Chapter 91. Splitting the family is a good idea.

"Eat fried mantou, they really know how to enjoy."

The children were happily chattering away there, while the adults here listened. Second Sister-in-law couldn't help blurting out.

Mother Zhou had decided that to govern so much to provoke her daughters-in-law's dissatisfaction. Once the family separates and she had no plans to control anything.

Eldest Sister-in-law pondered on what delicious thing to make for the children one day after the family split away.

At home, Lin Qing He knew that her Third sister-in-law was watching the house. She came over once her work at home was completed.

Although Wu Ni was still tired and unwell, her complexion was much better than last night.

After making sure she was fine, she chatted with Third Sister-in-law and then left San Wa behind. San Wa wanted to play with Zhou Dong Dong and Eldest Sister-in-law’s younger son, Tu Dou. He hadn't gotten a formal name yet, for now his nickname was Tu Dou.

Da Wa and Er Wa weren't boasting. Lin Qing He did promise that they'll eat fried mantou when the brothers asked what was for lunch.

She sliced the mantou, layered on an egg liquid mixed with salt and sesame, and fried until the sides were browned. The taste was fantastic.

Lin Qing He made a lot and had used the peanut oil she brought.

After so long, the five barrels of peanut oil she brought with her, she had only used one bottle as she usually used lard. So there were four bottles left.

So she acted thriftlessly and used this oil for the fried mantou.

In addition to fried mantou, was mung bean soup. The mung bean soup was pure mung bean soup without sugar, as it was the best combination to serve like this.

It should be enough for the whole family to eat. Lin Qing He began to boil green grass to make a pot of refreshing water, which was specially used to relieve the heat.

When lunch was delivered at noon, she dropped over to Third Sister-in-law to pick up old Zhou Family's share.

She didn't bring along San Wa, instead, she left him at the old Zhou's house for Third Sister-in-law to babysit

Of course, she had left fried mantou and mung bean soup for San Wa, Wu Ni, and Zhou Dong Dong to eat. (T/N: what about potato(Tu Dou)??

The weather was really blazing and sultry. Lin Qing He felt like this when she came to deliver the meal, so if they wanted to make her work, don't even think about it. She can’t accept it.

So when seeing Zhou Qing Bai, Lin Qing He was very attentive for once.

"In my opinion, this fried mantou served with green bean soup can easily produce body heat, so these herbal teas are specially prepared for you father and sons. Remember to drink it, okay?" Lin Qing He urged.

Watching how she was so naggy, Zhou Qing Bai's eyes were soft and uttered, "Eat more."

"I ate at home." Lin Qing He waved her hands. However, Zhou Qing Bai gave more pressure, so she ate another piece.

Da Wa and Er Wa were already fulfilled by this meal.

The fried mantou was golden brown on both sides with black sesame seeds and eggs on the top. Salty and crispy, so delicious with mung bean soup.

The food for old Zhou Family was brought by Lin Qing He, but she handed it to Eldest Sister-in-law and cared no more.

Second Sister-in-law looked over to this side, as expected it was fried mantou. As she ate the pancake made by Third Sister-in-law, she said, "And it's covered in egg and sesame seeds."

The aromatic scent flowed over here along with the wind.

"Really know how to indulge." Second Brother munched on the pancake, as he blurted.

It was pretty good to have a double-sized pancake today. But if compared with Fourth Family's fried mantou, it was nothing.

Eldest Brother shook his head and expressed, "How can they live like this?" Eating like this, how much things were needed?

Eldest Sister-in-law thought, "What's wrong with living this? How much better Da Wa, Er Wa and San Wa?"

However, it was her, Eldest Sister-in-law dare not.

Occasionally making it for the children as fine. As for cooking creatively every day was impossible.

After all, within so many groups, it was really impossible to find a second one like Fourth's wife.

Father Zhou said nothing, he never cared about this.

Mother Zhou had thought it through, so she didn't say anything. They were two families and managing too much was a bad idea

Recently, she got told off by Father Zhou, so she became open-minded and was ready to separate and let the children live their own life.

But providing for the elderly was a must.

Lin Qing He prepared to head back after serving fathers and sons. She instructed them that if they felt uncomfortable, they had to find a place to rest immediately.

She also left two pills for Zhou Qing Bai to keep for an emergency.

The autumn harvest days were indeed bustling, and this year, they had a pretty good harvest season, So despite being busy, everyone had the pure and simple joy on their face as they knew they secured their food this year.

It was the end of October in a flash.

Numerous grains had been collected. Some grains were distributed as soon as they had handed over the public rations. Some who hadn't finish collecting yet, continue to work.

During this period, the entire group was filled with merriment.

This year, a lot of food was allocated to the family. Lin Qing He, who had no sense of collective honor, was quite happy to see the food that Zhou Qing Bai carried back.

"This year our two pigs will be able to exchange a lot of food when the time comes." Lin Qing He said.

She had put in the effort to serve the two big fat pigs at home and now it was excessive to call it big fat pig. They were probably about two hundred jins?

Lin Qing He had fed them several times a day with pigweed, rice bran, soybean waste, soybean dregs, cornmeal, and the likes. With so much good stuff, how can it not grow meat?

Zhou Qing Bai stated: "This year we can get a pig's head."

Lin Qing He stared at him. Does this mean he wants to eat pig head?

Lin Qing He had no liking for pig's head meat but since Zhou Qing Bai liked it, she nodded and said, "Alright, we'll get a pig's head. I'll make braised pork head meat for you."

Zhou Qing Bai gazed at her.

Lin Qing He's heart beat a little faster from his stare. It was broad daylight, what can he do? So she kissed him on the cheek. Before she could escape, she was hugged by Zhou Qing Bai.

Lin Qing He coughed and talked about the serious matter: "I heard Eldest Sister-in-law said that your parents intend to let the three families split once the autumn harvest is over."

"Splitting the family is a good idea." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

It was ridiculous for so many people to huddle together, even though it was a norm in the village. Zhou Qing Bai believed it was still better to separate and each family lived their own lives.

"Father and Mother aren't young anymore. When the times come, you discuss with your brothers on how you'll provide for the elderly. Whether it's given monthly or quarterly." Lin Qing He reminded.

It can be regarded as Mother Zhou giving her standpoint, letting everyone have their own way and she had no intention to intervene.

So as a daughter-in-law, Lin Qing He put a stop and no longer hold back.

Since hearing from Eldest Sister-in-law, she often let Zhou Qing Bai and the kids bring a share of the meal over to Father Zhou and Mother Zhou.

The previous matter was considered to be over.

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