Chapter 92. Getting Meat and eating it.

After the last grain was collected and handed over to the public ration, the last food distribution began

Then winter wheat was planted again, and the production team announced that the work was finished.

At this time, the pigs were killed and the meat got distributed. At the same time, if anyone in the village raised the pigs, they have to drive the pigs out and be tasked to hand over the pig.

Other families reached seventy to eighty jins at best. However, Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai's two pigs were at least about two hundred jins each.

Two pigs racked up above four hundred jins.

When these two pigs were guided out, it caused a sensation throughout the entire Zhoujia Village.

So they all rushed to find out from Zhou Qing Bai how to raise them? How can the pigs get so fat?

Zhou Qing Bai had nothing to hide; foraged pigweed, soybean waste, soybean dregs, and cornmeal.

The first few were fine, but the cornmeal at the back was shocking.

What, feed the pig with cornmeal?

They don't even get to eat cornmeal, so how could they used it to feed pigs.

Needless to say, this must have been his terrible wife's idea.

Lin Qing He was used to bearing such blame, so when Zhou Qing Bai wanted to say that they used to raise pigs like this back in the force, he was stopped by Lin Qing He. She told him, he didn't need to say more. They could believe it if they want.

But there was no doubt that these two big fat pigs which can outweigh the other normal five fat pigs, were very eye-catching. It went without saying that the work points won't be lacking. More importantly, the whole village was sharpening the knife at once.

Because other families, including those on the team, didn't achieve such fatness, they wanted to kill these two to distribute with everyone. If they can get pig fat, it will definitely be able to boil a lot of lard for use!

So with the consent of everyone, the village branch secretary signaled the slaughter and the others rushed to complete the task.

This time the pork distribution can be handed out again before the New Year. There were still a lot of pigs on the farm, which was reserved for the community.

This time, the autumn harvest was draining, so everyone ate better.

So their family's pigs were killed. Zhou Qing Bai asked for a pig head, a length of pork intestines, a pork stomach, a pigtail, five jins of pork fat, eight large ribs, and large bones. He also got a good bit of pork belly and lean meat.

The most popular and well-recognized as good meat nowadays was fatty pork, then followed by pork belly loin, and pig head.

As for the pig's large intestine, pork stomach, and the internal bits, they weren't counted. And the lean pork, ribs, and big bones weren't popular, so they were all cheap.

So even though it looked at a lot, it was in fact matched to his work points.

Moreover, these two big fat pigs were raised by his family. It was no problem for him to pick from it first. No one in the village would say anything.

Even if many people coveted the big pig's head, no one dared to object when Zhou Qing Bai took it away.

"Da Wa's Mother, why didn't you let Fourth Brother-in-law ask for more pork fat? How can those meat be better?" Eldest Sister-in-law came over and whispered.

"It's okay, we should leave some for everyone." Lin Qing He replied.

"Da Wa's is very broad-minded." Huang Daniang, their neighbour, praised her.

"Huang Daniang, what's with your words? If she was really broad-minded, then why haven't I seen her enter the field once." Wang Ling snickered.

"If I go to the field, can you still have such good pork like my family's? Do you know how difficult it was to raise such a big fat pig? Shut up when you got something to eat. No one will treat you as a mute when you don't talk." Lin Qing He gave her no respect.

Wang Ling's face blackened.

Lin Qing He shot a humorless smile. Whether it was fighting or quarreling, she was not afraid. If she got ability, then come!

Truthfully, Wang Ling didn't dare to go up, so she turned around and talked to Second Sister-in-law. Second Sister-in-law glimpsed at Lin Qing He. Lin Qing He paid no heed to her.

Once Zhou Qing Bai was allocated with the meat, she followed him back with Da Wa, Er Wa and San Wa.

"Mother, this year our family got so much pork, can we make meatballs?" Da Wa asked.

Er Wa looked expectantly at his mother.

He still remembered the delicious fried meatballs that were made last year.

San Wa was young, but he knew from his eldest brother and second brother's desire, it was yummy. So he turned to his mother: "Mother, meatball."

"Alright." Lin Qing He was in a good mood and agreed at once.

Just meatballs, not a big deal? Want to eat, then let's eat, since there was so much meat at home.

After returning home, Lin Qing He sent Zhou Qing Bai to clean up the pig's intestines. These things were what he wanted to eat. She couldn't bear the smell, so she only promised to make it but for the cleaning, he can do it himself. She also got him to clean the stomach as well.

Lin Qing He began to sort the rest.

She cut the pork fat into small pieces and then placed directly to the pan to start cooking lard.

Even though it was only five jins, they still got a lot of oil at home. What's more, she had mixed in some peanut oil, it was definitely enough.

There was a lot of oil oozing out from the five jins.

While the fat was cooked, Lin Qing He began to pour out large bones, pork belly and lean meat.

Although the weather is getting cold now and it was only the end of October on the lunar calendar, it can't stay fresh in the end, unlike meat distribution at the end of the year. That time, it can last longer.

Because they were going to make meatballs, these meats were set aside. Ribs can be in soup or steamed or fried ribs.

Big bones were used for boiling soup.

The pork intestine outside will be fried with pickled veg. And there was also a huge pig head and stomach.

In short, Lin Qing He went all out.

This time the autumn harvest was really exhausting. It went without saying that it was necessary to nourish Zhou Qing Bai.

So in the next few days, unless Zhou Qing Bai had no appetite, he ate until he got a mouthful of oil.

Probably due to be sated and the winter wheat has been planted, Zhou Qing Bai, who was idle and had nothing to do, used all his energy on Lin Qing He at night as they were basically preparing for winter isolation.

Zhou Xiao Mei, who got a holiday break, saw her Fourth Sister-in-law's glamorous appearance and became all shy. Who knew what was going through her mind.

"What are you doing on this return? Are you going to get married?" Lin Qing He raised her eyebrows and said to her.

"Now that my father and mother are free, I came back to let my parents know and then settle on a time." Zhou Xiao Mei was embarrassed, but that didn't hold back the spring aura.

"Great ah! Go tell Father and Mother. They should be delighted. Su Da Lin is a good man." Lin Qing He expressed.

After then, she had met and conversed with him a few times. Su Da Lin won't go wrong, he knows how to live well.

"En, then I'll go back first." Zhou Xiao Mei said.

"Take this plate of meatballs back. Adding a dish for you. Remember to bring the plate back." Lin Qing He gave her a plate of meatballs and said.

"Thank you Fourth Sister-in-law." Zhou Xiao Mei grinned as she received it.

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