This time Zhou Xiao Mei came back to help Su Da Lin pass the message, he intends to come over to meet her parents.

Then, find a prosperous day to hold the wedding, like this, they'll be married.

Marrying was so fast in this era.

Once a mutual connection formed, they can get married the next day. Everything else was simple.

Of course, even if they wanted something complicated, there was none.

Lin Qing He was already prepared, while the old Lin Zhou family was preparing for separation recently.

Zhou Xiao Mei's matter came at a perfect time.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou decided to wait until they marry off their youngest daughter, and then they separate the family.

Su Da Lin came over the next day along with Da Lin's Jiu and Aunt. They had prepared adequate gifts.

There was sugar, snacks, and the likes. In short, it was decent for this meeting and had the intention to place importance here. If not, they would not prepare such a good gift.

Although Father Zhou and Mother Zhou felt that Su Da Lin's stuttering was not a good point, the two of them had self-awareness, knowing if it was not this shortcoming, how could their daughter marry to such a family?

A forty square home as well as a permanent job. Once married over, she was the matriarch. And the four major wedding presents were all sorted out. (T/N: 4 major household items that people wanted in the late 1950s - radio, bicycle, sewing machine and watch)

Toward such marriage for Zhou Xiao Mei, they didn't have much to say. The conditions were excellent.

After Su Da Lin and his Jiu and aunt left, Mother Zhou was overjoyed: "No wonder Da Wa's Mother said this marriage is top-notch. This marriage is really superb."

"Only have some stuttering," Zhou Father said.

"What's wrong with stuttering? It's not he's mute. What's more, the most important thing in life is to make money, the rest is nothing." Mother Zhou retorted.

All in all, this marriage was settled, at the end of this month.

Although Lin Qing He had witness the speed of people getting married in this era, she was still shocked by the speed.

The next step was the dowry.

Lin Qing He returned from the county city that day with a brand new quilt.

She had already prearranged the cotton and ordered it. Although it was only five jins, it was a quality new quilt.

"I'm giving this new quilt to Guzi as a dowry. These two soaps were also prepared for her. When the time comes, let her take them together." Lin Qing He cycled to old Zhou's House and directly gave Mother Zhou the quilt and the soap she has taken from her space as she explained.

"No need for so much." Mother Zhou didn't expect that she would give so many things to Xiao Mei for her marriage, said.

Whether it was the quilt or these two soaps that were not cheap at first glance, they were excellent goods.

"It's a bit much." Eldest Sister-in-law remarked with slight unease.

"How can we compare with Da Wa's Mother? What kind of living condition she has and what kind is our?" said Second Sister-in-law.

Third Sister-in-law remained silent.

Lin Qing He solemnly glanced at Third Sister-in-law: "If you have something to talk about, then talk. Don't cover it all in sour air. If you have the ability, ask your man to earn for you to spend. If you don't have the ability, shut up."

Second Sister-in-law's face sank, saying, "Fourth's wife, how can you speak like this!"

"No matter how I speak, it's still human's word, which some people's dog mouth can't even vomit out decent sound and can't even speak human words." Lin Qing He swept her a contemptuous gaze.

"Do you want to fight?" Second Sister-in-law pushed her without hesitation.

It was apparent that Second Sister-in-law had enough of Lin Qing He.

"Mother, Eldest Sister-in-law, Third Sister-in-law, you saw it right? It was Second Sister-in-law who hit me first." Once Lin Qing He finished the sentence, she flipped Second Sister-in-law over the shoulder onto the ground.

"Boom!" The ground resounded.

All the women in the whole house were stunned. Not to mention them, even Father Zhou who was smoking a big cigarette was also taken aback.

Mother Zhou's expression displayed bewilderment, while Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law were startled.

"Aiyo, it hurts like hell. Fourth's wife, do you want to kill someone!" Second Sister-in-law laid on the ground moaning. With every hum, her body ached. She can't even get up on her own.

"I'm giving you face by calling you Second Sister-in-law. And you really parade it around? Don't you know how many jins you are? Is Zhou Qing Bai's woman, someone you can push around?" Lin Qing He domineeringly gazed at her.

"Hurry, hurry up and support Second's wife up." Mother Zhou regained her mind and uttered hastily.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law had also just recovered, so they quickly helped Second Sister-in-law up. Mother Zhou ordered: "Support her back (to her room)."

With this, the two sisters-in-law carried Second Sister-in-law back.

Lin Qing He paid no mind to this. Don't just say Second Sister-in-law had tolerated her for a long time, she too had endured Second Sister-in-law. This time, she dared to move her hand first, would she still be polite to her?

Take action when she should!

When the two sisters-in-law came back, Lin Qinghe continued on the previous matter with Mother Zhou and the two of them: "Mother, this is for Guzi's marriage, I will leave it here. As for Eldest Sister-in-law and Third sister-in-law, you don't need to copy me. Xiao Mei knows what each family's situation is like. The intention is enough. I’ve seen Xiao Mei’s new house over there. Everything is complete. At the end of the month, everyone joyfully sends Guzi off to her marriage. Don’t get upset over this marriage gifts."

Having said this, Lin Qing He went back in a very good mood.

"Cough, is Second's wife fine?" Only then, Mother Zhou turned to the two sisters-in-law.

"She's fine. Just some ache," answered Third Sister-in-law.

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