The candle reflected in the sky, and his face was uncertain.

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Their defeat in xueqingyi was just like a thunderbolt, which made him feel agitated and unable to calm down. It was impossible to imagine how such appalling things could happen.

He looked at the city wall filled with golden sacred breath in the distance, kept silent for a long time, and finally spat out a word from his teeth:


Then he turned away.

Along the way, the candle reflected in the sky and never looked back.

From the moment of their tragic defeat in xueqingyi, he knew that it didn't matter to break through the city of protecting the road in the ancient wasteland.

Because of this defeat, it is very likely to change the pattern of the whole nine domain battlefield!

Just imagine, Xue Qingyi and others failed. This time, the eight regions who originally went to yuanci's secret place, how could they have the chance to become a saint?

And the strong in the ancient wasteland can take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the opportunities in the secret place of yuanci, so that many top saints emerge at one stroke!

In the past, the ancient wilderness camp was just like a two legged sheep. It was so weak that it could only be slaughtered and would not be seen by the eight domains camp.

But from now on, it is destined to be different!

It's not only because of the emergence of such a fierce and fierce character as Lintian, but also because his camp will have the inside information to compete with the eight domains camp!

It's no exaggeration to say that xueqingyi seems to be just a fiasco, but in fact, it is enough to affect the change of the battlefield pattern of the whole nine regions.

This is the most frightening thing for candlelight!

Along the way, candle Yingkong appears extremely silent, silent, candle Yingxue and many other strong people in the ancient world follow, the heart is not calm.

Blood green clothes, they worked hard to mobilize the masses and put on such a strong hand. They were all defeated by Lintian. How terrible was that?

Looking at the whole nine domain battlefield, who else can be its opponent?

The more you think about it, the more frightened they are.

All of a sudden, there was a sound of breaking the air in the distance. It was a group of true saints, but they looked pale and panicked one by one. They were obviously on the run.

"What happened?"

Candle Ying empty hand, directly stopped a look relatively calm some middle-aged man.

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Obviously, up to this time, the candle Yingkong could not believe the fact that they were defeated by xueqingyi.

When the middle-aged man was intercepted, he was startled, but when he saw clearly that he was the strong man in the ancient Yin Jue area, he was relieved.

Immediately, he told the whole story of the battle that had happened on the Bank of the black cliff sea. His voice was filled with uncontrollable fear.

After listening to the candle, he could not help but sigh. His face was uncertain. He could already tell the truth of the news.

"One person can bring the ancient wilderness camp back to life? Lin Xun It's a terrible monster. "

The candle is heavy.

There is no longer any stay, with a group of Yin Jue ancient strong left in a hurry.


At the same time, Shao Hao and Ruo Wu are all stunned.

How could candle Yingkong leave like this?

This is abnormal!

"Just now, when they talked, they looked flustered, especially the candle reflected in the snow. It was as if they had been excessively frightened. Could it be that something very unusual happened in yuanci's secret place?"

If the heart moves.

SHAOHAO pondered a little, then made a decision: "I'll go and have a look."


If the dance stops, "what if it's a trap?"

SHAOHAO said with a little smile, "if it's too big to escape, do you still think I can't even save my life?"

With that, he was gone.

If you think about it, you will be relieved.

At the beginning, SHAOHAO was able to escape the pursuit of many top sages with a kind of ancient wasteland strongman. Naturally, there is no doubt about his own fighting power.

In particular, he still has a copy of the emperor's Taoist Scripture in his hand, which is a weapon to protect his life.

Before long, SHAOHAO returned, but he looked very strange. He was puzzled and unbelievable.

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"Why so fast?"

If dance can't help asking.

With a puff, a figure was thrown on the ground. This is a white haired old man from Xingsha ancient region.

"On the way, I caught the old guy. After a little interrogation, he told the truth about what happened in yuanci secret place."

SHAOHAO sorted out his thoughts, took a deep breath, and said, "it's just that I didn't think of it at all. How could How could such an incredible thing have happened. "

In a word, she aroused Ruo Wu's curiosity. She woke the old man up and began to question him.

Before long, if dance knew everything, the whole person also suddenly Leng in that, Yan Li refined face emerged uncontrollable shock.

"This Isn't that too fierce? "

If she stutters when dancing and talking, it can be seen how restless she is."How many heads of the saints Ha ha ha, what a Lintian, what a world shaking battle to fight, good! "

SHAOHAO laughs, and his voice shakes the sky.

Man's blood, from the heroic, think of Lintian a person, anger broke thousands of troops, swept ten, incomparable scene.

He SHAOHAO, though unable to get there, was determined to go there.

If the dance also eyebrows, a hard wave of that crystal clear as jade Fist: "such feats, since ancient times have never been, ancient and modern heroes, unrivalled!"

"You two, I've already said what I should say. Can you Give me a good time? "

The old man spoke weakly.

He obviously realized that he was doomed this time, so it was better to have a good time.

"As you wish."

Shao Hao plays between his fingers, and the old man dies.

On this day, the ancient wasteland camp was a sensation, with thousands of people cheering, and countless people celebrating. The city of road protection was full of noisy and jubilant scenes.

Lintian killed all sides and successfully escorted a group of juetong figures from ancient wasteland into yuanci's secret place. For their ancient wasteland camp, it means that a group of juetong saints will emerge in the future!

After that, why are they afraid to fight with other eight domains?

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What shocked and inspired them most was that Lintian was able to suppress the three Qingming bajue level figures by himself, which meant that as long as Lintian was in charge, the ancient wilderness camp would not be bullied as before!




On this day, countless ancient wilderness strongmen are chanting and remembering this legendary name. No matter who they are, they will feel admiration, excitement and gratitude.

Because everyone knows that the ancient wasteland camp can survive in this fierce nine domain battlefield, and Lintian is the greatest contributor!

It is no exaggeration to say that he changed the situation of the ancient wilderness camp alone!

Even those ancient orthodoxy and huge ethnic groups who had been hostile to Lintian many times before were silent now.

They can continue to hate Lintian, but in this nine domain battlefield, they have to rely on Lintian to live!


On this day, the news about the war spread rapidly in the battlefield of the nine regions as if it had wings, setting off an uproar.

"How is that possible? How could he be so terrible? "

"Hundreds of top saints and three leaders, such as xueqingyi, were defeated by Nalin at last?"

"Damn it

"Is that little bastard invincible?"

This kind of discussion is constantly heard in the eight ancient camps of Beiming, yinjue, Xingsha, Jiuli, Xuemo and Daluo.

The area where the major camps are located is like a frying pan. I don't know how many people are shocked and shocked by it.

It's incredible.

In the past, many people subconsciously believed that the reason why Lintian was able to remove the seven regions' allied forces was that with the help of the power of the array, his personal combat power was not strong enough to be invincible.

But now, the news says that he is the only one to beat the three leaders, which is incredible!

It should be noted that the eight unique talents of Qingming have already represented the highest combat power in the nine regions. Even three of them were defeated by Lintian alone. Doesn't that mean that Lintian is the first person in the nine regions?

No one can believe it!

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The eight regions camp has always despised and despised the ancient wilderness camp. Who is willing to accept such a cruel thing?

Compared with the uproar, some old people have begun to be worried and aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Although xueqingyi and others were defeated in this battle, they were also defeated by the eight regions, because in the end, no one in the eight regions entered the yuanci secret land!

After this event, the ancient wilderness is destined to emerge a group of top saints, which is enough to make the situation of the ancient wilderness camp change dramatically.

This is the most terrible and worrying!

"In the final analysis, the two previous battles between the nine domains were the battles between the eight domains. Can't they be changed this time?"

I don't know how many people sigh for it.

"Where did Lintian come from? How could he be so powerful?"

More people are analyzing and speculating about Lintian. They seem to have treated Lintian as the number one threat and dare not neglect him as before.

Saints are not big cabbages!

Each domain camp seems to have many top saints and true saints sitting together, but they represent the inside information of the whole domain!

Only in the battlefield of nine regions can we see so many saints gathering together to fight.

In the eight realms, it is impossible to see such a scene in ordinary times.

Just like the ancient wilderness camp, it seems that there is no shortage of first-class real saints. However, it should be noted that those saints come from different ancient forces and different large ethnic groups.In the ancient wasteland world, these saints could not appear in the world easily. How could they be seen frequently?

But now, Lintian regarded the saints like weeds. For more than a year, there were many saints and true saints who died in his hands.

This is no doubt too terrible, enough to make anyone can't sit, tremble!

However, compared with these, the things that really make the eight regions camp feel serious, or even cold, have something to do with jianqingchen.

Because in the news, Jian Qingchen had already died in Lintian's hands before the battle broke out!

Jian Qingchen, the leader of Daluo ancient region, a legendary existence with the title of "crown ten sides", and a peerless Jian Xiu with the inside information of the top holy land, died in the hands of that Lintian without anyone knowing?

It's terrible!


(go out in the evening, 2 shifts in a row!)

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