What a holy place!

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It seemed that it was just a step on the cultivation of the true saint realm, but for Lintian, the cultivation of refining spirit, refining Qi and refining body was transformed again.

This is the mystery of "the unity of the three, the only essence".

It's not only the integration of the three powers of Tao, but also a way of cultivation that integrates all the ways into one.

A few words, hide all the mystery!

"You are invincible here Soon... "

After carefully feeling the changes of his strength, Lintian felt confident.

At this moment, he became more and more deeply aware of what Zhao Yuanji, the great emperor of the ziyao Empire, said when he left the lower world for the first time.

In the final analysis, the transformation of the state of mind, the improvement of the cultivation, the growth of the spirit and the strength of the body are all the changes of their own strength!

This kind of power can make you respect the king, fight against the eternal calamity, cast the way to be a saint, and guide the way of the emperor.

The way of heaven is also a kind of power, but it needs to be understood and understood.

All these heavenly and Dharma are also the means of imperial power. Even though they are the knowledge, experience and experience you have, they are not an internal power?

In short, power is the road!

In the face of absolute power, regardless of your wisdom and strategy, you are doomed to be smashed!

At that time, Lintian was just the cultivation of Linghai realm. His understanding of this saying was very simple. However, with the improvement of cultivation in recent years, and with the broadening of experience and vision, he felt that this saying was more and more mysterious.

Road to simple, prosperous down when the high and low points, nothing more than "strength" just!

"The eight wonders of Qingming are not enough!"

At this moment, Lintian's heart was quiet. In the pursuit of the road, looking at the whole battlefield of the nine regions, the eight Jue of Qingming was already a thing of the past.

The road you want to seek may not be as perfect as most of your peers!

At this time, Lintian was standing there at will, and he had a sacred demeanor. If he was placed outside, he would have been like a dragon in the sky, which was enough to make the world look up to him.

But Lintian knew that there was still a long way to go. There was no lack of higher mountains and a wider world for him to climb and conquer!

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"Brother demon, look."

Suddenly, a clear and cheerful voice rang out. Zhao Jingxuan had swept out of the sea, wearing a plain dress, long black hair, and a beautiful face.

She came to Lintian and shook a token in front of him.

Little brother demon

Hearing this nickname, Lintian could not help twitching and laughing bitterly. But the next moment, he was attracted by the token in Zhao Jingxuan's hand.

It's about the size of a palm. It's just like polished suede jade. It's full of fairy Qi, light and rain. It's filled with strands of holy light cyan halo, which is very mysterious.

"Feixian Ling?"

Lintian was surprised.

"Exactly. I found it in the booty."

Zhao Jingxuan said with a smile.

Not long ago, there was a big battle on the Bank of the black cliff sea. There were no casualties, so Xue Qingyi and others were defeated.

This also allowed Zhao Jingxuan to clean up a large number of spoils, just a variety of holy treasures, there are hundreds of them, but most of them are incomplete, they were damaged in the battle.

However, there are some treasures among them.

In addition, there are other treasures, such as elixirs, miraculous materials, miraculous medicines, and rare treasures, all of which can be piled up like a mountain.

This is a huge windfall!

For example, Zhao Jingxuan found out from the spoils that it was impossible to study who was the owner of this piece of Feixian Ling.

But there are ninety-three kinds of "war, honor and fortune" in it!

"Look at me."

Lintian turned over his hand, and three pieces of fairy orders appeared.

One is his own, one is AHU's, and the other is the booty from jianqingchen.

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Zhao Jingxuan, like being hit, supported his forehead with his hand and said, "you are a local rich man."

Lintian laughed.

Originally, he planned to give Zhao Jingxuan the flying fairy order of jianqingchen, but it was obviously unnecessary.

"Let me see your fairy order."

Zhao Jingxuan snatched it and looked at it slightly. He could not help but open his eyes. He was surprised and said, "eight hundred and thirty-nine kinds of martial arts? How can you kill so many saints? "

If you want to collect ZHANXUN Daoyun, you must hunt down Tianjiao's opponents or saints. Each time you kill one, you can get a kind of ZHANXUN Daoyun.

We can imagine the number of saints and Tianjiao who died in Lintian's hands!

Zhao couldn't help but look at the flying immortal order of jianqingchen, which recorded 410 kinds of battle and fortune, but Lin Xun couldn't find it.The only consolation for Zhao Jingxuan is that AHU's Feixian order is still blank.

Even so, she looked at Lintian with a strange look in her eyes: "they all said that you are a murderous Lin demon God. It seems that you are so."

Lintian knocked on her white forehead and said, "you think I'm born to kill people."

Zhao Jingxuan chuckled, charming smile intoxicating, said: "don't be angry, you are a murderer, I like it."

Lintian felt a surge in his heart. He could not help holding each other's waist and kissing him.

Zhao Jingxuan wanted to refuse to welcome him back, but he was doomed to be in vain. Finally, he let out a cry, and the whole person was drowned by a warm tenderness.


Time goes by, day after day.

More than 20 days have passed since the advent of yuanci.

In the ancient wilderness, the wind was flat and the waves were quiet, and no one could be found. In the other eight regions, they were dormant.

There is a strange calmness in the vast battlefield of jiuyu.

But this is destined to be an appearance. I don't know how many undercurrents are surging in the dark!

"If you want to help AHU collect enough ZHANXUN Daoyun, you can only enter the Feixian battlefield..."

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On this day, Lintian was sitting on an auspicious cloud floating over the sea, deep in thought.

Each domain camp has nine Feixian orders, a total of 81.

If you want to activate the flying immortal order and have the chance to enter the Kunlun ruins, you must collect a thousand kinds of ZHANXUN Daoyun.

It seems to be light, but Lintian knows very well how difficult it is to collect Zhan Xun's fortune!

According to the number of saints killed, a piece of Feixian Ling needs to kill 1000 true saints.

Nine is nine thousand saints.

Eighty one is 81000 saints!

But if you look at the whole nine regions battlefield, let alone 81000 saints, if you add up all the nine regions camps, you can break the sky by no more than 10000.

This also means that although there are 81 Feixian orders, it is absolutely impossible for each Feixian order to collect enough ZHANXUN Daoyun!

According to AHU, after the first battle of the nine realms, only seven Feixian decrees were collected in the end.

For the second time, there were only five.

After all, the number of saints may be very large, but not all of them can be killed by the strong who hold the order of flying immortal!

You can imagine how difficult it is to get together a piece of flying immortal order.

Now, Lintian is also shouldering the task of helping AHU collect Zhan Xun's fortune. It is more and more difficult for him to achieve his wish.

However, there is also a way, that is "Feixian secret land"!

Only those who hold the order of flying immortal will be moved into the secret place of flying immortal when it comes, to fight for Zhan Xun and Dao Yun.

It is said that there are many "flying immortals, ghosts and spirits" in the secret place of flying immortals. Each of them has the fighting power no less than juetong Zhensheng, which is extremely terrible.

But as long as you can hunt it, you can collect a kind of war honor fortune.

The most important thing is that in this secret place, if those who hold the flying immortal order fight each other, they can plunder the Zhan Xun Dao Yun in the other party's flying immortal order!

According to Lintian's understanding, in the past, this kind of fighting was very common.

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"If I were Kun Shaoyu's leaders, I would definitely choose to join hands and give you a fatal blow in Feixian's secret place."

Zhao Jingxuan, next to him, reminded me in a low voice.

Lintian thought it was true, and said: "it's for sure. Now they are afraid that they have already hated me to the bone and regard me as a first-class threat, but..."

He said with a smile: "it's better. I'm worried that I can't collect enough Zhan Xun's luck. If they do come, I'll accept them one by one."

Zhao Jingxuan glared at him: "don't you recognize that I'm worried?"

With a smile, Lintian took Zhao Jingxuan into his arms and gently rubbed each other's silky green silk with his hand. The fragrance of his body lingered around his nose, and he could not say what he was doing.

"As you know, this is the battle of the nine realms. Our ancient wasteland has been defeated twice. Now that I'm here, I'll try my best to reverse this situation."

"This time, Feixian secret place is an excellent opportunity. They want to kill me. Why don't I want to eradicate them?"

"Just imagine, if Kun Shaoyu's leaders are eliminated one by one, their camp forces will surely be leaderless and cause heavy damage!"

"At that time, the ancient wilderness camp can take advantage of the situation and wipe them out one by one."

Speaking of this, Lintian's black eyes showed a look of arrogance and determination, "in this way, the battle of the nine realms will end with the victory of our ancient wasteland!"

Zhao Jingxuan nestles in Lintian's arms and stares at Lintian's face with beautiful eyes. Listening to his words with self-confidence, she doesn't feel crazy.

You are like an immortal in heaven. Who can be the enemy in the world?"So, this time I will definitely go, maybe it will be extremely dangerous, but as long as I win, it will be enough to rewrite the situation of the nine regions battlefield!"

Lintian spoke calmly.

On the vast sea, they nestle in the auspicious clouds. The tide rises and falls in the distance, and the world is magnificent and picturesque.

A few days later.

The entrance of yuanci's secret place built on the void produces strange and obscure fluctuations of heaven and earth rules, and spreads the light and rain.

Lintian held his hand on his back, stood side by side with Zhao Jingxuan, and looked at him.

A month later, the battle of yuanci's secret land is finally coming to an end. How many heroes and fairies in the ancient wasteland have become saints among them?

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