Chapter 1064: Underground Racing

The first reason was that they spent most of their time at school, and Lin Yi couldn’t do anything too big in class! The other times they were together, there was Tang Yin, and Lin Yi didn’t have any chance to get close with Xiaoxiao.

Plus, he didn’t really want to go to the next step with her, that wouldn’t be fair to Tang Yin! His first girl was her, after all, and they were true girlfriend and boyfriend. He had a big and important place in his heart for her.

Of course, if she was willing to do 3P or whatever with Xiaoxiao, Lin Yi wouldn’t mind. He wasn’t a close minded person- he wouldn’t be a killer if that was the case.

“Xiaoxiao, what are you doing?” Lin Yi had to remind her that they were in class.

“Heh heh, it’s nothing, I just want it to be night soon! I’m so excited for the race!” Xiaoxiao hoped that time went by slower since she was about to die, but not today!

“You’ve done all the preparations for the race?” Lin Yi asked. He could use Zhou Ruoming to contact the organizers, but this was more Xiaoxiao’s field than his. Plus, he’d rather not contact that guy if possible.

“Yep, I’ve done all the preparations and registered, the deposit as well!” Xiaoxiao said, “Tonight, it’s the first race!”

“Oh? The deposit?” Lin Yi blinked, “Wasn’t it two hundred thousand a race? Where did your money come from?”

Lin Yi knew her situation- this caught him by surprise. He was sure that he would be able to win, but the organizers didn’t, so they made everyone hand in a deposit, giving it back if they won.

“Don’t forget, I got five million from that idiot Iron Fist Wu!” Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

Lin Yi remembered then that Xiaoxiao really did have a huge sum of money already!

The race was tonight at six, and there was a study hall in the last period. Clearly they wouldn’t be able to be there, and he’d already told the Miss and Yushu that he was going with Xiaoxiao tonight.

Xiaoxiao had already packed her bag- her pupose of coming to school today was to wait for this event at night!

“Where are we going?” Lin Yi asked as they got in the car.

“Bolong Mountain Road. That’s paradise for racers!” Xiaoxiao said, “You know where it is?”

“Not sure.” Lin Yi shook his head, “Maybe you should drive.”

Lin Yi got down the car and gave her the seat. They were using her Audi TT today- he switched cars with her at her house earlier.

Xiaoxiao got in the seat and drove to the mountain road- she was very familiar with the place!

But all she did before was watch the races, not participate in them!

Xiaoxiao felt that the car race was really exciting, but she knew her level. She’d lose for sure if she went in the race! She didn’t have that much money lying around.

Bolong Mountain Road was a tourist spot near Songshan, and due to lack of funding they shut down the business! The reason was that there were simply too many mountains around Songshan, and all of them looked better than Bolong Mountain Road, especially that Double Sparrow Mountain after development, which had a vacation village there. Naturally, no one wanted to go to this mountain road anymore!

But the roads were still there, and so even though it was a little rusty without ledge guards, the roads were still in good condition! With no other use left, nobody would spend any money repairing them.

Xiaoxiao’s car drove to the empty spot below the mountain road- there were already many cars parked there, all with different classes and levels, from the cheapest to the most expensive of race cars.

Beside this empty space, there were groups of threes and twos, all in circles and chatting, drinking, hitting on girls.

Most of them were all people with weird hair and colors, like the old Xiaoxiao.

Looking at these hipsters, Lin Yi had to frown. To tell the truth, he had no good feelings towards these crazy young people, not studying and going out to race. What about their parents, weren’t they a disappointment to them?

Of course, other than these non mainstream hipsters, there were also normal citizens, the big bros and gangsters with tattoos and singlets and buzzcuts.

There were many different types of people, and they gathered around their own kind. A small group of high level race car owners were there as well, all wearing good clothing and suits, the elite of the upper pyramid! There were white collars, and some wererich kids from big houses. All of these were people looking for excitement.

Xiaoxiao’s car wasn’t the worst here, but it wasn’t considered a good car. They came to the empty space, not attracting much attention except for some hipsters who knew her car.

“Feng Sis, you’re here!” It was the hipster Lin Yi secretly took a picture of from before.

“Yeah,” Xiaoxiao nodded, “Is everything ready?”

“Yes, Feng Sis, I’ve contacted Pit Bro. The first match will be yours!” The hipster said. Pit Bro was the organizer of this race, and had some gangster background. He was a big shot of Songshan too!

Of course, all of these were trash to Lin Yi. Even people like Cihua were nothing to him, let alone some guy with ‘some’ background of gangsters! Lin Yi didn’t even care- two hundred thousand was a small number to him, and he was too lazy to go talk to the PIt Bro guy to save that money.

“Who’s my opponents?” Xiaoxiao nodded, asking. The sunglasses on her made her look like the big sis of some gangster group, amusing Lin Yi.

“According to the rules, they’d be some newbies as well. Feng Sis, it’s not that I doubt you, but it’s your first time in a race…” The hipster quickly explained.

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