Heaven and earth are dead.

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Lintian walked in the void, his eyes fixed on the distance.

With the escape of huahongxiao, shipaohai and xueqingyi, there are still more than ten top saints, more than 500 true saints and eight strong men hiding in the "Zhentian Dinghai array".

At this time, when they saw Lintian plundering, they all woke up from the shock, and their faces changed greatly.

"Come on! Stop him

Those juetong saints roar, their eyes are red, and the ants are still greedy for life, not to mention those juetong saints?

Unfortunately, they have been injured to varying degrees, and the only thing they can rely on now is the 500 odd true saints who gathered together as the "Tianxing battle array".


With the roar, the battle array of Tianxing was in operation, and the real saints guarding one side of the void waved the apricot yellow flag.

In the sky of such a big battle, a great sword Qi converged into a brilliant sword Qi.

The sword is so powerful that even the strong eight regions hiding in the distant array can clearly feel the destruction of the sword. Taking the Tianxing battle array as the center, it instantly covers eight thousand feet and is terrifying.

This makes those who had been desperate and terrified of the eight regions strong spirit, see a glimmer of dawn.

As long as we can stop the pace of Lintian and stick to the entrance of yuanci secret place, we are doomed to turn the corner!


At this time, Lintian again appeared 18000 swords, but as soon as he appeared, it was like thousands of streams flowing into the sea, and he was swallowed up by the infinite bottle suspended in front of him.

Seeing this scene, many top saints suddenly remembered that before huahongxiao, he was seriously injured by this bottle!

It changed their faces.

The true saints in the Tianxing battle array were also aware of this, and they didn't hesitate to cut out the huge sword.


The sky is shaking and the moon is not shining.

The sword Qi fell down. It was like a sword immortal's strike. The extraterrestrial meteorite was extremely powerful.


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At this time, with a word coming out of Lintian's lips, a hundred and eight thousand swords suddenly roared out of the infinite bottle.

At that moment, the endless sword rain roared all over the world, each one was dazzling and bright, flowing with the meaning of taixuan, whistling away, just like eighteen thousand peerless sword repair came out together.

The momentum is so strong that the world is like a sword world!

Boom ~

like the creation of heaven and earth!

In front of everyone's eyes, there was only endless bright light.

The sky and the earth are filled with air, and the void of the sky and the earth is turned into chaos. The surging sword is like a landslide and tsunami. Everywhere it passes, it presents a scene of great destruction and terror.

After a long time, the light on the ground gradually faded, and the raging waves gradually subsided.

Field, has long been beyond recognition, heaven and earth, such as the crumpled fabric, this piece of sea are broken, the sea evaporated.

Looking at the scene again, the Tianxing battle array had already collapsed and destroyed. I don't know how many Zhensheng suffered in this battle. Their limbs and arms were broken and their blood dyed them red.

Most of the survivors were injured, and their faces were filled with horror, panic and despair.

The power of Tianxing battle array is enough to make the great sage retreat!

But now, it's broken down!

Just this battle, more than half of the 500 true saints were killed. It was like a bloody massacre.

Look at the sky above, a person standing, clothes hunting, body down like rain light.

He looked pale, but he still stood upright, like an immortal God, overlooking the sky!

At this moment, the whole world trembled, and everyone was as if they were clay sculptures.

This is an invincible power, which can't be shaken. It's enough to make anyone in the battlefield despair.

In this blow, Lintian was not hurt!

"It's impossible It's impossible... "

Countless people's hands and feet are cold, and their bodies tremble. I can't believe it.

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"This time, will the whole army be destroyed..."

Some strong people in the eight regions have shown their grief and despair.

"Is he really unmatched? There is no choice but to kill Bai Sheng and the three leaders. Even Tianxing battle Why not? "

There was a cry of sorrow.

Lintian was like an invincible God of war, which made him almost collapse.

Only Zhao Jingxuan took a long breath to calm down her tense state of mind. She looked at Lintian with clear eyes. It was her man. After this battle, her power was enough to frighten eight regions, which was unprecedented!


"Run away!"

There was no accident. The only remaining saints and true saints in the field had lost their fighting spirit. They did not dare to hesitate and fled in all directions.

The trees fall, the monkeys scatter, but so!At this moment, Zhao Jingxuan finally attacked. The fish that escaped from the net is also a fish. How can he let them escape like this?

At the same time, Lintian took a deep breath and took out the magic bow without any help from the arrow.

Collapse! Collapse! Collapse!

The sound of the dense bowstring is like the thunder, which resounds between heaven and earth.

When every sound falls, there must be a shower of blood in all directions. It is like fireworks blooming in the void, scarlet and dazzling.

In a flash, dozens of true saints and five or six supreme saints were attacked.

But even so, many enemies fled.

There's no way. When the true saints and the supreme saints control the moving method one by one and all of them run away desperately, it's hard to keep them all with the help of Lintian and Zhao Jingxuan.

Lintian didn't chase him. He stepped into the void. Suddenly, he came to the depths of the black cliff sea and came to the front of the "Zhentian Dinghai formation".

His face was as pale as paper, and his physical strength was exhausted seriously. But when he appeared, the eight strong men hiding in the big array all showed the color of despair and panic.

"You see, the entrance to yuanci's secret place has appeared."

Lintian's eyes crossed the array and looked into the distance. There was a void like door over the sea. It was condensed there, sending out the atmosphere of obscure rules of heaven and earth.

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As long as the strong who have the qualification to become a saint at the top of the mountain enter into it, they will have the chance to fight for the chance to become a saint at the top of the mountain.

But at this time, all of these eight strong people are bitter in heart and look like earth. They know that they have no chance!

With a wave of Lintian's sleeve robe, the sea area was turned upside down. Without the control of the blood green clothes, the formation was no different from a ownerless formation. It was hard for Lintian to survive.

Just in an instant, this array and a group of eight domain strongmen in the array were put away by Lintian and suppressed in the endless tower.

"This array is made up of 24 sacred treasures that complement each other. Each pearl of Dinghai can borrow the power of Wang Yang, which is quite wonderful."

As Lintian thought, he turned his head and looked over.

As soon as you can see, you can see the scenes of debris, destruction and blood, as if silently telling how earth shaking the previous battle was.

Zhao Jingxuan is a graceful figure, walking in the battlefield, cleaning up the spoils.

When he noticed Lintian's eyes, Zhao Jingxuan raised his head. There was a charming smile on his picturesque face.

Lintian laughed, then turned around and came to the entrance of yuanci's secret place. He suddenly felt that a terrible force of heaven and earth rules oppressed him and prevented him from approaching.

He knew that it was impossible for the holy land to enter.

"All of you, it's the nature that makes juetong a saint. Whether you can win it or not depends on your own abilities."

Lintian offered sacrifices to the endless tower of the great road and released the top figures of the ancient wasteland, such as Xiaoyin, Xiaotian, xiaocangtian, yechen, and you hengzhen.

Then, without explaining to them, he told them to enter the secret place of yuanci as soon as possible.

But even so, when people saw the broken and destructive scene near the distant coast, they could guess that Lintian must have gone through an extremely bloody and fierce battle!

It made their hearts tremble.

"Thank you, brother Lin!"

"When we become saints, we will fight side by side with you to share your worries and those of the ancient wasteland camp."

They all saluted one by one, then entered the secret place of yuanci one after another, and soon disappeared.

Until the last figure came in, Lintian felt relieved and vomited a long breath.

A wave of unspeakable fatigue poured into the whole body.

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Before the first World War, he used all kinds of means to kill. He was already at the end of the battle and was on the verge of the end of oil.

Now, he finally escorted a group of ancient wasteland strongmen into yuanci's secret place without danger. It was like unloading a huge stone in Lintian's heart, and the whole person was relaxed.

He sat on the sea water at will, took out the wine gourd, and drank a lot with his head up. He was in a daze, and suddenly couldn't help laughing.

If those fools in xueqingyi don't run away and persist for a while, how can the final winner fall on themselves so easily?

It's strange that although these guys work together, they are obviously not monolithic. Once they are in trouble, they are doomed to fall apart!

Just like Shi Po Hai and Hua Hongxiao, they didn't say a word when they ran away, which made xueqingyi confused and caught off guard.

For another example, when xueqingyi fled, he directly abandoned other companions on the scene. This series of actions led to their defeat so quickly.

The defeat is like a mountain, and that's all.

"It's too rash of you to have a good rest this time. I'll help you protect the Dharma."

In the distance, Zhao Jingxuan came and looked at Lintian's pale and transparent face, with a look of love.


Lintian agreed. He immediately took out all kinds of miraculous drugs and elixirs and began to refine and recover.Zhao Jingxuan sat on one side with his hands on his knees, looking at the black water in the distance. Looking back at Lintian once in a while, he had an indescribable tranquility and steadiness in his heart.

At the same time, in front of the ancient wasteland moat city.

"This city is completely made of empty crystal sands, and it's covered with a magical forbidden array of holy way. It's hard to break it..."

In the distance, the candle reflected in the sky and spoke softly, with a trace of admiration in his eyes.

"That Lintian is a good means. The weather of this city alone is enough to prove that this son must have the level of master Daowen at least in Lingwen."


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