They had lunch at their house.

Lin Qing He wasn't a miser, she served our a few solid dishes. The table was completely harmonious.

When Su Da Lin cycled Zhou Xiao Mei back, he stuttered as he spoke: "Four...Fourth brother and...Fourth Sister-in-law...are very nice."

Zhou Xiao Mei hugged his waist with a sweet expression: "That's for sure. Da Lin, my fourth sister-in-law told me that we need to save a bit. There's a chance we'll be able to buy a big house to live in."

Su Da Lin agreed. Although he spent a lot of time marrying his wife this time, he still has more than a thousand yuans in his saving. This family was definitely quite rich in this era.

The husband and wife returned home, while on Lin Qing He's side, a couple discussion was happening.

"Although it's a little stuttering, as long as he treats Xiao Mei with all his heart, there's basically no problem." Lin Qing He told Zhou Qingbai.

"En." Zhou Qing Bai acknowledged.

Toward this Meifu, Su Dalin, he had no prejudice. What's more, as a person, he was great.

"Eldest Gujie and Second Gujie had no time to return when Xiao Mei married. They will probably return on the second day of the New Year." Lin Qing He said.

This time Zhou Xiao Mei got married, the oldest Guzi, Zhou Xiao Juan and the second Guzi, Zhou Xiao Ju did not return.

Zhou Xiao Juan had caught a cold this time, and it was severe. However, she did get her husband to send five yuan as a dowry gift. It counted as her blessing.

Because of her mother-in-law catching a severe cold, Zhou Xiao Ju had no choice but to stay behind and care for her as her husband was the only child. She also got her husband to deliver the five yuans to express her thoughts.

This Eldest Gujie and Second Gujie were the two eldest sisters, older than Eldest Brother. If men and women were counted together, Eldest Brother would rank third.

However, they don't mix it together over here. They ranked men only their own, same with the women.

"Want to go to the county city?" Zhou Qing Bai understood his wife and looked at her.

"Rather than the second day of New Year, it'll be the same to go on the third day." Lin Qing He decided.

If Zhou Xiao Mei wanted to visit, then they must stay this year. As for Eldest Gujie and Second Gujie, it didn't matter, because Lin Qing He was not very familiar with them.

Then Lin Qing He went over last year's photos.

Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa all gathered around to look together. They liked their own photos.

"Mother, can we still take a picture during this year's trip to the county city?" Da Wa gazed expectantly at his mother.

"Take it, Mother?" Er Wa also looked hopefully at his mother.

"Want photos!" San Wa nodded.

Lin Qing He nodded: "Since you behaved very well this year, we can take picture for another year."

The three children cheered.

In the evening Lin Qing He was still gazing at the photos. After she had her fill of being vain, she admired Zhou Qing Bai's.

Zhou Qing Bai's picture was also very serious. Even though Lin Qing He requested him to look softer, he still didn't smile. From the looks of it, that was the kind of man he was.

"Just lack photo frames, otherwise I will put them all into a photo frame." Lin Qing He remarked.

Zhou Qing Bai's eyebrows were soft and spoke, "I can ask the carpenter to make some."

Lin Qing He changed her mind again: "Forget it, leave it to the future. Taking pictures once every year, we'll have a lot of them accumulated. Better to not take up space."

Zhou Qing Bai left it up to her.

It snowed. There basically no activity. Zhou Qing Bai carried back two little piglets to raise. Lin Qing He pondered on food every day.

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