, it was almost a year after Zhou Dong Dong's birth and she became pregnant again.

After giving birth to Wu Ni, it took a few years before she had Zhou Dong Dong. To her surprise, she was pregnant again and was a month along.

Because her period hadn't come, she was sure of it. There was no need to go to the health center, she will know when she waits for the next month.

But basically, it was certain.

Lin Qing He didn't know yet. It was when she went over on the 25th for the meat distribution and bumped into Third Sister-in-law, she heard about it.

Shock wasn't enough to describe Lin Qing He's expression: "You are too fast. How long has it been?"

She felt Dong Dong had just been born and she was pregnant again.

Third Sister-in-law laughed: "It's nothing. You should be soon?"

Lin Qing He looked horrified and said, "What soon? I have no plans to give birth again. I have three sons."

For the rural people, three sons was enough to say birth no more and their confidence was absolutely sufficient.

Third Sister-in-law said nothing then.

This time, Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai got allocated a lot, but in the end it wasn't her family's pigs. The oil content was as thick as her family's pigs.

Once they got their share distributed, Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai returned home with their boys.

"Third Sister-in-law is pregnant again?" Zhou Qing Bai asked when he came home. He had just heard this. Because it was a conversation between women, he didn't hear the later part and walked away a bit. So he didn't hear Lin Qing He say not giving birth anymore.

Lin Qing He nodded and said: "I was also taken by surprise. She just gave birth to Dong Dong last year and was pregnant again this year."

But this wasn't the only case. In Zhoujia Village, there seems to be the same for many people and were pregnant.

Especially since the beginning of winter isolation, there seems to be good news from many people one after another. For example, the next-door Huang Daniang’s daughter-in-law had a newborn last year and bought two jins of brown sugar last year. She was pregnant again......

"Such a good thing, what is there to be surprised about." Zhou Qing Bai glanced at her.

Lin Qing He meet his eyes and understood what he meant. She coughed and changed the subject: "How do you want to eat these pork?"

"You decide." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

However, having a child matter was obviously not something Lin Qing He can avoid. Once the children went to bed at night, Zhou Qing Bai had an in-depth discussion with her before saying: "Give birth more, our family can afford it."

Lin Qing He expressed in her mind that she wouldn't give birth, but she was also a little puzzled. She and Zhou Qing Bai had never used protection. Why hadn't she been pregnant after so long?

She had experienced his capability, so this brave and powerful man can easily make a woman pregnant.

Why wasn't she pregnant yet?

If she did get pregnant, should she have the baby?

This thought was terrifying. She won't ever give birth.

She planned to go to the hospital in the city next time to get him protection, otherwise, if she was pregnant, what should she do?

However, did she forget anything? Why hadn't she got pregnant after so long?

"Huh?" Zhou Qing Bai moved after waiting a long time for his wife to respond.

Lin Qing He blushed and said, "The fate hasn't arrived yet?"

Zhou Qing Bai accepted this explanation and pulled his wife for another round. It until Lin Qing He was exhausted, did he let her go.

Lin Qinghe thought before going to sleep that she would go to the city to buy condoms tomorrow and absolutely won't get pregnant!

It was a pity it snowed heavily after she planned this and couldn't go.

Because the weather was too cold, Lin Qing He stayed huddled on the Kang. She simply recited and studied the books on Kang. Like this, time passed.

There was nothing to do on days like this. They didn't go out. With such heavy snow, why go out?

However, on the evening of 29th December, Third Brother Lin came with a hare. His face was severely frozen when he arrived, which indicated he caught it much trouble and sent it here.

"Such large snowfall, you still go out to catch rabbits?" Lin Qing He glared at him.

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