Chapter 1068: Lin Yi’s Suspicions

Lin Yi’s action of kicking the car, on the other hand, was also a test for the baldy!

According to what Xiaoxiao and the young man said, the first match was usually prepared for newbies- this baldy with the sunglasses was clearly a veteran, not a newbie!

His silence and lack of resistance made Lin Yi even more suspicious- normally people would react negatively to some extent, depending on how strong the enemy was- yet this man said nothing! It didn’t match his gangster personality from earlier.

“He’s slowing down, he’s slowing down!” Xiaoxiao said happily.

“Ha…” Lin Yi only smiled. Yet another suspicious move.

With his skills, the baldy shouldn’t be slowing down, this was just the first cycle on the mountain road, it wasn’t a tough drive at all as long as you were stable on the steering wheel- even normal drivers would have no trouble handling it, let alone a master of drifting like this baldy here!

Yet he slowed down! This sort of slightly obvious action, however, was only noticed by Lin Yi- Xiaoxiao, who was under a rush of adrenaline, would have trouble noticing.

What confused Lin Yi was the intentions of the baldy! Did he want to get that two hundred thousand from Xiaoxiao, or what?

Lin Yi himself, wouldn’t believe it if there was another reason, because he had come racing with Xiaoxiao completely out of whim! Unless, of course, this man had been observing Xiaoxiao or Lin Yi, and had been looking for a chance to strike!

Yet, there were too many coincidences- looking at the things that happened, its possible that an enemy had laid out those plans. Lin Yi was always on alert, and he was already wary of this man, regardless of his intentions.

Slow down then, if he wanted. A smile came on Lin Yi’s face as he slammed down on the gas, and, with a roar from the Audi’s engine, Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao’s car burst forward!

They were reaching the mountain road, but Lin Yi wasn’t slowing down at all- he was actually still accelerating!

The people who were watching with binoculars all cheered! You didn’t have to slow down when going up the mountain road, but they’d never seen someone go faster at that point! That was suicide!

Xiaoxiao understood that as well. She used to only watch people race, but even in her practice sessions she had driven this path before, just without the pressure of a race.

She knew that when going up the mountain road, you weren’t supposed to accelerate! People went faster on straight roads, not on curved moutnain roads like what Lin Yi was doing!

“Honey, how come you’re going faster?” Xiaoxiao said, worried.

“How do I get past him if I don’t go faster?” Lin Yi said dully, as if it were a natural thing to do!

After a couple more levels of acceleration, he passed by the rover in an instant, still going faster even after they got on the mountain road! A quick turn was right in front of them, but Lin Yi was still going faster!

“Ahhh!!” Xiaoxiao started shrieking- but it wasn’t out of fear, it was out of excitement!

It was the first time she experienced acceleration right before a quick turn, and this sort of danger was extreme- but she still trusted Lin Yi! It was blind trust, but what she was thinking was that even if she died, she’d be dying with Lin Yi, and then she would have nothing to regret in this life! If they were able to become a couple in the afterlife, she’d even laugh with joy!

“Fuck, a fucking madman!” The baldy jumped, shocked at the sight of the Audi still accelerating when reaching the quick turn! Either this guy was the top of the top of racers, or he was insane! Who the hell drove like this, stepping on the gas pedal at a turn? Did he want to die?

But, what happened next proved his guess- Lin Yi was in fact a top class racer!

Right at the quick turn, Lin Yi didn’t slow the car down, but did a powerslide through the turn in one fluid motion- it wasn’t weaker than that drift move the baldy did earlier!

The baldy’s face grew stern- he wasn’t expecting Xiaoxiao to have brought a master racer here, this wasn’t within his expectations!

He was thinking before that Xioaxiao was merely a small-time prey, dancing within his palms. Her death and life was within his control. Yet now, everything was beyond his expectations- she was no longer just prey, and it was no cat and mouse chase- it was a duel!

The baldy smiled coldly. It didn’t matter how good their skill was- since an Audi was the car they had chosen, then the outcome was for certain- he would lose! There was simply not much an Audi could do when compared to a strong land rover!

As long as the baldy was serious, then it would be Lin Yi who would suffer the loss!

The baldy started accelerating as well when the Audi continued speeding- he was planning on waiting for the opponent, but now he had been overtaken!

He accelerated, and similarly, didn’t slow down at all when reaching the quick turn! He was still accelerating!

This move stunned the crowd once more- they cheered and screamed!

It wasn’t supposed to be much of a race, but it had turned into the most entertaining duel yet! The crowd started calling their friends who hadn’t reached yet, bragging that they had just missed the most exhilerating scene ever!

Drifts and powersides! The baldy continued accelreating and drifting!

And the big distance between them grew smaller and smaller, very quickly!

Lin Yi frowned- it seemed that he had underestimated his opponent after all! Lin Yi may not have been a professional racer, but he had been trained rigorously- if he were to join a world class tournament, he’d be able to place in the top spots!

This sort of strength was more than enough for the underground races, the baldy excluded! It didn’t take long for him to realize that the sunglasses man’s skill wasn’t below his own! This level of ability when it came to racing only belonged to other professional racers or assassins who went through the same sort of intense training!

A slight look of worry appeared in Lin Yi’s eyes. If Xiaoxiao were not here, then he could go to the extreme in this duel with the racer, but using just ability alone to fight the enemy now was impossible!

Their skills were the same, and so the difference came to the car- the enemy’s car definitely had more power than his!

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