Chapter 1062: Complete Loss

Everyone was a little worried, but with yesterday’s experience they weren’t too scared!

Yu Ren, however, was! He turned to the pork seller, “Why isn’t the dragon winning easily now? It seemed like the fighter there is strong too?”

“Don’t worry, it was the same yesterday- last fight, after all, the enemy has to be strong to excite us!” The pork seller said calmly.

“Oh…” Yu Ren nodded, worried…

But, the third fight ended in an unexpected way!

After a few heavy hits from the cat, the Red Dragon started spinning around, dizzy!

“Ah…” The crowd exclaimed in fear!

They never thought that the dragon would get beaten by the cat!

“Go, Red Dragon! Go, Red Dragon!” The crowd started cheering with insanity, not believing that the dragon would fall! After all, he suffered quite a few blows yesterday too, but still won without a doubt!

But today was different- yesterday’s medicine was strnog, but it was used on some thug! Fighting a near- golden class phsyical practitioner like Red Dragon wasn’t possible! However, the one fighting Red Dragon now was a Mystic mid phase physical practitioner!

Master Li could be able to slap this dragon around easily!

But he didn’t do that- that would be too absurd! People would doubt him, and so he pressed down his strength and made it look like he was around the same level as the dragon, that the two were equals!

Fighter Li used his own slow pace, and slowly pushed the dragon back!

Red Dragon seemed to have realized that the opponent this time around wasn’t normal, but since he wasn’t a full fledged golden class yet he didn’t know how to analyze a practitioner enemy! He thought that they were at the same level!

He had suffered a heavy hit, but he thought that it was due to him being careless! He adjusted himself and sent another fist at the cat!

A slam sounded, and his fist landed with Fighter Li’s, resulting in a big burst of sound!

With that, the dragon’s arm broke, useless now!

Fighter Li smiled coldly. What a loser, thinking that he was some tough shot when he was this weak? If it weren’t for his fear of the audience getting suspicious, the dragon would be dead by now!

Everyone started panicking when they saw that! They didn’t know that one of his arms was now useless, so they still wished for him to make a comeback!

“Go, Red Dragon! Beat him down! Kill the cat! Go Red Dragon!”

“Red Dragon go! Red Dragon!!!”

The audience was going wild with fevor, throwing all their passion onto cheering for the dragon- they wanted him to break the cat’s skull! All their money was on this guy, so if he lost now, they’d lose everything!

Yu Ren started sweating more and more- never would he have expected such a heroic dragon to get beat up all of a sudden, it didn’t seem like he could win!

Please don’t lose! Yu Ren prayed with all his might, but nothing was changing!

An Jianwen, on the other hand, was quite gleeful as he sipped his red wine, looking at the scene, “Not bad, Fighter Li- he knows how to put on an act!”

“That’s right, congratulations, Master Wen! Congratulations! This match would get you more than five billion into your account!” Scorprion really admired Jianwen now, this man really was good at making money!

“Hmph, of course, don’t you know who I am! This is the sort of thing I’m best at!” Jianwen said, happy. He was now part of the firewolves, and his name was bigger than his elder brother, An Jiande, now! He was one of the core financial pillars of the group!

“That’s true, working with you, Master Wen, it’s an honor!” The professor started licking his ass as well!

It was inevitable- after all, whoever earned the firewolves money, was whoever the big shot was! The professor’s research needed Jianwen’s support, too!

Jianwen had the biggest guts out of all the people he had met! Bringing people into the arena and doing experiments like this? This wasn’t something the firewolves would do so willingly! It would cause big trouble if they just did things this way!

But since there were scapegoats around, the professor didn’t care- after all, the earnings the arena had been generating was already far beyond their expectations! The target the firewolves set for Jianwen was one billion a year using this arena!

But it wasn’t one month yet, and Jianwen already made five billion! This was an insane amount, and it was just an estimate! Who knew how much the money would actually be!

Under the heavy punches of Black Cat, the dragon finally got punched out! His chest caved in, looking quite serious, and if he would still be alive it’d be a miracle!

Everyone was silent! The crowd didn’t know what to say!

They never thought that hte powerful dragon would lose just like this! They didnt’ even cheer for him to stand up, because it didn’t seem possible!

His entire ribcage was shattered, flattened! He couldn’t get up to save his life!

They couldn’t believe what they were seeing, but they had to accept the result- for the cat had already raised his hands, and the fight had ended… He had won!

After some silence, the crowd burst into pain and curses!

Everyone, almost eveyrone, had betted on the dragon to win! Who in their right mind would bet for the cat? And so they all lost, and all the big shot rich people now were all laiden with debt!

Some padded their chest, some cried, some wanted to die…

Yu Ren didn’t know how to react! Five hundred thousand- what on earth was he supposed to do to get that back and return it? He only had twenty thousand in his savings, for his daughter, Yuan Yaun’s marriage gift…..

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