Chapter 1060: Fish Bites The Bait

“That’s pretty scary, isn’t it?” Yu Ren said, shocked at the words.

“Heh heh, not really. It’s really exciting!” The pork seller said with a smile.

“They won’t bring the fight to the audience section, will they? That’s pretty scary, maybe we shouldn’t watch anymore…” Yu Ren was not a brave man, and though he didn’t mind other people fighting with each other, he just didn’t want to get involved.

This was also the tragedy in the lives of the people at the bottom of the pyramid. They always worried about whether they were getting enough food, if they were warm enough… They had no time to care for other people. Yu Ren was someone like that.

“Look at how much of a scaredy cat you are! How could they bring the fight into our section, I’ve been here many times, don’t worry!” The pork seller laughed.

At that moment, a young man beside Yu Ren spoke up. This was someone the Scorpion prepared, with the same purpose as the meat seller.

“Not only is it exciting, you get to earn big bucks too! Look at me, I used to have no money, and now I’m a millionaire after watching a couple of matches!” The young man said happily.

“What? From nothing to millionaire? How is that possible?”” Yu Ren froze. He didn’t have any interest in illegal arenas, but hearing the young man say that he became a millionaire from nothing gave him immense interest! He dreamed of getting that five million lottery every day, so he really caerd about something like that!

“Heh heh, of course it’s possible!” The young man said, as if looking down on the man, “Know about betting on fistfights?”

“Betting?” Yu Ren blinked.

“Never tried it, huh? I’ve done it before…” The pork seller grinned and explained.

Yu Ren understood, but he was silll scared. “What if you bet on the losing side, wouldn’t you lose all your money?”

“Ha! It’s betting! You buying lottery is the same, if you don’t get the prize, you don’t get anything back!” The young man said, looking down on him, “Someone like you who’s so afraid all the time deserves to be poor! Look at how I do it!”

Yu Ren didn’t say anything, but he was interested now. From nothing to a millionaire? That was the dream!

At the thought, he started paying attention to what the pork seller and the young man did!

Before the fight started, people had already started collecting bets with a tablet. The young man put in a hundred thousand on some Red Dragon guy, and the meat seller did the same, using ten thousand on the dragon guy!

Yu Ren looked at their bets, and was quite interested. He tested, “Can I bet ten kuai?”

“Pfft!” The young man burst into laughter, eyes wide, “I say, old man, the lowest bet here is ten thousand, who would let you bet ten kuai here?”

“Ah… I see…” Yu Ren was blushing a little, but was also shocked. Ten thousand? That was his earnings in half a year! Using that to bet? That’s insanity! What confused him, however, was how confident these two were being on their bets- was this Red Dragon a long time winning champion, perhaps?

“Heh, I say Old Yu, listen to me and quickly bet! Otherwise you’ll regret for sure!” The meat seller reminded.

“I… This Red Dragon, he’s strong?” Yu Ren couldn’t help it.

“He’s amazing!” The meat seller curled his lips, “Yesterday he won all three matches, not giving the opponent a chance to rest and won! I regretted it so much when I didn’t bet yesterday, so I bet in ten thousand on the last one and now I’m rich!”

“Really…” Yu Ren was really interested at this point, but hesitant. “A lot of bettings are rigged, wouldn’t the boss of this place be bankrupt if this goes on like this?”

“That I don’t know- this sort of thing isn’t rigged, these guys are fighting to the death and that is the only way we know who wins! The boss wouldn’t be able to fake that, right?” The meat seller said.

“Oh…” Yu Ren really wanted to bet now. But he still tried to be careful, deciding to wait it out!

And the result made him truobled, worried, and looking anticipant! Without a doubt, Red Dragon won! A few hits and he killed the opponent!

The young man and meat seller were right, they really were fightng for real, because the Dragon had even burst open the opponent’s brains!

This sort of gruesome image scared Yu Ren, but he didn’t pity the guy who died. From his view, he was here to fight an illegal arena battle, so he should have expected this sort of result. It had nothing to do with Yu Ren.

What troubled him was that he didn’t listen to the two’s advice, and he should’ve bet! If he had put in ten grand, he would have twenty thousand now! The young man now had one million from his five hundred thousand, and the meat seller now had twenty thousand! Yu Ren was really envious!

Such an opportunity, nd he missed it! If only he had bet ten thousand… He’d have double that, a half year’s worth of earnings…

At the thought, he only grew even more troubled. He regretted it so much, why couldn’t he be more brave? If you had put in five hundred thousand he’d have a million!

At the thought, he grew even more troubled! Taking out ten thousand would be barely in his ability, but five hundred thosuand? He might as well sell his house, but the house was rented, it wasn’t his!

The first round ended and the next was between Red Dragon and a White Sheep!

Yu Ren wanted to bet now, but he didn’t have money, so he couldn’t! He didn’t bring any! The young man used bank transfers, and the meat seller used cash, but there was nothing Yu Ren could do!

He regretted it! He could’ve brought ten thousanad, but he had nothing!

Yet he remmebered something- the young man said he turned into a millionaire from nothing, did that mean he betted without bringing any cash? He turned to him quickly. “Little bro, you said earlier that you became a millionaire with nothing? Where did your base bet come from?”

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