In the light and rain, suddenly a figure rushes out from the entrance of yuanci's secret place. The body is gorgeous.

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"My king is a sage in the way of preaching. The wind and thunder are furious and the fish and dragon are miserable. Who can appreciate my king's coquettishness among the people in the world?"

The man was dressed in a green robe, with a beautiful face and a golden pupil. He said so much about narcissism. Who is the old clam?

Immediately after that, a bold and free laugh rang out: "Jin Daoyou, why do you want to go ahead and stop fighting?"

See smile sky stride out, long hair flying, narrow eyes such as electricity.

"Well, your opponent is me!"

Almost at the same time, a fierce sword came out of the scene. The sword demon yechen, who was full of purple hair, came out of the scene with a proud figure.


But soon, there was another wild force with the breath of antiquity. The figure was as majestic as an iron tower, and Alu rushed out with an iron bar.

He grinned, white teeth and rough manners: "come on, who doesn't agree, you can fight with me!"

Bang ~

but as soon as Alu's voice fell, his figure staggered and cried out: "Oh, silver, you're sneaking on me again!"

Xiaoyin's figure came out of him. He was better dressed in white than snow. He held his arms in front of his chest. His handsome face was full of arrogance and coldness: "don't you want to fight? I'm just trying to make you a fool."

"Dare you come again?"

Aru yelled, provoking.


Xiaoyin's eyebrows were picked, and his manner was exactly the same as that of his master Lintian.

When speaking, a black butterfly full of chaos fell lightly on Xiaoyin's shoulder.

When he saw the butterfly, he shut up. He was not afraid of Xiaoyin, but if Xiaoyin and Xiaotian were together It's big enough to make his head big enough.

It should be noted that in the territory of yuancimi, these two little guys work together, just like a pair of evil stars. They run wild and make many strong people flee.

"You fight, but I'm not involved."

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In the light and rain like a rainbow, Ji Xingyao's figure is reflected, with elegant appearance and empty temperament.

At her side, Luojia is standing pretty, as quiet as a orchid, and extremely beautiful.

"Hahaha, you're so elegant. Don't you want us to have a fight together?"

The gentle laughter rang out, and you hengzhen, ye Maha and others came out with it.

For a time, in this sea area, each figure stands on the basis of emptiness, and the whole body circulates the sacred rhyme, and each one is powerful.

Just like the stars shining in the sky, illuminating the sea!

Seeing such a scene, Lintian could not help laughing. His heart was full of pride. He stepped forward and said, "if you want to compete, how about me?"

"No way!"

Almost all of them said it in unison and refused without thinking about it.

Are you kidding? What's the difference between competing with you and looking for abuse?

Lintian had no choice but to say, "it's just a duel. Why are you so nervous?"

The crowd still shook their heads.

Only ALU, eager to try, cried, "brother, why don't we play?"

Without waiting for Lintian to open his mouth, Xiaoyin and Xiaotian appeared in front of ALU. Alu was mad and said angrily, "forget it, don't play!"

Everyone could not help laughing.

Soon, many other top figures came out of yuanci's secret place, but they were more or less depressed.

Among them, Yue Jianming, Xiao Qinghe and other friends made good friends with Lintian.

Almost at a glance, Lintian saw that they had not become saints, and he could not help sighing.

Although there is a big chance in yuanci, not everyone can win it. This is the reality.

Fortunately, there is no lack of the chance to become a saint in the battlefield of nine regions. Yuanci is gone, and there will be other opportunities in the future.

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After understanding, Lintian knew that there were 29 people who had become saints in the ancient wasteland.

This has been an amazing achievement.

For example, in the last "juejiao secret place", only 17 strong men in the eight realms finally seized the opportunity to set foot in the juejiao holy place.

"Big brother, this time we enter yuanci's secret place. The first reason why Laoge and I can become saints is that we are strong enough, but other Taoists are willing to give in."

The old clam suddenly whispered, "they all know that we have a close relationship with you. This time, we can't get into yuanci's secret place without the help of my elder brother. Therefore, in the competition of yuanci's secret place, we didn't encounter so many obstacles, so we successfully testified."

Lintian was stunned and said, "don't worry, I will help them fight for more opportunities in the future."

The old clam nodded.

On the same day, the group left heiyahai and went to the city of moat!


"In today's nine regions battlefield, the blood devil ancient region camp is not enough to be afraid. The two camps of Xingsha ancient region and dongsang ancient region also suffer a lot of casualties, which can no longer pose a real threat to our ancient wasteland.""The sword is dead, and there are no leaders in the ancient area of Daluo."

SHAOHAO is talking with Ruo Wu in the city of protecting the road to analyze the general situation of the world.

"The only thing to be afraid of is Beiming, Tianhuo, yinjue and Jiuli."

Ruo Wu nodded and said with a smile, "this situation is much stronger than before. A careful calculation shows that it has been less than two years since the opening of the nine realms battlefield. The situation of our ancient wilderness camp is completely different from that before. "

SHAOHAO couldn't help laughing and sighed: "before, I can't imagine that such earth shaking changes can take place in such a short time."

It's different.

At first, the strong in the ancient wasteland camp could only hide, flee and endure, and were bullied, trampled and killed as two legged sheep.

But now, they already have the unbreakable moat city and stand firm! There's no need to panic!

All these changes were caused by Lintian alone!

"By the way, today is the end time of yuanci's secret place. No accident. From now on, our ancient wasteland camp will add a group of top saints!"

SHAOHAO suddenly thought of the incident, and could not help standing up and saying, "go, let's go to the city tower to have a look and welcome them to triumph."

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On that day, in the city of moat, many strong people stopped and waited in front of the city, together with SHAOHAO and ruowu.

Everyone looks forward to it.

Compared with the previous two defeats and humiliations, the situation of their ancient wasteland camp has changed in today's jiuyu battlefield!

This makes everyone full of vision for the future, no longer as pessimistic and desperate as before.


Suddenly, someone yelled excitedly.

In the distant void, the rainbow, like rain, covered the sky and the earth, was roaring towards this side.

The leader was Lintian!

For a moment, all the eyes of the moat city gathered together, and everyone could not help but burst out cheering.

On this day, Lintian returned from the black cliff sea with Zhao Jingxuan, 29 great saints and a group of ancient wasteland strongmen, which caused a sensation in the city.

This night, the city's laughter, toasting, noise, the night sky will be stained with a layer of joy atmosphere.

Since then, together with Lintian, Zhao Jingxuan, SHAOHAO and ruowu, the ancient wilderness camp has had 33 top saints!

All of these people are peerless figures of the younger generation in ancient wasteland. They have amazing potential, great talent and unlimited future.

Different from the eight regions, the rise of every top figure in the ancient wasteland is full of difficulties, frustrations and trials.

This kind of tribulation is just like an extreme tempering. When they rise to the top of the world, their combat power is by no means comparable to that of the other eight regions!

It's no exaggeration to say that the ancient wasteland never lacked talents. What it lacked was just the way to the top for them to seek!

From this day on, the strongmen of the ancient wilderness camp no longer cowered in the city of moat, and began to patrol and control the ancient wilderness.

Because, this is their territory!

In the past, it was because they were weak and unable to defend, but now it is different. Even if the enemy comes, they are not afraid.

The news that there were 29 more saints in the ancient wasteland was soon known to the other eight regions.

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For a time, I do not know how many sighs, indignation, helpless voice sounded.

The eight regions camp realized that the situation had changed, and the ancient wilderness camp was totally different from before. It was like a two legged sheep, incarnated into a beast with sharp fangs, and had the inside information and ability to challenge them!

"Let them be arrogant. When the Feixian battle comes, he will die. Let's see if he dares to be arrogant in the ancient wasteland!"

In the northern underworld, Kun Shaoyu's eyes are like a turbulent sea, and his killing opportunities are diffuse.

"Lintian, if you don't die, you can't say that the ancient wasteland is really a shame before the snow, and it's a pity that you are doomed to have no way to escape in the Feixian battle."

In the world of Jiuli, Chi Wushu's voice boomed and stirred up the hall, causing the clouds to collapse.

"It's only five months before the Feixian battle. It's almost Soon... "

Yin Jue Jie, candle Ying Kong murmur, eyes in the emergence of a frightening murder.

Like this, with hate, the sound of killing, at the same time in the sky fire world, blood demon world, Xingsha world, dongsang world, yinjue world and so on.

Those leaders are all waiting for the arrival of Feixian battle!

At the same time, Lintian began to shut up for a retreat.

Feixian battle is destined to be a stormy place, and those who can participate in it are all powerful figures with Feixian order.

It is also destined that what will be staged in it will be a real battle for the supremacy of the nine regions, the most top and the most extraordinary battle for the supremacy of the Holy Land!

It's no exaggeration to say that the one who can take the lead is the first person of the young generation in jiuyu!In fact, in the past two battles over the nine realms, Feixian battlefield has a similar special significance.

For those leaders, it's more than just collecting Zhan Xun and Dao Yun.

What's more, after this battle, we can decide who is the strongest among the nine domains!

Nine regions wind and cloud, only waiting for Feixian!


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