Chapter 1067: Plot Against Feng Xiaoxiao “

“Don’t move!” The Feng Xiaoxiao in his lap made Lin Yi have a biological response- he frowned with a bitter smile.

“Oh?” Feng Xiaoxiao froze, feeling something hard poking against her… She understood immediately why he told her not to move!

XIaoxiao’s face went red, but her heart was quite happy. She may be officially a couple with Lin Yi, but there were many traces of force involved! If it weren’t for Tang Yun’s generosity, fulfiling that bet, Xiaoxiao wouldn’t be in a relationship like this in the first plcae!

So she always worried that Lin Yi didn’t like her, but it seemed now that the worry was unnecessary- Lin Yi did have interest in her after all.

“Maybe we… could try it in the car?” Xiaoxiao said something brave.

“What are you talking about? You want to die?” Lin Yi didn’t know if he should cry or laugh- Xiaoxiao’s thoughts were ridiculous!

Lin Yi was good, but he didn’t dare do something that insane! They might actually die!

“Heh heh… Once I was watching this race, someone did do it in the car…” Xiaoxiao said embarrassedly.

“And then?” Lin Yi asked.

“And then they died!” Xiaoxiao said awkwardly.

“And you still want to try?” Lin Yi glared.

“I was thinking you’re a great driver, a Mystic, right… There’s qi protecting your body…” Xiaoxiao spat out her tongue.

“Who has the time to focus on qi?” Lin Yi shook his head, “Driving requires all your focus, and you should be enjoying the adrenaline racing brings you, not thinking about other stuff.”

“Alright then,” Xiaoxiao agreed- it would be more comfortable doing those things at home, racing was something to be enjoyed separately! Wasn’t this her dream, after all?

Lin Yi’s passion down there died from the stupid stuff Xiaoxiao said, and he started the car. With his left hand holding Xiaoxiao’s on the steering wheel, he used his right hand to hug her, “Listen to my instructions later when I tell you to steer!”

“Okay!” Xiaoxiao nodded.

“Five, four, three, two, one…” The countdown from the loudspeaker sounded, and when it reached one, the boy with the flag waved it!

The Audi and Land Rover burst out at the same instant, except the Audi had a clear advantage since it was a straight road- it took a few hundred meters until the two got closer!

The rover was fast, and it didn’t take long until it passed the Audi.

“So what if your car’s better!” Xiaoxiao gritted her teeth as she held on tightly to the steering wheel- there was no choice, her car wasn’t as good!

“Ha…” Lin Yi hugged Xiaoxiao’s right hand, patting her and telling her to calm down, but amidst her frustration and jerking around, he accidentally tapped his hand onto her chest… it was an awkward situation! He really didn’t do it on purpose!

But Xiaoxiao didn’t seem to mind at all! “Drive, drive! Accelerate, go!”

Lin Yi smiled, not worried. “Don’t worry, his car is big, but the moment we get on the mountain road he’ll be at a disadvantage!”

On the mountain road, the surface wasn’t the smoothest, and the rover had the upper hand- but while these kind of mountain cars had quite an advantage over race cars on a road like this, the front road’s quick turns would give the smaller car the advantage!

The rover was big with a lot of horsepower, but stepping on the gas on a surface like this would kill the person driving!

So LIn Yi dindn’t mind the rover taking the lead for now.

The rover was now in the lead, but it wasn’t easy. The baldy kept an eye on the Audi behind him.

He didn’t want Lin Yi to get too far away, so he didn’t drive at maximum speed. Otherwise, from here to the mountain road, he could’ve stepped on the gas at 300km/hr for the next two kilometers.

His phone rang, and he picked up.

“Hello?” The baldy said as he drove on, clearly not caring about this race much.

“Little brother, how come I see a guy in the Feng girl’s car? What’s his deal?” A man said.

“Second brother, that man must be a bodyguard Feng Tianlong found for the Feng girl,” The baldy sighed, “It seems like he has some kung fu skill, but it is possible that he’s her boyfriend too. They seem intimate.”

“Alright, just kill them both then. You’re confident about this, right?” The second brother sighed.

“Don’t forget who I am, I’m the world’s F1 retired racer!” The baldy said dully, “I was planning on killing them together too- it’s his fault for mixing with Feng Tianlong’s daughter!”

“I trust your skills! I’ve prepared a helicopter, waiting at the mountain top. I’ll bring you to leave when the deed is done!” The brother said.

“Alright, I’m at the curve, let’s stop talking. I’ll find a chance to kill them both!” The baldy said. “But now I need to wait for these two short-lived punks, I should’ve used a different car if I had known they were going to be so slow!”

The baldy did check Xiaoxiao’s file, and knew that she always used an Audi. But if she were to go into a race she would’ve gotten a better car wouldn’t she? Apparently not! It was that exact same Audi she was using on this race!

As Lin Yi said, the rover got a lot slower at the curve- they’d die if they didn’t step on the brakes- practitioners excluded, of course!

Lin Yi may be a master practitioner, but Lin Yi suspected that this man was the same as well!

He had to be! That perfect drift he did when he powerslide onto them wasn’t something anybody could do- he controlled the speed and angle perfectly, with any more fluctuation and he would’ve slammed into Xiaoxiao’s car!

So, before he even attempted the drift, the driver of the rover had already made all the calculations so that he could achieve such a performance!

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