In the first battle of nine regions, a young man named "Qingyu" in Daluo ancient region won the title of "the first man" in Feixian battle realm. Now, he has been honored as "Qingyu sword emperor".

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Jian Qingchen's chizi emperor sword, which was taken away by Lintian, was a sword that he used when he became emperor. The wooden sword was very common and different because of its owner.

In the second battle of nine realms, the first person in Feixian was a young man named "Kunling" in Beiming ancient realm.

Like Qingyu, he became emperor in the future and was regarded as "Kun emperor"!

With these two examples, even Lintian couldn't ignore the competition of Feixian.

One of the important reasons why Jian Qingchen didn't want to fight against Jian Qingchen was that he was still thinking about "Feixian battle realm" and didn't want to fight with Lintian at that time.

"When I go to Feixian battle area, the other eight regions will send troops to invade, so I can only aggrieve you. At that time, I will stay here to defend against foreign enemies."

Before closing the door, Lintian called all the top saints together for discussion.

"Brother Lin, this is too risky!"

All of a sudden, people all dissuade one after another.

Are you kidding? Let Lintian work hard alone? How could they have the heart?

"Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate goal of our ancient wasteland camp in this battle of nine realms is to avenge those sages who have shed their heads and blood here for the sake of their shame."

Lintian said solemnly, "as for the battle of Feixian, it's secondary. As long as you are in the ancient wilderness camp, there will be no danger of complete destruction."

All were silent and uncertain.

In fact, they also know that the Feixian battle realm is not so easy to enter, and only nine people in each realm can enter it at most.

Even if they all wanted to fight side by side with Lintian, it was doomed to be impossible.

However, they still don't trust that the other eight domains can have the most powerful role of Feixian Ling. If they join hands, can Lintian compete with each other?

"Everyone, I'm not alone. This time, Xiaoyin and Xiaotian will go with me."

Lintian opened his mouth with a smile.

Xiaoyin is not only a descendant of the insect, but also a insect who has set foot on the top of the holy land! As early as in the secret place of yuanci, everyone can see its strong fighting power.

Xiaotian is also very unusual. He is a descendant of the devil butterfly. He has a terrible power like tearing the sky. Now he is also a saint.

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The presence of the two of them really helped Lintian a lot.

"Brother, where are ALU and I?"

The old clam couldn't help saying.

He was very dissatisfied. He thought that Lintian was partial and only took Xiaoyin and Xiaotian, but left him and Alu behind. It was not enough.

Lintian couldn't help laughing and said, "you stay to resist the foreign enemies of the eight regions. If the city is broken, I can't spare you."

Old clam and Alu both sighed.

Seeing this, everyone knew that Lintian had made up his mind and would not persuade him any more.

Lintian opened his mouth and said, "if you have the flying immortal order in your hands, you may as well give it to me. I'll try my best to help you collect enough Zhan Xun's fortune."

SHAOHAO, Ruo Wu, ye Mohe, Ji Xingyao, Ni hengzhen and Luojia all had a piece of flying immortal order. However, they all refused Lin Xun's kindness and said that they wanted to kill the enemy themselves in order to collect Zhan Xun's fortune.

In fact, they didn't want Lin Xun to work hard with those enemies in order to help them collect the rewards and fortune.

Seeing this, Lintian didn't ask for it. He just asked, "I have three pieces of Feixian Ling in my hand. Two of them belong to the ancient wasteland. Besides, you have only eight pieces. Who has the other piece of Feixian Ling?"

Everyone shook their heads.

Feixianling is not something anyone can own, and its greatest value can only be reflected in the nine domains battlefield, otherwise it is useless.

After all the people left, only Lintian and Zhao Jingxuan were left in the palace. Xiaoyin, Xiaotian, Laoge and Alu left for a while.

A bottle of liquor, a pot of old tea, three or two kinds of fruit delicacies.

"I know I can't persuade you. How about I have a drink with you tonight?"

Zhao Jingxuan said softly.


Lintian laughed.

They cuddle together, drinking and tasting tea, enjoying the warmth and quiet between them until dawn.

The next day, Lintian began to shut down.

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There are still five months left before Feixian war zone comes.

Lin Xun plans to take this opportunity to fully understand the mystery of "three ways in one, only essence and only one" and create his own Dharma!

A month later.


A wisp of Qingyin resounds in the dark palace, and then the white blade slowly sweeps out, pulling out a sharp straight line in the void.

Just like the first ray of light that cuts through the eternal night.However, the speed of this ray of light is extremely slow. If you experience it carefully, you can find that when this ray of light comes out, there are many big stars falling, followed by a full moon rising in the blue sea

In a moment, a big sun exploded, making everything into nothingness, and a breath of loneliness and emptiness spread with it

The light began to flicker in silence. Every flicker is like breaking the barrier of space and breaking the shackles of time.

Life and death, the light is changeable, the action has no fixed form, just like the number of fate and cause and effect, which is unpredictable and unpredictable

In the end, with a flash of light, the palace fell back into that kind of darkness.

At this time, Lintian opened his eyes.

After a month of understanding and deduction, on this day, he finally melted the mystery of "Tianyuan six cuts" into one furnace!

Just now that blow, it integrated the mysteries of six chop, namely, star picking, moon sweeping, sun burning, stillness, birth and death, and impermanence.

This is "Tian Yuan Yi Zhan"!

It was inherited from the secret world of Tongtian, and was completely controlled by Lintian. It was just like Wanliu's return to one.

"If we inherit the Royal blade with yuan, Ji and Zhu, and cooperate with the cultivation of my true holy middle realm, we can perform this Tianyuan chop How powerful should it be? "

Lin xunruo has some thoughts.

But soon, he closed his eyes again and continued to meditate.

The road of "three in one" has entered the stage. It's just the beginning to create one's own Dharma

The second month.

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Lintian suddenly grew up and walked out of the hall.

A move, its figure appeared quietly outside the city, from beginning to end, did not attract anyone's attention.

He wandered between heaven and earth, looking stunned. Sometimes he looked up at the sky, sometimes he looked down on the ground. In his heart, all kinds of understandings gathered together, just like a volcano about to erupt.

This is it!

Suddenly, Lintian stopped.

The world is vast, the universe is open, the four mountains overlap, rolling, on the earth, wild grass luxuriant, spread boundless.

For a long time, Lintian suddenly set foot in the air.


Far away, there was a startling sound.

You hengzhen, who is leading a group of ancient wasteland strongmen on patrol, suddenly realizes something and looks far away.

After a while, I can see in my divine consciousness that there is a magnificent figure under the sky. Stepping on the top of the cloud, my body is like the pouring of immortal gold and jade, surging with a terrible and powerful breath.

The figure is shining, shining on the mountains and rivers, just like a Legendary God, overlooking the world.

At this moment, other strong people in the ancient wasteland nearby were also shocked, and their hearts and minds were shaken one by one.

Suddenly, the figure started to move. He made a fist with his fingers and palms. He jumped up and hit the sky with a fist!


With one blow, the curtain suddenly collapses like a mirror, cracking countless frightening cracks and spreading like a cobweb.

The void seems to be collapsing and falling.

Boom ~ ~ ~

the earth shaking sound resounds from all over the world. Just the sound wave breaks the mountains and the earth, and everything seems to be suffering from collapse!

The scene, as if heaven and earth are like a canvas, torn and crushed by this fist!


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Unimaginable terror, it is difficult to imagine, this will have how terrible power, can one blow shake the universe, so that all things do not exist!

You hengzhen only felt a buzzing sound in his mind, like being struck by lightning, and all the scenes in front of his eyes turned into chaos.

It made him gasp. A terrible blow, though very far away, seemed to hit his mood, which made him feel suffocated.

As for the other strong ones, they were all shivering and trembling, soaked in cold sweat and lost their mind.

"Come on, meditate now! If you can observe these punches and feel a bit of wonderful meaning from them, it will be enough for you to have a deep understanding of the power of the holy way, which will be of immeasurable benefit to you in your quest for the holy land. "

You really drink.

All of them sat on their knees.

You hengzhen looked into the distance and sighed that Lintian How far have we reached in the search for the holy way?

At the same time, Lintian was happy in his heart, and he felt full of confidence.

Shake the sky nine collapse Road, in this into a furnace!

This book is divided into Kaishan collapse, Kaihai collapse, lianxu collapse, suihun collapse, manglong collapse, Dahuang collapse, Zhenyu collapse, tunqiong collapse and Wanling collapse.

There are nine forms in total, each of which contains the power of extreme destruction. It can open mountains and break the sea, and it can suppress the prison and swallow the sky. It is marvelous and powerful.

The most terrible thing is that when you master all the nine moves to perfection, it is like mastering the profound meaning of Dao, which can be perfectly superimposed and displayed.Now, Lintian deduced all his profound meanings to the extreme, and the nine style boxing was perfectly integrated into the momentum of a few punches.

This punch, to shake the heaven and earth, to call the sacred cold, to call with the enemy, all have an irresistible sense of small helplessness!

This fist can be called shaking the sky fist!

The third month.

Lin Xun interprets nine changes of robbing the dragon. He integrates all the mysteries into the word "robbing" in the shape of a dragon. With a move in his heart and a random blow, it's like a real dragon coming out of the abyss, killing and robbing the world, and cleaning up the mountains and rivers of heaven and earth!


PS: 2 even more!

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