One hundred and eight thousand swords, swords turn taixuan!

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Each sword Qi is enough to make any true saint despair, let alone the eighteen thousand sword Qi gathered together?

Shi Po Hai, the first time to taste the taste of this blow, is like a lonely boat in the vast ocean. It is in danger of being destroyed at any time when it is under the beating of the rough waves.

Bang bang!

The dense sword Qi poured down and enveloped in all directions. The stone broke through the sea and struggled to resist. The silver halberd in the palm almost flew out.

And the defensive forces around him are also being killed by the sword Qi.

Just for a moment, his face turned white, and he coughed up blood. Without any hesitation, he sacrificed all kinds of treasures to resolve.

There are bells polished like purple jade, big seals carved with flowers, birds, insects, fish, mountains, rivers, plants and trees, as well as gems of flowing light and brilliant glow

This shows the inside information of a leader. He is not only gifted and powerful, but also has no lack of any magical treasures and powerful methods.

It was only after sacrificing all kinds of treasures that he could resist the sword attack like pouring rain, but he didn't wait for Shi Po hai to breathe a little relief.


In the palm of Lintian's hand, a simple wooden sword flew out. Often, only the word "Chi" was imprinted on the body of the sword, which filled the air of emperor Tao.

Because of this word, this seemingly ordinary wooden sword is completely different!

When he saw the sword, the stone broke the sea and felt numb. He cried, "the chizi emperor's sword, it's the treasure at the bottom of the box. How can it be in your hands? Are you... "

He guessed a possibility!

But this kind of possibility, lets the stone break the sea completely cannot calm down.

However, before he could struggle from the heavy sword rain, Lintian had already uttered a word in his lips:


The wooden sword swept away, whistling away.

On the body of the sword, a word filled with obscure light, just like a god resurrected from it, which made the void unable to bear and burst open!


Shi Po Hai was not willing to wait to die. He was like a madman, his eyes were red, and he did not hesitate to use his means to protect his life.

It was a purple and gold bowl, which rose into the air to fight with the wooden sword.


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The earth is moving and the mountains are shaking. The land is completely sunk, and the boiling sea water is pouring back, causing huge waves.

The next moment, I saw the stone breaking the sea, the whole person suddenly fell, fell into the sea, the seven orifices bleeding, the whole body split, just like a blood man.

After huahongxiao, shipaohai was hit hard!

It's slow to say, but it's almost instantaneous. It's incredibly fast.

On the other side, xueqingyi was also killed to the limit.

The broken blade is like an uncertain void. It's an elusive streamer. It can't be locked at all. However, every hit, even if blocked by xueqingyi, makes him suffer a huge shock. His muscles and bones are numb, and his Qi and blood rush back. It's very uncomfortable.

This is Wuchang chop.

Impermanent, ethereal, enough to kill ghosts!

Until see Shi Po sea suffer heavy damage, blood green dress whole body is also a shiver, the facial expression is startled.

Chizi emperor sword!

How can xueqingyi not know who the original owner of this treasure is?

At the thought of the possibility that the sword Qingchen of Daluo ancient region might have suffered, xueqingyi was hairy.

"Time is running out. Let's send you on the road!"

At this time, Lintian's power had reached the extreme. He rushed forward, and Yuan Tu's sword swept up and cut out a sword.

There is no return!

Wujinzhan emperor's life-long learning was fully integrated into this sword move. At this time, it was deduced by Lintian with Yuantu sword.

I see a bloody sword in the air, like the master of ten thousand swords, full of hopelessness and incomparable power.


Xueqingyi was entangled by the broken blade and couldn't get away. Seeing this scene, he was completely crazy and began to work hard.

A blood colored thunder and lightning wrapped imperial edict was sacrificed by him, and a breath of earth shaking destruction followed, just like the thunder god in the dust.

No doubt it was his way of saving his life.


In a flash, the two collided together, and the destructive wave spread like a vast ocean. The world was white, presenting a chaotic scene.

All the true saints who gathered in the distance for the Tianxing battle array had to resist with all their strength in order to resolve the terrible wave of destruction.

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And hiding in the big formation of the eight areas of the strong is not easy, because the big formation suffered impact, is shaking violently!

Finally, xueqingyi coughs blood, strides backward, and the body is convulsing violently. A beautiful face is as white as paper.

So far, the three leaders have suffered heavy losses!

One was defeated by the limitless bottle, the other was defeated by the chizi emperor's sword, and the other was seriously injured by Lintian's sword.Before and after, it was just a moment. The fighting power and the arrogance of Lintian made the whole audience tremble.

Is this still human?

Countless people were frightened and despairing.

At the beginning of the confrontation, they had no fear and set up a huge and strict formation. They thought it was easy to kill Lintian.

But reality has slapped them hard!

Thirty saints on the top of the mountain went up together, but they were killed and their armor was removed.

Nearly a hundred of the top sages fought together, but before they had time to fight, they were trapped in the battle. Until the end, only a dozen survived.

At this time, in the face of the attack of the three leaders in various fields, he still failed to suppress Lintian's arrogance, but was hit hard one by one!

A series of killing and cutting, often unexpected, but Lintian showed the terrible power, but it has made everyone cold.

It's terrible!

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they couldn't believe that such an invincible figure could emerge in the weak, barren and declining ancient wasteland!

"At this time of fighting, you've played all your cards. You won't be able to hold on for long. What will you do next?"

The color of blood green clothes is gloomy like water, and the voice is deep.

"It's not easy to be fierce, but it's possible to send you on the road."

Lintian took a deep breath and was about to continue to attack with Yuantu sword.

But at this moment, suddenly a burst of air breaking sound sounded, and the void rolled. It was Hua Hongxiao and Shi POHAI, who had suffered heavy losses, who fled far away at this moment!

All the people here were in a daze and fled?

Two peerless figures in the eight Jue of Qingming, the leader of Qunlun, ran away without saying a word at the moment?

This is so unexpected!

Even Lintian didn't expect it. When he wanted to chase him, it was too late, because when he escaped, he obviously used all his strength. He wanted his parents to have two more legs. That was a clean and crisp posture.

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Xueqingyi's pupils dilated, so angry that her eyes almost glared out. She could not help yelling: "you You It's no use trying to be upright! "

He was so angry that he had already fought. But Hua Hongxiao and Shi POHAI ran away without saying a word.

How can xueqingyi not be angry?

"It seems that they all cherish their lives and think that as long as they live, they will have a chance to make a comeback, but if they die, everything will be empty."

Lintian's lips were filled with deep disdain, and his black eyes locked on his blood blue clothes.

"At the beginning, Jian Qingchen also planned to escape. Unfortunately, I didn't give him a chance. I hope you can have some backbone and don't follow the example of those lost dogs."

"What, is Jian Qingchen really killed by you?"

The whole body of xueqingyi was trembling.

The other eight strong men in the field are all stiff, and their swords are clear. They are a great swordsman with terrible cutting power!

Even he's dead?

"When you die, it's better to ask jianqingchen."

When he spoke, Lintian had already rushed out of the air and tried his best to kill. Every sword cut out caused the general situation of the whole sky.

The blazing and brilliant swords stir up the universe, break the longitude and latitude, and only the sound of swords beat hard on everyone's heart, making them want to crack.

Xueqingyi was a very cautious and careful man. Otherwise, after Lintian made a big trouble in the blood demon world, he could not have endured it until now.

With Shi breaking the sea and huahongxiao's escape, he has realized that the situation is not good and the situation is not optimistic.

When he saw Lintian's fierce fighting, xueqingyi's first thought was to retreat, and he didn't plan to resist at all.

He is the leader of the blood devil ancient region camp. He has a bright future in the future. How could he be willing to fight with Lintian now?

What's more, even if you try your best, even if you win in the end, you can only win miserably. If you don't get any benefits, you are likely to suffer serious injuries and lose more than you gain.

But if he fails, the only people who will gain in the end are Kun Shaoyu, Zhu Yingkong, lie Qian and Chi Wushu.

If so, blood green dress is dead, will not be willing!

It was in this instant that xueqingyi made a decision.


He was more decisive than huahongxiao and shichuantian, and he didn't care about the saints who gathered together to form the "Tianxing battle array".

As for the eight strong men hiding in the great array, he didn't care any more. They were all a group of people who had not yet become saints. They died when they died.

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"Lintian, next time we meet, I will let you die!"

In the roar, xueqingyi cursed and sacrificed a bloody bead.


The blood bead burst open, and the power was all over the sky. The bloody air was rampant, which made Lintian frown and brush his sleeve. Then the bloody air was dispersed.And the figure of blood green clothes has long disappeared.

"Smart people."

Lintian sighed softly and didn't pursue him.

Because time and the situation do not allow it, the ultimate goal of this visit is not to kill the enemy, but to escort those top figures in the ancient wasteland into the secret place of yuanci.

Now, the entrance of yuanci's secret place is about to be fully presented.

As for xueqingyi, they Maybe I can survive for a while, but before the end of the nine domains battle, I'm doomed that none of them can escape!

At this time, the other people on the scene have been silly, did not expect, blood green clothes will also follow the escape.

And, just abandon them!

At the thought of this, those true saints all have an impulse to curse their mother. How can they feel better to be abandoned?

Especially those who belong to the blood devil ancient domain, one by one, are like mourning, the heart is cold.

Blood blue is their leader.

But now, they were abandoned directly!

For a moment, the atmosphere in the field was dead, and everyone looked gloomy. They finally realized what grief was.

In order to protect their lives, such leaders as xueqingyi, shipohai and huahongxiao chose to escape one by one, which is undoubtedly too heavy a blow!

"It seems that this battle can be divided without a single stick of incense."

Lintian laughed. His black eyes were like electricity. He scanned the real saints in the distance, and then walked forward.

Today, he said that he wanted to prevent any foreign enemy from entering yuanci's secret place. Naturally, he had to do what he said!


(this is the end of the big fight, and the rest is the finishing work. Don't panic. Their lives are doomed ~

in addition, one important thing is that goldfish will start to save manuscripts in the next period of time, because it's going to be new year's day, so they can only save manuscripts before the new year. Please understand, After all, Chinese New Year means a lot to us Chinese people.)

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