Chapter 1061: Last Bet

“Borrowed it from the arean, they have loan sharks here!” The young man said impatiently, “Go ask them later, I’m busy betting right now, talk to you later! You should’ve asked earlier, I’m busy!”

“No no no, little bro, it’ll be too late later!” Yu Ren couldn’t wait until after the bet! That’d be too late for him to bet!

“Man, just borrow money from the arena! The most you can borrow is five hundred thousand, just sign some papers and you’re done!” The man said impatiently, but on purpose.. If he were to look too passionate, Yu Ren would suspect something.

As expected, the more he acted this way the more worried Yu Ren was! He didn’t care anymore, when the collector came he asked to borrow money! This sort of chance was really hard to come by, it was a sure earn! Yu Ren needed this!

But you couldn’t just borrow money that quickly, you needed to get the collector to call a staff member and prepare the procedures to get Yu Ren the money! The others continued their bets as that went on!

What pained him the most was that, while the money came to him, the match had already started and he couldn’t bet anymore! That meant that he had to wait for the last fight!

He regretted it so much, why didn’t he borrow money earlier, he’d lost his chance!

Why did this Yu Ren believe so convictedly that he would earn this money for sure? Because the same situation happened- Red Dragon completely destroyed this White Sheep, who was getting covered in wounds!

White Sheep fought back, but his punches were weak! He wasn’t a match at all, and his entire body was covered in purples and greens and reds!

“Go Red Dragon, Go!” The crowd cheered- these people had put their bets on him, and the dragon didn’t disappoint! He was winning, very quickly!

Yu Ren was in full regret! Would the third match have Red Dragon in there? After all, wouldn’t the boss be losing a lot of money if this went on? Would the dragon be switched?

Without a doubt, the dragon won again, and everyone cheered! The sheep was daed! This wasn’t fake, it was real!

The cheers came, and the money came from the dragon’s efforts! Everyone felt their blood boil, since they earned big fortunes just from this fight!

Everyone felt that the dragon would get switched away, but something unexpected happened!

Teh dragon didn’t exit the arena, but rested beside it! That meant that he would still be in the next game!

Everyone was excited again- was the dragon fighting again? Wouldn’t that mean more money!

Soon after, the third fighter came- a Black Cat, the opponnent!

People started making phone calls!

“Secretary Wang? Get all the company’s money out into here on my account, this is important… Yes, yes, all of it!” A bald boss said to his secretary.

“Mister Sun? Get all our movable assets and funds, two hundred million! Yes, yes, you know who I am, I’ll send all the papers over, just get the money on my account!” A big boss said as he barked into the phone.

“Dad, it’s me, bring out all the money from home, hurry, this is a huge business deal!” A princey looking guy said.

“Son, it’s your dad, hurry and bring the investment money overseas back, right now! What? Cancelling the contract has a penalty, I know, who cares? Let me tell you this, you bring that out now and tonight you’ll see my name on the top billionaire’s list!” Another boss looking guy said.

“Li’ Bro? I’m scarface, get me five hundred million, borrow it…” It was someone from the mafie, borrowing money from underground sources!

Everyone was doing the same thing! They all knew that this was the biggest chance in their lives, the dragon would fight in the next one! They knew it would probably be his last fight, the boss wouldn’t put him out tomorrow, it’d bankrupt him!

Of course, no one was worried that the third match would cause Red Dragon to fake his fight, since no one expected the boss to do something like that. That is, of course, he paid the dragon to die in his fake fight!

That was impossible! Red Dragon wouldn’t agree to that and die for the arena, what use was the money when he died? He was a master fighter, a god of the arena!

Yu Ren wasn’t sure if he should put all five hundred grand in, but now that he saw everyone going crazy to borrow money- even the young man, who put one and a half million in, all of his money…

The pork seller as well, putting all six hundred thousand!

Yu Ren couldn’t help it anymore! He gritted his teeth and threw everything in!

Yu Ren thought that since everyone was so confident, there wouldn’t be a mistake!

However, the third fight overcame everyone’s expectations!

Red Dragon was strong, yes, he fought like a true hero, but the enemy wasn’t weak either! He didn’t fall instantly like his predecessors!

Of course, the audience didn’t think much- thinking back to yesterday, that enemy of Red Dragon was tough as well, but still lost in the end!

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