The fourth month.

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In the dark palace, accompanied by a burst of sword chanting, you can see a torrent of sword Qi in the void.

There are 33 swords in total, each of which contains 18000 taixuan swords.

Thirty three swords spread out in the void and filled the whole hall. The dense swords rose and fell like tides, magnificent, grand and frightening.

33 Epee!

This is the limit of sword Qi that Lintian could cultivate in all kinds of orifices after he broke through the true saint.

Compared with 18000 swords, 33 Epee not only contains more sword Qi, but also has different power.

Thirty three Epee is just like thirty-three clapping the huge waves in the sky. It pushes forward layer by layer, and its power is also superposed layer by layer. Its destructive power is terrifying.

Moreover, the sword Qi in Lintian's acupoints and orifices had already quenched the sword and gathered the sword spirit!

Just imagine, one Epee gathers 18000 sword ideas, and how powerful is the 33 Epee?

The only regret is that taixuan sword Sutra is a Book of emperor's way inheritance. With Lintian's current strength, it is impossible to understand all its mysteries.

This also means that when Lintian created his own Dharma, he could only take the meaning of taixuan and turn it into his own use, instead of integrating all his mysteries into his own Dharma.

Even so, if we only discuss the lethality, the power of the 33 Epee sword can be regarded as a world-wide horror, far more than 18000 swords.

Huala ~ ~

Lintian thought about it. The sword in the hall was like Wanliu returning to his ancestral home. He was pregnant and raised in all kinds of acupoints.

So far, in four months, Lintian has integrated the six cuts of Tianyuan, the nine collapses of Tianjiu, and the nine changes of robbing the Dragon into one furnace.

Taixuan sword by the realm, has also been deduced to the "33 Epee" point!

Even his accomplishments have been further consolidated in the past four months and become extremely solid.

"Like taixuan sword Sutra, these two kinds of inheritance are not completely controlled by me now. If I want to create my own Dharma, I can only borrow its meaning and give up its shape..."

In the next time, Lintian stopped studying martial arts and began to comb himself and temper his master's profound knowledge.

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In order to seek the holy land, cultivation is the foundation, and the power of the road is the core. The stronger the rules of the holy way, the stronger the combat power.

For example, star annihilation swallowing dome, real dragon, immortality, Taiji, water and fire, etc. after being condensed into the law of the holy way, it represents a saint's achievement in controlling the power of the road!

And the strength of martial arts, in the final analysis, is reflected in the strength of cultivation and Dao power.

All these together represent the real fighting power of a holy land figure.

Of course, when fighting, the state of mind, the will and the treasures they hold will also play an immeasurable role.

But in any case, the core is always cultivation and Avenue!


In a hurry, with the coming days of Feixian battlefield getting closer and closer, the atmosphere of the whole jiuyu battlefield is becoming more and more calm and depressing.

Wind and rain are coming!

The northern underworld.

Fuyao sea, in a grand palace.

Kun Shaoyu, Chi Wushu, Zhu Yingkong, lie Qian, Xue Qingyi, Shi POHAI, Hua Hongxiao and other seven leaders gathered together.

This time, they each carried about eight top saints, each of whom was a dazzling and shocking ruthless role, mastering the flying immortal order.

In addition, there are also eight great saints in the daruo ancient camp, led by a peerless sword Saint named "Nie Wuhen".

This man's reputation in the ancient region of Daluo is only slightly inferior to that of jianqingchen. With the killing of jianqingchen, Nie Wuhen became a worthy leader.

Even if Qin Xiaosheng, a resident of Tianjian Pavilion, was unwilling, he had to hand over his power and let Nie Wuhen control the camp of Daluo ancient region.

"Ladies and gentlemen, in five days' time, Feixian battle will come. At that time, anyone who holds Feixian order will be moved into it."

In the main hall, Kun Shaoyu's eyes swept all the people in the hall, and his heart was full of pride. "This time, it's not difficult for you to join hands to kill that Lintian!"

Take a look, which of the strong gathered in the hall is not the man of the day among the great saints? Which one is not the best in their respective domain?

Under the gathering of such a force, he Lintian was doomed to be crushed!

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"Brother Kun, that Lintian is not simple. Since we choose to cooperate, we should work together and do our best. We can't underestimate and neglect that Lintian."

Blood green clothes make a cold noise.

Rarely, this time, no one ridiculed and despised xueqingyi. He was timid and nodded his head.

Because whether it is the annihilation of the coalition forces of the seven regions or the defeat of the battle of the black cliff sea, it all confirms the words of Xue Qingyi.

This Lintian is really strong!"Brother Xue, you once fought with Lintian, and you know him very well. Would you like to solve your doubts one by one?"

Kun Shaoyu said in a warm voice.

Everyone looked at xueqingyi, which made xueqingyi feel better.

"As you all know, although he is strong, he is not really invincible. His most powerful Assassin's mace is that he is good at array."

"The destruction of the seven regions allied forces and the last battle of the black cliff sea, this son all used the strength of the array, causing heavy casualties in our camp."

When xueqingyi said this, they all nodded to themselves, and they also knew the inside story.

"Brother Xue, don't worry. This time there is my candle in the sky. If he dares to do the same trick again, I will make him look good!"

The candle reflects the sky, the eyes flash, and the voice is absolutely confident.

Everyone's eyes brightened.

The most good thing about the candle dragon is the power of Taoist lines. If there are candles in the sky, you really don't have to be too afraid of the Taoist power of Lin Xun.

"In addition, this son's fighting power is also extremely terrible. He takes into account the cultivation of the three ways of refining God, Qi and body, and all of them have the fighting power of the supreme Holy Land..."

Xueqingyi just said this, many people can't help but eyes a coagulation, face slightly changed.

The three paths of juetong all create the power of holy land?

This is extremely rare in the eight regions, which is enough to shake the past and brighten the present, and is regarded as the existence of peerless demons!

"This is very clear to the two Taoist friends, Shi POHAI and Hua Hongxiao. One of the important reasons why we were defeated together is that."

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Xueqingyi took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "in addition to that, this son still has some incredible treasures in his hand, such as Yuantu sword. You must have heard of how fierce and bloody the master of this sword was in the first battle of the nine realms."

Yuantu sword!

There was another agitation.

This sword belongs to the sword emperor of the Styx river. It once flourished in the first battle of the nine regions and killed many strong people in the eight regions. Who knows?

All the people look dignified.

"Together, we can suppress it. As for the yuan Tu sword, I believe you all have treasures that can compete with it."

Chi Wushu's voice is deep and loud.

"Well! It's just this sword, but in fact, Lintian didn't lack treasures in his hand, and all of them were extremely powerful! "

Xue Qingyi snorted coldly, "I'm not going to grow other people's ambition and destroy my prestige, but to tell you that you can't underestimate Lintian at any time."

"What brother Xue said is true. This time, we should be ready to use all means to finish the battle and kill him in the flying immortal battle."

Kun Shaoyu nodded and agreed with Xue Qingyi, "next, do you have any other suggestions?"

In silence, Xue Qingyi said with no expression: "I urge you to prepare for the worst. When the Feixian battle comes, please send all your forces to attack the ancient wilderness camp!"

"As long as the ancient wasteland camp can be leveled down, even if we can't kill Nalin in the Feixian battlefield, his ancient wasteland camp will have no way to turn around the defeat!"

As soon as these words came out, everyone here looked different, and the atmosphere of the hall became quite dull.

Try your best!

This is no different from a full-scale war. They have to be cautious about such major events.

At half a sound, Kun Shaoyu took the lead in saying: "good! On behalf of Beiming ancient region, I promise this. What do you think? "

"Well, as long as we can achieve the goal of" cutting the ancient wasteland first ", I have no opinion."

Chi Wushu's second opening.

After that, lie Qian, Zhu Yingkong, Shi POHAI and others all nodded and agreed.

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Seeing this, Xue Qingyi was completely relieved. What he was most worried about was not Lintian, but that when they were working together, they were looking forward to each other and were unwilling to do their best.

But it was obvious that this kind of worry was superfluous. Kun Shaoyu, for example, were also aware of the threat brought by Lintian.

That's enough!

In the Feixian battlefield, they fight together, while in the jiuyu battlefield, the armies of the eight domains fight together.

Under such a two pronged approach, whether it's killing Lintian or breaking through the ancient wilderness camp, as long as one of the goals is achieved, their eight domains will be invincible!

At the same time, in the ancient wasteland city of moat.

Lintian is talking to SHAOHAO, ruowu, xiaocangtian and yechen.

"When I leave, please stick to the city. You don't have to go out. There are four unique and eight Imperial forces. With your strength, you can deal with any accident in time to avoid being taken advantage of."

This is Lintian's decision.

Everyone agrees. Everyone knows that as long as the Feixian battle scene appears, a duel concerning the victory or defeat of the whole nine realms will begin!

Five days later.The sky was clear. On the top of the city, Lintian and Zhao Jingxuan stood side by side.

"I'll wait for you to come back."

Zhao Jingxuan said in a low voice, with beautiful eyes staring at Lintian. In a word, he seemed to have endless tenderness and concern.

Lintian clenched her jade hand, took a deep breath, and said with a smile, "when I come back, do you want to give me some surprises?"

Zhao Jingxuan was stunned and immediately understood something. His pretty face turned red. He gouged out Lintian and said, "wait until you come back!"


Lintian agreed.

At this time, a golden line appeared on the sky, just like a light that opened the sky, reflecting the world.

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