Mother Zhou shot a glare at Father Zhou.

"Don't mind them. I think this quilt is brand new." Father Zhou examined the new quilt.

Mother Zhou’s attention shifted to this: “It’s newly-made. Really thoughtful.”

Then whispered, “Old man, how much box fund do you intend to give Xiao Mei?”"You decide." Father Zhou said.

"Then give fifty?" Mother Zhou replied.

"Isn't that a bit little?" Father Zhou blankly stared at her.

Mother Zhou responded: "What little. She and Da Lin both have jobs. They can make a lot of money every month. In the end, only a bit was divided to the family. Her work didn't bring much back, how much do you expect?"

"That side gave the four major gifts," Zhou Father pointed out.

"Keep the bicycle at home, and send everything else back with her. At that time, there's be this quilt, soaps, hot water bottle, and the likes." Mother Zhou stated.

Father Zhou had no comment.

Mother Zhou said in a small voice: "We still need to save money for Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa's marriage. Look how Da Wa's Mother extravagantly splurge. They can't save much. What should to do when the boys marry?"

At this, Father Zhou still said nothing.

It was true that his daughter has no shortage over there. Then leave it for Da Wa and his brothers.

The old couple neglected Second Sister-in-law. After all, she was the one who started the fight first. Everyone saw her pushing Fourth's wife first. Who can she blame when she got thrown?

But how could Second Sister-in-law be willing to leave it like this? Second brother came back from the outside and saw her lying on the kang as she groaned in pain.

"Why are you crying out for?" Second Brother asked.

"Damn you! Your wife nearly got beaten to death and where did you run off to!" Second Sister-in-law yelled at once.

Second Brother was shocked: "Got beaten! Who dare to beat you?"

Second Sister-in-law gritted her teeth as she uttered, "It was that Fourth's wife. Lin Qing He beat me!"

"You got to be kidding me." Second Brother frowned: "How can you not win against her? With her dainty appearance, does she know how to fight? Two of your push is enough."

Second Sister-in-law was so vexed: "Whose's side are you on? I was beaten by Lin Qing He. Father, Mother, and the other sisters-in-law saw it with their own eyes. If you don't believe me, you can ask them. I'm telling you, Zhou Qing Lin, this matter between Lin Qing He and I ain't over. If your old Lin Zhou Family doesn't hold her accountable, then I will go back to my maternal house to find my brothers. My brothers won't agree to me getting beaten!"

Second Brother frowned. He came out and asked Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law: "Eldest Sister-in-law, Third Sister-in-law, what happened? San Ni's Mother is making a ruckus to go back to her mother's house."

"Speaking truthfully, on this matter, it was San Ni's Mother who shoved Da Wa's Mother first." Eldest Sister-in-law answered honestly.

"Father and Mother were all present at the time. Third Second Sister-in-law pushed Da Wa's Mother first, and then Da Wa's Mother threw her over the shoulder." Third Sister-in-law added.

"Over the shoulder?" Second Brother was taken aback.

"Probably taught by the Fourth Brother-in-law," replied Third Sister-in-law.

"What? Is your wife throwing a tantrum?" At this time, Mother Zhou came out of the room and looked at Second Brother.

"Mother, San Ni's mother is currently making a scene, wanting to go back to her maternal house to find her brother(s) to come over to give her justice." Second Brother hastily explained.

"Alright, go back then! Let's see if my old Zhou Family is easy to bully. Go, and go back for me now!" When Mother Zhou heard this, her face became solemn and shouted toward Second Sister-in-law's room.

"Mother, I've been beaten like this and you're still partial to her. Are we not your daughters-in-law!?" Second Sister-in-law angrily talked back.

"I'll ask you then. On today's matter of you receiving a shoulder throw, who was the one who moved their mouth first? Who wanted to move their hand today?" Mother Zhou Mu questioned.

Second Sister-in-law was silent.

"Let alone getting old Second to cause a scene, even if you go find those brothers from your old Chen Family, I can get them to return with their tail between their legs. You spoke first. You also moved first. You can't beat her with your tongue, you use your hand. You can't win with your hand, you still feel you're in the right? If you are discontent, then pack your things and go back to your old Chen's house. Let your old mother come talk to me. I want to ask her how she teaches her daughter!" Mother Zhou reprimanded

At that side, Second Sister-in-law dared not to speak.

"Go back, keep a good eye on your wife. All-day long, she wagged her tongue and no growth in other aspects can be seen." Mother Zhou also targeted Second Brother.

Second Brother fleed into his room in disgrace. He disgruntedly vented: "What are you doing when it's your fault? You made me get scolded by Mother."

Second Sister-in-law angrily turned around to cry.

There's no justice! She was the one who got beaten, and it was still her fault!?

Lin Qing He, on the other hand, was ready for Second Sister-in-law to come to find fault with her maternal family. But no one came after she waited for the whole afternoon.

Judging by the looks of it, it was suppressed by Mother Zhou.

Lin Qing He sent Zhou Qing Bai off to get firewood the next day.

Although their household was allocated a lot of burning material this year, they weren't adequate, so more firewood was needed.

It was easy to ride a bicycle over and come back with a load or two.

Because Zhou Qing Bai was at home, naturally, Zhou Dong was no longer needed. This year Zhou Dong and Zhou Xi also gained a lot of food. It was enough to eat.

Zhou Qing Bai was still clueless about his wife beating someone up, but there was indeed a shortage of firewood at home, so he went out to work after lunch.

Lin Qing He started steaming sweet potatoes to prepare to make sweet potato mantou.

This time, there were a lot of sweet potatoes at home. Perfect for sweet potato mantou. Nowadays, it was getting colder and colder each day and today it had increased a bit.

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