The candle reflected in the sky, a bright yellow jade robe, a clean forehead, sword eyebrows and stars, a pair of eyes black and white, zhanran God.

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He is the leader of the Yin Jue ancient region camp. He is also the emperor of the candlelight dragon. He is known as a rare genius in ten thousand years and the best in the world.

"Brother, we're here to attack the city, but we don't want to hear you praise that surname Lin."

Beside, candle Yingxue frowned and expressed dissatisfaction.

"If you want to attack the city, first break the array. This array is both offensive and defensive, dense and obscure. With my ability, it will take me some time to understand its essence."

The candle reflected in the sky and said, "sister, you don't have to worry. When we came here, they had already led a group of strong men to set up an array near the black cliff sea. Without any accident, Lintian would surely die."

"It's only a matter of time before Lintian's presence in this city is destroyed."

Voice, showing absolute confidence.

"That's good."

The candle reflected the snow with a sweet smile.

This time, whether they were xueqingyi or Lintian, they didn't expect that when the secret place of yuanci came, zhuyingkong and his sister would take the opportunity to come to the city of protecting the road in the ancient wasteland to destroy the city!

This is indeed a very bold move.

But for Zhu Yingkong, this is nothing at all. He is not only confident in his own strength, but also confident in his spiritual tattoo attainments!

It should be noted that the inheritance of their candle dragon pulse in Lingwen is one of the best in the whole eight domains.

Of course, this siege is not just the two brothers and sisters of candle Yingkong. In the dark, there are many strong men who belong to Yin Jue ancient region waiting.


Suddenly, a pair of strange halos appeared in the empty eyes, one black and one white, just like Yin and Yang, flowing out the strange secret pattern symbols.

The pupil of the candle dragon!

It is said that when the candle dragon opens his eyes, it is day. When he closes his eyes, it is night. He breathes for winter and breathes for summer. He is in charge of black and white day and night and the rotation of the four seasons.

Of course, hearsay is hearsay after all, but the pupil of the candle dragon is recognized as the "first-class talent magic power".

In this pupil scanning, we can see through the essence of all things, and all illusions can be clearly broken.

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This is also an important reason why almost all the strong people in the circle of candle dragon have high attainments in spiritual tattoos.

With this magical power to cultivate spiritual lines, it has an absolute congenital advantage!

Soon, under the scanning of the empty pupil of the candle, he could see all the huge city of the moat, including a large array of traces imprinted in the city wall.

"Four killing arrays, eight defending arrays..."

"It's a powerful method. The pattern of Taoist pattern is covered under the ground, so that all the potential of heaven and earth can be contained in one city. The so-called formation of the array is the same as that of heaven and earth

"In half a year or so, he was able to build such a large holy Forbidden City, which was much more difficult than some old Daowen masters of our family..."

"Eh, this kind of pattern layout is really miraculous and rare. It inherits itself as a whole and turns every brick and stone into a part of the array. Why have I never heard of such means?"

A moment later, the candle reflected in the sky, showing a look of surprise.

Born in the vein of candlelight dragon, he has seen many kinds of Daowen inheritance, but he has never seen such a strange Daowen inheritance.

This is like a city, completely into a big array, the array is the city, the city is the array, regardless of each other, as long as the array does not break, the city can last forever!

If the situation did not allow it, the candle could not help but think about it carefully.

This is because such a large array of Taoist patterns can definitely be called the ancient and the modern. Even if it is unique among the eight regions, the mystery contained in it is also amazing.

"He Lintian, a young man who came from the ancient wasteland, where did he get these spiritual tattoos? Why have I never heard of it? "

The candle reflected in the hollow, quite surprised.

As far as he knows, there were never any powerful spiritual tattoos in the ancient wasteland, and there were no powerful ethnic groups with spiritual tattoos.

However, Lintian had built such an incredible array, which was too incredible.

Candlelight Yingkong didn't know that Lintian's Daowen inheritance came from lubeya, but lubeya didn't belong to the people in the nine regions.

If you let Lintian know, candlelight Yingkong would be shocked, I'm afraid it would be very strange, because he learned the spirit tattoo from childhood, which was the same!

"Brother, is it all right?"

Waiting for a long time, but also did not see the candle Yingkong reaction, candle Yingxue can not help but make a sound.

Candle Yingkong woke up from his meditation, and his eyes flashed. He said, "sister, I really hope that Lintian won't be killed by those guys in xueqingyi now."

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Candle Ying snow surprised: "why?"

"This son's spiritual tattoo inheritance is extremely wonderful and powerful beyond imagination. It's more than the highest spiritual tattoo inheritance of our candle dragon, and it has its own pulse. If we can seize this inheritance in our hands..."Speaking of this, the candle reflected in the empty eyes with a touch of exuberance, "I am absolutely confident that I can reproduce the deeds of my ancestors and build the road of the great emperor with the power of spiritual tattoos!"

Candle Yingxue was surprised, but he didn't agree: "what's the qualification of that guy to be compared with the spirit pattern of our ethnic group?"

Candle Yingkong smiles, without much explanation.

As long as he knew how extraordinary Lintian's spiritual pattern inheritance was!

"Sister, send someone to heiyahai to have a look. If Ruolin is dead, remember to take down his relics."

The candle reflects the sky to command a way.

"Blood green clothes, will they agree?"

The candle reflects the snow and frowns.

She knew that xueqingyi invited her brother zhuyingkong to fight against Lintian, but she was rejected by her brother.

Candlelight Yingkong said without hesitation: "then tell him that as long as Lintian's relics related to Lingwen and he agrees, candlelight Yingkong can owe him a favor."

Zhu Yingxue was shocked this time, but she was very clear that her brother's status in the ancient Yin Jue area was so detached that he owed him a favor, which would make any big man moved!

From this, we can also see how much the candle Yingkong attached importance to Lintian's spiritual pattern inheritance.

Without further delay, the candle went away in a hurry.

Candlelight Yingkong stays there and continues to see the secret of the array road hidden in the city of road protection with the pupil of candlelight dragon.

The more he looked, the more he felt.

It's like finding a way to become an emperor. He can't help but have a desire to succeed.

But soon the candlelight calmed down.

The most urgent task is to see through the essence of this array, step through the city, and destroy the foundation of the ancient wilderness camp!


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In the distance, SHAOHAO and ruowu stand side by side.

"Sure enough, after Lintian left, someone with ulterior motives jumped out."

SHAOHAO frowns. He recognizes the identity of candle Yingkong.

"The best thing about the candle dragon pulse is the spirit tattoo. He's obviously trying to solve the mystery of the big array in the city. If he can do it, it's not good."

If dance, there is a touch of congealing color between eyebrows.

It seems that there is only one person in the candlelight sky, but behind him stands the whole camp of Yin Jue ancient region, which is enough to make anyone afraid.

Once he has seen through the mystery of the great array, the existence of the great array will not be able to protect the city!

"As expected, none of the eight Jue in Qingming was an oil saving lamp. However, we don't have to worry about it. When Lintian left, he said that just staying in the city was enough to be invincible."

SHAOHAO said with a smile.

Ruo Wu sighed softly: "you know, what I'm most worried about now is Lintian. He dares to show up here in the sky, and I don't know how many dangers are waiting for Lintian."

SHAOHAO was a little silent, but he said with a smile: "how many sages are there? Let's see what his means are! That's what Lintian said. Since he dares to go, he must be sure of everything. "

"I hope so..."

If dance murmurs.


Time goes by bit.

Candle Yingkong looks more and more serious and dignified. Even with the help of "the pupil of the candle dragon", he still finds it extremely difficult to solve the mystery of the big array in the city.

On the one hand, it is obscure and complicated. The most fundamental reason is that he has never seen such a method of array arrangement before!

"Brother, it's not good!"

All of a sudden, there was a sound of panic in zhuyingkong's ear. He suddenly drew back his eyes, turned his head and looked away. Then he saw his sister zhuyingxue rushing anxiously.

"What happened? Don't you agree? "

The candle frowned in the sky.

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"No, it's the blood green clothes They are defeated

The candle reflects the panic on snow's face.

The candle reflected in the sky at this moment also had a sense of unprepared, a look of consternation, as far as he knew, the blood green clothes but called hundreds of juetong saints, as well as more than 800 real saints.

Besides, the two leaders, Shi POHAI and Hua Hongxiao, were in charge together. They just killed Lintian. It was so easy.

But how could Lost?

The first reaction of candlelight is, is there any wrong information?

But after the description of the candle reflecting the snow, the candle reflecting the sky could not help but look cloudy and sunny. If it was true, wouldn't it be said that Lintian would kill them in blood and blue, and they would fall apart?

How is that possible?

Before long, there was a sound of breaking the air in the distance. Some of the top sages of the ancient Yin Jue kingdom came through the air, and they all looked frightened and worried.

"Little master, it's not a good thing. On the other side of yuanci's secret place, they were defeated by xueqingyi!"

"According to a sage of Xingsha ancient region who was lucky enough to escape, there were nearly hundreds of juetong saints on the spot. Xueqingyi, shipohai and huahongxiao were all defeated by Lintian, and they were killed and ran away!""Young master, it's not suitable to stay here for a long time!"

In all sorts of voices, he finally let candlelight Yingkong know the beginning and end of the war. He could not help but take a breath, and his heart was shaken.

How could Lintian be so fierce?

Did he create his own law and have the invincible details of this situation?

But even so, it is impossible to block the attack of xueqingyi and others alone!

For a time, countless doubts poured into his mind, making him look uncertain and restless.

"Brother, do we have to leave soon?"

Candlelight Yingxue has scared Huarong bleak, just listen to the news let her cold, too strange, also too frightening!

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