Daruo ancient region camp.

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In the huge moat City, the great figures of various ethnic groups gathered in front of the palace which originally belonged to jianqingchen.

The crowd is furious!

When the news about jianqingchen's death came back, the whole daraguyu camp was like a frying pan. No one dared to believe it.

So almost for the first time, they came together to ask Qin Xiaosheng, who is now in charge of all the affairs of the Daluo ancient camp, for an explanation!

Inside the palace, Qin Xiaosheng's face was blue and his whole body was full of horror.


In front of him, the paperwork exploded.

Qin Xiaosheng couldn't help killing himself. He growled: "a bunch of rubbish. They have been investigating for so long, but they haven't found out. It's Lintian who did it! Now, the whole world knows who the killer is earlier than us! "

There are also some top figures in the main hall, who are Qin Xiaosheng's confidants. They know the truth best. They thought that the news about Jian Qingchen's death could be kept secret all the time.

What ever thought, Lintian, the murderer jumped out first!

Today, the whole daraguyu camp is in turmoil and chaos.

"Elder Qin, there are many people outside waiting for your attitude."

Someone whispered.

Qin Xiaosheng took a deep breath, restrained his anger, grew up and walked out of the hall with a determined look.

This matter can not be concealed at all. The longer it takes, the more chaotic the situation in the daraguyu camp will be.

A decision has to be made.

Qin Xiaosheng has already figured out the wording. Don't you admit that you are the murderer? Then wait to suffer the hatred and anger of the whole daraguyu camp!


On this day, news came out from Daluo ancient region, confirming the death of Jian Qingchen. For a time, all major regions were sensational!

"Such peerless figures as Jian Qingchen It's really dead! "

"In the past, there has never been a leader's fall in the nine domains. I didn't think about it, but this time there was an accident."

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"He killed Jian Qingchen before he knew it. Lintian was so terrible that he could be called the number one enemy of eight regions!"

Countless voices mixed with shock, horror and fear rang out in the major domain camps.

On this day, Lintian's name was just like a heavy mountain, pressing on the hearts of every strong man in the eight regions.

Its power, cover the whole nine domain battlefield, no two!

"If I had known that, I should have promised xueqingyi..."

In the camp of Beiming ancient region, Kun Shaoyu was silent for a long time.

He didn't gloat at the news of xueqingyi's defeat and jianqingchen's death. He only felt sad about the rabbit's death.

Deep down, it's totally false to say you don't regret.


"It seems that xueqingyi was right. I underestimated Lintian too much. But who could have thought that there was such a cruel man in the ancient wasteland?"

In the Jiuli ancient camp, Chi Wushu's face was uncertain. For a long time, he could not help sighing.

He knew that when yuanci's secret land came, if he accepted xueqingyi's suggestion and relied on the leaders of the eight regions to join hands, he would definitely kill Lintian.

Unfortunately, such an excellent opportunity has been missed.


"From now on, the ancient wasteland camp is bound to sweep away the decline and rise strongly, especially Lin Xun!"

Tianhuo ancient region, fierce dry eyes in the fire, he realized that the situation of the whole nine regions battlefield, has changed.

If you don't kill Lintian, the ancient wilderness camp is doomed to be broken!

"Perhaps, Feixian battlefield is the last chance..."

Lie Qian clenched his palms and fingers quietly.


"A bunch of mindless idiots! If they didn't refuse to act together, how could this happen? Now, the three camps of our blood devil ancient region, dongsang ancient region and Xingsha ancient region suffered heavy casualties, while his ancient wasteland took advantage of the situation! "

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"Kun Shaoyu and Chi Wushu are now regretting It's too late! "

In the blood demon world, in the nine floor hall of the victory building, the blood green clothes are all over the hair, with a ferocious look and a furious look. The look is full of undisguised hatred.

This time, he lost most of his blood devil's ancient land!

Not only dozens of juetong saints and more than 400 true saints have suffered, but also some good seedlings who hope to become saints have been destroyed.

If you add in the casualties caused by Lintian when he was in the blood demon world The loss is immeasurable.

It is no exaggeration to say that now in the eight regions camp, the power of the blood devil ancient region camp has been weakened by more than half, and its vitality has been greatly damaged!

How can xueqingyi not hate it?

"Little Lord, there is a message from Kun Shaoyu, the ancient kingdom of Beiming. I want to cooperate with you to kill Lintian when the Feixian battle comes."

An old man came in a hurry to convey the news."Tell him there's no time!"

Xueqingyi was full of resentment and gnashed his teeth.

"Little Lord, Chi Wushu of Jiuli ancient region has sent a message that he apologizes to you for what happened last time. If possible, he hopes to join hands with you..."

Soon news came back.

"Didn't he laugh at me for being timid last time? If you join hands, I can't get up! "

Xueqingyi was furious. He would not forget how harsh and difficult the words Chi Wushu said when he refused his proposal last time.

Then, one after another, news came from the hands of other leaders in the field, with apologies in their words.

At the same time, he also wanted to invite Xue Qingyi to cooperate with him to get rid of Lintian, the "No. 1 enemy" when the Feixian battle came.

The blood green dress that is angry and resentful from now on, which possibility so casually agreed?

I didn't even think about it. I was rejected by him!

"What is it? When I asked you, you all sneered at each other and didn't want to join hands. Now you realize that Lintian was terrible, and you can't sit still. Don't you think it's funny?"

Blood green dress that call a grudge.

The key is that the casualties of the blood devil in the ancient region were too heavy. Lintian was so upset that he almost broke up, which made the heart of the blood green clothes dripping blood.

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But after several days of calm, Xue Qingyi finally had to admit that it was almost impossible to get rid of Lintian if she didn't agree to cooperate.

This son is too fierce, and the fighting power is superb, just with any leader, it is impossible to be his opponent!

"Six months, that is, half a year later, Feixian battle will come."

"At that time, those who hold the order of flying immortals will be moved to the secret place of flying immortals to fight for the" battle of the immortals... "

"ZHANXUN Daoyun is related to whether we can enter the Kunlun ruins. It seems that the ultimate goal of our leaders to participate in the struggle of the nine regions is to collect enough ZHANXUN Daoyun to have the qualification to go to the Kunlun ruins."

"There's no doubt that Lintian will go, and Kun Shaoyu and Chi Wushu will also take part in it. If I refuse to cooperate with them, I'll be in a bad situation in the Feixian battlefield..."

After thinking for a long time, Xue Qingyi finally sighed and realized that even if she was angry and depressed, if she wanted to get revenge, she could only agree to cooperate with Kun Shaoyu.

There's no other way!

On this day, news came that kunshaoyu, the ancient kingdom of Beiming, invited again

This is the third time.

Kunshaoyu seems to know that after xueqingyi calms down, he will not resist any more, so he does not give up the invitation.

This time, xueqingyi agreed.


Black cliff sea.

This is the tenth day of Lintian's retreat.

He looks old and quiet, and his whole body is full of holy and pure light. Behind his head, there is a round of holy way and Dharma. Surrounded by the rainbow, the light is like rain, reflecting the void like an abyss.

In his body, the boiling Shengyuan power turns into a golden ocean, surging and whistling among the four limbs, shining like the immortal sun.

With the development of "hundong", the power of these Shengyuan has become more and more pure and powerful.

Suddenly, in the mixed cave, "the source of daoshan" suddenly rose, rising!

Although still only the size of the thumb, can give people the feeling, like from a small hill into a mountain!

The original daoshan is where the foundation of the holy way lies, on which there is a body of Daoism and the power of the original. The more powerful the original daoshan is, the more stable and powerful the foundation of the holy way is.

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At this time, the original mountain of Lintian suddenly changed, showing a kind of atmosphere of covering the sky and the earth, and the verve of immeasurable!


At that moment, there was an amazing wave in Lintian's body. He rushed to the sky and scattered the clouds. The sea water was churning and the void was shaking.

The spiritual power of three thousand li was absorbed by him. He came from all directions and poured into Lintian's body.

All of a sudden, Lintian's body was full of light and rain, and the rainbow was flowing. The holy way was more powerful than before!

"True Holy Land!"

The black sea water is rolling, revealing a graceful figure as white as snow, just like a fairy bathing in it. Her gooseneck is slender, her fragrant shoulders are delicate, white and greasy, and the black sea water is turbulent, which makes the pair of snow-white plump in front of her body looming.

However, Zhao Jingxuan didn't seem to realize it. A look of surprise appeared on her beautiful face. Her beautiful eyes were looking at Lintian in the distance.

If she remembers correctly, it was about a year ago when Lin xuncai had just entered the highest holy land. Now, he has been promoted again?

It is more difficult to seek the holy way than to ascend to heaven. Every step will take a lot of time, energy and opportunity!

Some old monsters in holy land have been closed for thousands of years, but even so, their cultivation level can not be improved.But Lintian made another breakthrough in a year!

"What a monster..."

Zhao Jingxuan murmured to himself, but his heart was full of pride and joy. His beautiful eyes looked forward to him, and his tenderness was like water.

All of a sudden, she was stiff, and noticed that a hot look fell on her. Then she realized that she was only wearing a single garment floating in the water, and that what she should or shouldn't show

Sure enough, he saw Lintian standing with a smile and looked at her directly.

Zhao Jingxuan's pretty face is burning, and her hair is very hot. Her figure suddenly penetrates into the bottom of the sea, just like a dragon girl wandering in the river and sea, making waves because of her shyness.

Lintian couldn't help laughing.

Yi people are Zen, beauty can be seen.

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