Zhou Qing Bai returned after one o'clock in the afternoon with a full load of firewood, which was at least four or five bundles.

"You should be hungry. Hurry in and eat. I will heat it up for you." Lin Qing He said.

"Taking advantage of these days, I will get more back." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

With a bike, he brought back so many. It was almost sufficient after a few more trips, so Lin Qing He gave no objection. She warmed up the buns and the side dishes.

While Lin Qing He warmed his meals, he put the firewood in the backyard, so Lin Qing He didn't have to do it later.

Zhou Qing Bai was indeed starving and with his appetite already large, he wiped clean everything Lin Qing He heated up.

"Go rest a bit. There's nothing left to do at home." Lin Qing He urged.

Zhou Qing Bai agreed.

He still didn't know about his wife's fight. It was when he was about to go out the next day to get firewood, he got blocked by Second Brother and heard his grumbling, did he found out.

"I didn't know about this matter yet, so I can't give you any explanations. We'll talk about it when I come back." Zhou Qing Bai finished and hopped on the bike.

When he came back in the afternoon, he asked his wife while he was washing his face.

"What? He dares to come and complain to you? It was she who first moved her mouth. She also struck out first. Still, dare to complain?" Lin Qing He sneered.

"She hit you?" Zhou Qing Bai asked.

Lin Qing He noticed his focus was on that part and was immediately healed. She beamed: "I'm fine. She just shoved me a bit and got thrown by me."

Then added: "At that time, Father, Mother, and the other two sisters-in-law were there. I have a lot of witnesses on this matter. Even if her old Chen family comes over, I can beat them away!"

Zhou Qing Bai nodded and stated: "If they really dare to come over, you don't need to take action."

Lin Qing He got his meaning and shot a grin at him. Zhou Qing Bai returned a soft gaze, said, "In the future, tell me about these matters straightaway. I won't be angry."

"OK." Lin Qing He nodded and continued, "Actually, I haven't taken this seriously. She has endured me for a long time. I also find her displeasing for a long time. The day before yesterday's fight was actually quite refreshing."

Zhou Qing Bai: "..." This time, his gaze toward his wife was a bit helpless.

Zhou Qing Bai knew that his wife couldn't be blamed for this matter, so naturally, he ignored Second Brother. On this matter, Second Brother only came over to grumble. In fact, he wanted to express was out of all things, why did you have to teach your wife how to fight?

However, before this main point was finished, it was dismissed by Zhou Qing Bai. With this, it was over.

Zhou Qing Bai had been busy working these few days. He had prepared all the firewood that his family needs for winter.

Once he finished, and it snowed.

What's more, a lot got accumulated on the ground.

At the end of November, Zhou Xiao Mei got married. The whole family sent her off. Because it was too cold and the snow was still falling, everything was simple.

Out of the wedding gifts, a bicycle remained. The others were displayed for a bit before gifting it back.

The banquet was also held at the in-law's place. Zhou Qing Bai and his brothers had went over, while Lin Qing He and the children didn't attend.

Zhou Xiao Mei really liked the quilt and two pieces of soap that Lin Qing He had gifted, especially two pieces of soap. Whoever used it, knew how effective and how fragrant it was.

Eldest Sister-in-law gifted a pair of enamel cups, while Third Sister-in-law sent two towels. As for Second Sister-in-law really buttoned up, she didn’t give anything at all.

No one criticized her, they didn't want to cause any unpleasantness for such a small thing. After all, it made no difference whether it was included or not.

Three days later, Zhou Xiao Mei came back with Su Da Lin.

They brought back return gifts for the three families. Lin Qing He's side received a jar of malted milk powder and two bags of white rabbit candy. They had dropped the things here first before heading back to her maternal home.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law each got a pack of white rabbit candy. And Second Sister-in-law, she received nothing.

Zhou Xiao Mei wasn't one to be courteous. Among the sisters-in-law, who treated her well and who didn't take her seriously, she was very clear.

For example, this Second Sister-in-law. Since she wasn't even bothered to give a little dowry, then she won't give any respect to her.

In fact, Zhou Xiao Mei knew that her fourth sister-in-law had the best living condition. She had no expectation for the other three sisters-in-law, it was more or less the intention they conveyed.

For example, Eldest Sister-in-law's enamel cups and Third sister-in-law's towels. They were not worth much money, but it was the thought that counts, right?

She didn’t give anything, so why would she prepare her a return gift? Even when Su Da Lin said it was for the better, she maintained her stance.

After visiting the old Zhou's house, Zhou Xiao Mei brought Su Da Lin to her fourth brother and fourth sister-in-law's house.

Su Da Lin conversed with Zhou Qing Bai in the hall, while Lin Qing He went into the room with Zhou Xiao Mei.

"Judging by your appearance, you got moisturize pretty well. Your complexion is white and rosy." Once they entered the door, Lin Qing He opened a perverted topic.

Causing Zhou Xiao Mei, who recently married and became a woman, to blush severely.

"To the main point, is Da Wa's young Guzhang good to you?" Lin Qing He asked in a low voice.

"He's treats me pretty well." Zhou Xiao Mei answered with a flushed face.

"That's good, I can rest assured then." Lin Qing He expressed with satisfaction: "Now it's cold these days. You are burning coal there, so better pay attention to ventilation."

"En, Da Lin understand these." Zhou Xiao Mei nodded.

"Just now, I saw there was a little dispute when you two came over. Why?" Lin Qing He asked.

"It's about Second Sister-in-law. She was speaking like riddles when we went over. When I got married, she didn't prepare anything for me. Her hands were empty-handed, so I returned the favor to her. Da Lin said it's not good to act like this and I retorted a bit to him." Zhou Xiao Mei explained.

Lin Qinghe smiled: "Da Wa's Guzhang is too kind-hearted."

"He is, but I'm not. She deserved the beating from Fourth Sister-in-law last time. Her mouth is harsher than before." Zhou Xiao Mei snorted.

"Can't be bothered with her.It's not like the world won't spin without her." Lin Qing He said.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, I feel very blessed now." Zhou Xiao Mei beamed again.

Lin Qing He grinned and advised, "Both of you have jobs. From now on, save a bit and see if you can save a sum of money to buy a bigger house."

"He has saved some." Zhou Xiao Mei mentioned shyly.

"It's only right to save some, but he also spent a lot of money in order for you to marry him splendidly. So, save a little in the future. I am also saving money now. If I can buy a house, I will buy one in the city." Lin Qing He said.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, you plan to buy a house in the city?" Zhou Xiao Mei looked at her.

"In the current situation, can't buy one. Once we moved there, there's no work. I'm saving it for future use." Lin Qing He replied.

"Will the situation be better in the future?" Zhou Xiao Mei was taken aback.

"People have to learn to see the bright side. If we don't have money in our hands, even if the situation improves in the future, we won't be able to have a chance. If we have savings in our hands, we will buy it if able to then." Lin Qing He explained.

"En, I'll listen to you, Fourth Sister-in-law, and save money." Zhou Xiao Mei nodded.

"Now on these cold days, don't touch the cold water on the normal circumstance. Pay attention to your period. I estimate you'll be pregnant soon." Lin Qing He suggested.

Zhou Xiao Mei blushed again.

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