Chapter 1066: Powerful Method

They’d seen their share of powerful people before, but not one like Lin Yi who slammed holes in someone’s car just because they didn’t move!

The sunglasses guy was silent now- he didn’t expect for Lin Yi to be this tough, he seemed to be a master, too! A look of coldness flashed across his eyes, although shielded by the sunglasses, unable to be seen by the crowd!

Seeing Lin Yi kick his car away, the baldy didn’t continue barking. He didn’t leave his car, but went deep into thought instead!

Was this person Feng Xiaoxiao’s bodyguard? The situation was getting complicated!

The people who saw the baldy get his car kicked started laughing when they realized that he wasn’t coming out to fight back!

This person was a chicken! The guy was kicking his car already, and he didn’t even make one sound, was this what a man should be liek?


“Trash! Weren’t you barking a second ago?”

“Where’s your bravery? Didn’t you call him pretty boy? Call him pretty again!”

“That’s right, who’s the pretty boy now? That’s something called handsomeness, unlike someone’s bald-headed meanness! You’re the soft balled pretty boy!”

“You’re the 2B after all!”

The baldy was about to burst in anger as the crowd jeered at him, but he held it in! This wasn’t the time to be mad, there were still chances for him to get his revenge- he couldn’t lose this race because of his anger!

Lin Yi gave a dim look at the sunglasses baldy in the car, a small but faint smile on his face. The baldy was already suspicious enough to Lin Yi- the guy wasn’t reacting at all after he’d kicked his car, this wasn’t a normal man’s reaction!

And this didn’t match his personaliy from earlier!

Lin Yi was being suspicious, but the baldy was being rather troubled. He also felt that Lin Yi was suspecting him, but he had no choice!

He came here to look more like a gangster that raced around these parts, that was what inspired him to speak that way to Xiaoxiao like a thug hittin on a girl. This was to fit in!

But the guy with Xiaoxiao was such an arrogant man, kicking the car after a couple of words! This was a violent madman, and he wondered where on earth Feng Xiaxiao got herself such a raging bull!

But it was too late to regret it- he didn’t want to get into conflict with Lin Yi right now. If they fought right before the race, that would affect the match- if they were to cancel their race and split the two into different matches, it wouldn’t be what he wanted at all!

He’d waited a long time for this, for Xiaoxiao to be in his field- he didn’t want to give this up! It was fine to get insulted and jeered at, as long as it didn’t afffect the race, then his goal would be achieved!

Fortunately for him, Lin Yi left him alone and went back to his car now that he wasn’t reacting.

Xiaoxiao frowned as well, frowning. The land rover was much heavier than her Audi, and in a race like this they’d lose for sure! This road hadn’t been repaired for a long time, too, and the rover was in an advantage if it raced against the Audi!

“Honey, maybe we should apply and get a different race? His car…” Xiaoxiao said worriedly with one look at the rover.

“It’s fine…” Lin yi waved his hand dully. Usually he’d listen to her suggestion, but he felt that there was something wrong with this baldy. He wanted to see what he was planning, of course.

Lin Yi adjusted the seat- now both of them could sit there.

Lin Yi went in and told Xiaoxiao to sit on him, “Come, Xiaoxiao!”

Seeing the confidence in Lin Yi’s face, she got on- this made it feel like he would be driving while holding her!

This was, naturally, a dangerous move. Even if they weren’t racing, doing this on a normal road was something one should not be doing- and they were in a race right now, too!

“Ohhh…” The crowd started cheering!

They’d seen some high level driving behavior before, like the guy driving with the co-driver girl helping him out ‘down there’- but compared to Lin Yi’s stunt, those weren’t much at all!

Hugging together in a four armed and four legged state- if one of them were out of sync that’d result in a huge car accident!

The sunglasses guy saw the scene as well, and an odd look passed by his face! Never would he have thought that Lin Yi would attempt a stunt so dangerous- although, this saved him the trouble! This way, Xiaoxiao’s car would lose control even more easily!

However, whether or not Lin Yi died in this race wasn’t something the crowd cared about. In this race, many lost their lives in a year- but no one spread the news of that death due to the rules of restriction.

“Everybody quiet down, the race is about to start!” The voice boomed across the area It was the voice of a judge-like man, and a boy came over and stood some distance in front of the cars, flag in hand.

“We’ll go when he waves the flag,” Xiaoxiao explained, “How do we do this?”

“I’ll control the gas and brakes. As for the steering wheel, I’ll guide your hands to steer!” Lin Yi said,

“Alright, no problem!” Xiaoxiao said excitedly.

Actually, doing this wasn’t much different from Lin Yi doing it alone, except for the extra danger it brought- he only wanted Xiaoxiao to experience what it was like being a racer.

Xiaoxaio liked this method as well, and she squeezed her body into the embrace of Lin Yi’s- she felt very comfortable like this, since there wasn’t much intimacy in actions between them other than holding hands. Today was the first!

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