Chapter 90. Splitting the family

While the child can sleep it off in peace, the adults were in shock.

"This time, it scared me to death. That lass did not say anything when feeling unwell. In the middle of the night, her father and I were anxious as headless flies." Third Sister-in-law pulled Lin Qing He closer and gratefully said.

"It's alright now. I still have a bit of this medicine. Tonight, Wu Ni should be fine. I'll ask Da Wa to bring it to you tomorrow morning." Lin Qing He comforted.

She did not stay too long and went back with Zhou Qing Bai.

Father Zhou, Mother Zhou, Eldest Sister-in-law, Eldest Brother, and others were also disturbed and woken up. They were all relieved as well.

"It's really thanks to Da Wa's Mother, otherwise who knows how long Wu Ni would be tormented this time. She's too strong-willed, to bear the discomfort and be silent." Eldest Sister-in-law sighed.

"Which medicine did Wu Ni take this time? The effect was so quick?" Second Sister asked.

"I don't know what medicine, but it's definitely not cheap." Third Brother shook his head.

"Then should we give Da Wa's Mother money? I'm afraid that she bought it with much difficulty to prepare for emergency uses." Eldest Sister-in-law turned to Mother Zhou.

"Give what money?" Second Sister-in-law interjected before Mother Zhou could speak, "All one family, isn't it treating her like an outsider by talking money when helping each other?"

"Mother, this medicine wasn't easily obtained by Fourth Sister-in-law. I have to get another again tomorrow. The money must be returned to her. After all, they have separated off already. What's more, I'm deeply grateful that Fourth Sister-in-law is willing to take this medicine out for Wu Ni this time!" Third Sister-in-law piped in.

Second Sister-in-law pursed her lips, and then looked at Mother Zhou. Mother Zhou waved her hand and said, "Ask her how much money and give it to her."

"Everyone is tired today, hurry back to rest. We have to get up early tomorrow." Father Zhou also said.

So they went back to bed.

On this side, Lin Qing He explained to Zhou Qing Bai: "Fortunately, I circled around the black market. The man said it was secretly recipe and sold it dearly to me. I smelled it and felt it was pretty good. So I bought it when you guys in mind, I didn't expect it to come in handy."

Zhou Qing Bai nodded, as expected, he didn't probe any further about this.

The next morning, Lin Qing He passed the medicine to Da Wa and asked him to bring it over.

When Da Wa came back, he asked, "Mother, Third Aunt asked you how much is this medicine."

Lin Qing He was in the middle of frying cucumber and eggs. In response, she said, "You can tell your Third Aunt that this medicine is for your sister Wu Ni, no money needed. If she wants to repay, it's enough to let Wu Ni come to help me with the work in the house when she's free. "

This was naturally being courteous, there weren't many chores to do.

Third Sister-in-law understood what she meant and stated, "I'll remember this favor, Fourth Sister-in-law."

Eldest Sister-in-law didn't head out to work yet. The men went over first. It was no problem for women to go later. At this time, it was only 6 o'clock, so it wasn't too late.

"This medicine works really well." Eldest Sister-in-law estimated that this wasn't cheap.

Third Sister-in-law was in agreement. Second Sister-in-law remarked: "She's not short on this bit of money, so there's no need to say so much. Let's get ready, it's time to go. There are many things to do today."

"Then you take good care of Wu Ni at home." Third Sister-in-law told Third Sister-in-law.

Because Wu Ni had a heat stroke, Third Sister-in-law stayed at home to care for her and handle the cooking and the likes.

Eldest Sister-in-law, Mother Zhou and Second Sister-in-law brought the group of children to the field, including Da Wa and Er Wa.

"I got to say, Da Wa has grown a lot this year," Eldest Sister-in-law said with a smile.

Second Sister-in-law glanced over as she sourly said: "Eldest Sister-in-law, look at what these brothers eat every day. Surely they can grow taller eating like this."

"What are you being sour about? If you have that ability, you can do it too." Mother Zhou opened her mouth and said to this second daughter-in-law, who always go to finding trouble.

Second Sister-in-law glimpsed at her and spoke, "Mother, if I separate off, I can also live that well."

The meaning was clear, she wanted to separate.

"Okay." Mother Zhou smiled. Watching her, she declared: "I have discussed with your father, once this autumn harvest is over, we will separate the family for you. Each of you will live on your own, but if you want another pot and stove, there's none, so everyone cooks in the kitchen."

"Mother, our first branch doesn't have that intention." Eldest Sister-in-law said quickly.

"Of course, the first branch doesn't have that intention. The first branch got three daughters in front and two sons at back. Got so many mouths." Second Sister-in-law immediately responded.

Zhou Da Ni, Er Ni, and Si Ni were born from Eldest Sister-in-law. (T/N: refer to here for order understanding)

Third Sister-in-law's San Ni was the same age as Er Ni, but slightly younger by a bit. The next one was Third Sister-in-law's Wu Ni.

Liu Ni was Second Sister-in-law's, and finally, it was Zhou Xia, the son.

Second Branch currently had two daughters and one son.

First Branch was three daughters and two sons.

Third Branch now had a daughter and a son.

Fourth Branch, that was Lin Qing He's three sons and no daughters.

"Even though my family has a larger population, my family does not drag us down. Usually, my girls, Da Ni and Er Ni washed the whole family's clothes, earned points by getting pigweed and picking cow dung!" Eldest Sister-in-law swept her gaze to her.

In addition, she and Eldest Brother were diligent, so they will never drag the family behind.

On the contrary, it was Second's wife and Second Brother-in-law, who were lazying around and procrastinating!

"Enough, no need to fight. Wait until the autumn harvest is over and the winter wheat is planted, then we'll split. At that time, each family will eat their own. Your father and I are getting old too. We can't govern your business. Go decide for yourself, I won't criticize you in the future." Mother Zhou declared.

Eldest Sister-in-law knew then, she was serious.

And listening to the meaning in this sentence, it seems to indicate her to pass it to Fourth's wife?

Eldest Sister-in-law didn't say anything. After all, the two elders decided to split up, so let's split up. After splitting, her family won't fare any worst.

As the adults whispered these things, the children weren't listening as they chattered on the way. Even Da Wa and Er Wa wasn't paying any attention to there.

They were currently bringing up what their mother said, she will make fried mantou for them for lunch.

"Fried Mantou? Brother Da Wa, can you give me a piece at that time?" Zhou Xia, Second Sister-in-law's son, couldn't resist telling him.

The fried mantou sounded very yummy and he had never eaten them.

Not only that he hadn’t eaten it before, but none of the other kids(No.1-4 & 6 girls and Zhou Yan(first branch eldest boy)) present either.

As for Eldest Sister-in-law’s younger son and Third Sister-in-law’s son Zhou Dong Dong, they were too young, so they stayed at home. Whoever cooks at home will take care of it.

Normally, rural children were like this. They basically grew up playing with mud on their own.

It was impossible to say they were carefully raised.

Da Wa kept showing off as showing off, he won't share his own food, uttered: "My mother didn’t make much. There's enough to share with so many of you. And Third Aunt will cook for you at home today. She'll definitely prepare some tasty things to eat."

"That's right, Third Aunt will definitely make you a good meal." Er Wa nodded too. Don't covet his family's stuff.

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