Chapter 1063: Excited Feng Xiaoxiao

Just as Yu Ren didn’t know what to do, someone brought him to an office at the back of the arena!

“Yu Ren, you borrowed five hundred grand from the arena. When are you planning to pay that back?” The scorpion said with an old face.

He had received instructions from Master Wen to quickly finish this thing, they had to celebrate Fighter Li’s win!

Yu Ren didn’t know what to say! He didn’t expect for people to start asking him to return the money right after the fight was done!

But, five hundred thousand… There was no way he could just pull that out, that was too much! It was a big sum for him!

“This money… Didn’t you guys win it back already… Maybe… What if you just let it go? It’s my first time, I didn’t know the rules…” Yu Ren said carefully.

“Ha?” Little Scorpion was overjoyed at the words! “Hahahaha! I say, Yu Ren you old man, are you out of your mind? Yes, we took the money back, but you lost the bet! If you win, would you be willing to not keep the money?

“I…” Yu Ren was speechless. Yes, he lost now, but he would keep the money if he had won, it was the same thing!

“Yu Ren, I know all about your information. Bring out five hundred thousand, and nothing will happen!” Scorpion smiled coldly, “Otherwise, don’t blame us for what we do! We focus on honor alot in this arena, and we don’t dilly dally! Don’t think you have a chance to get out of this! Five days is what you have, or we’ll get people to bring your entire family onto the arena!”

His family, on the arena? Yu Ren felt his heart go cold at the words!

“You… You’re saying to bring me onto the arena?” Yu Ren paused. How could he fight on the arena with a body like his, he’d die with one hit!

“Not you, your entire family onto the arena! Heh!” Scorpion laughed cruelly.

Yu Ren almost knelt down in fear from the threat! He was scared, very scared!

This guy was different from normal thugs! He met normal gangsters in the markets who asked for money, but they had a bottom line, and at most would disturb your business- they wouldn’t kill anyone!

But Scorpion was different- Yu Ren saw with his own eyes how three people died in those three fights- those were human lives! Yu Ren knew that this threat wasn’t an empty threat!

“You… You guys are doing illegal things!” Yu Ren struggled.

“Wha? Illegal? HAHA!” Scorpion started laughing, “You can call the police, but remember what the consequences are! We’re a criminal organization, not a group of thieves! You can call the police, but you’ll know what happens. Your wife and daughter will be sold to some place in the south, and you know what’ll happen there! Haha!”

Yu Ren felt his body shiver- this man before him was a demon! This scared him to the core, more so than death! Just thinking of the humiliation that awaited his family made him stop thinking about the police completely!

At this point, a lackey brought the dragon’s dead corpse into the office, “Scorpion Bro, what do we do with this dead man?”

“See if he has any good organs on him, cut them out and sell them. Throw the rest to the crocodiles!” Scorpion said with one look at the corpse.

“Yes, Scorpion Bro!” The lackey brought the body out, following orders.

Yu Ren was shocked! These people were too cruel, selling his organs when he was dead! They were evil, evil men!

But this solidified his fear- these people really did dare to do anything at all!

In actuality, they showed that in front of Yu Ren on purpose, so that they could scare him! Otherwise, if they had to ask Scorpion what to do with the corpses every day, that’d tire the hell out of him!

“Yu Ren, five days, got it? Five days, or to the arena, you go!” Scorpion said impatiently, “You can go away now, don’t think of running. We’ll have people spying on your family!”

Yu Ren felt his body tremble. He did think of running! Of course he’d hide since he couldn’t piss those guys off, he’d throw the business away and leave Songshan with his family, start a new life!

But, this wasn’t a realistic dream anymore! Yu Ren sighed, he had to go home and think of something!

He really did regret everything now, he shouldn’t have listened to the meat seller! Arena? He shouldn’t have come at all!

He left the arena, and Scorpion watched with a cold smile on his face!

A while later, it was Friday. Lin Yi had been driving Tang Yin and Xioaxiao to and from school every day, and he was getting used to a life like this.

Yufeng seemed to have calmed down a lot, after getting beaten up by Chentian. He was a lot more low-key, not making any disturbances. Lin Yi didn’t care.

Zhong Pinliang spent a few days looking at Yufeng, who had bruises all over his face. A cold smile appeared on his face. What an idiot. Messing with someone who you don’t know the power of? This was what you got!

Pinliang was now a smarter man, someone with schemes. He was silent, but he had always been paying attention to the conflict between Yufeng and Lin Yi.

“Liang Bro, that Xie Yufeng seems to have given up?” Xiaofu was paying attention as well.

“Hmph, an idiot. Ignore him,” Pinliang felt that he was no longer at the same level as some idiot like Yufeng. His next step was a big and large retaliation, not some children’s game!

Feng Xiaoxiao was quite happy today- Lin Yi promised to bring her car racing, after all!

So when they were in class, she was constantly in an excited state, her face red and occassionally, she would let out a cheer! Lin Yi didn’t know what to think!

He was a couple with her, but in reality, the two weren’t there yet!

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